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Platform 360 Publisher Microsoft Game Studios Developer Playground Games Release Date 2012-10-23



Forza Horizon review: into the sunset

Forza Horizon speeds in a wildly different direction than last year's Forza Motorsport 4. Some of those changes seem less jarring when you look at Forza Horizon's pedigree. Main Forza studio Turn 10 provided back-up, but Horizon was primarily developed by Playground Games, a new team made up of ex-developers from a variety of U.K. racing studios, including Bizarre Creations. Horizon's focus on style and stunts is lifted directly from Bizarre's defunct Project Gotham Racing. That's good news if you've missed earning points for performing crazy feats out on the open road. It's also at odds with what made previous Forza games so special. WhereForza Motorsport 4 revered cars above all else, Horizon is all about car culture - specifically the techno-thumping, street racing culture of...

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Forza contest winner's customized Honda Civic to be unveiled Feb. 7

Forza player Tiffany Labedz's custom-designed Honda Civic Si Coupe will be unveiled Feb. 7 at the Chicago Auto Show, Honda announced this week. Labedz's design won a contest that kicked off last November and tasked players with customizing a Civic with in-game assets from Forza Horizon. More than 17,000 Forza Motorsport community members voted, and her winning entry was selected out of nearly 170 designs. Those in attendance will be able to race the car in Forza Motorsport 5 at Honda's booth. The 2014 Chicago Auto Show will run Feb. 8-17. You can read and watch Polygon's Forza Motorsport 5 review to learn more about the latest installment in Turn 10 Studios' driving game series.


Xbox 360 on sale for $179.99 at Target

Target is introducing temporary price cuts to its series of available Xbox 360 consoles, with prices dropping to as low as $179.99 on select models. The Xbox 360 4GB console, typically set at a price point of $199.99, is down to $179.99 in retail shops, while the same model packaged with two wireless controllers is priced at $229.99. The Xbox 360 250GB console holiday bundle which comes with Tomb Raider and Halo 4, a wireless controller and one month of Xbox Live Gold is down from its listed price of $299.99 to $249.99, while the Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Holiday Value Bundle includes Kinect Sports: Season Two, Kinect Adventures, one month of Xbox Live Gold and a wireless controller and play and charge kit for $299.99. The Xbox 350 4GN "E" console with Kinect is priced down from $274.99 to...


Amazon offers 250 GB Xbox 360, Kinect, three games for $239.99

Amazon's Gold Box features a deep discount on a fully loaded Xbox 360 bundle today, with a 250 GB console packed alongside a Kinect and three games for $239.99. The deal is a 40 percent price cut from the bundle's usual cost of $399.99. It comes with Kinect Adventures, as all Kinect sensors do, as well as Kinect Sports: Season Two and Forza Horizon. And the Xbox 360 unit is the latest model, the matte black console. Check out the deal here.


Microsoft reveals new holiday Xbox 360 bundles, $50 off each through Jan.

Microsoft will offer three Xbox 360 bundles this holiday season, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb revealed today on his blog. The bundles, each of which comes with a month of Xbox Live Gold membership, are as follows: The $399.99 Xbox 360 250 GB Kinect Holiday Bundle with Kinect Sports: Season Two, Kinect Adventures and Forza Horizon. The $299.99 Xbox 360 4 GB Kinect Holiday Bundle with Kinect Sports: Season Two and Kinect Adventures. The $299.99 Xbox 360 250 GB Holiday Bundle with Halo 4 and Tomb Raider. In addition, U.S. retailers will also be running a promotion in which purchasers will get $50 off each bundle from Oct. 13 until Jan. 4, 2014. You can check out the packaging for the holiday bundles at


Forza Rewards lets you earn new cars and credit for playing

Forza Rewards, a new loyalty program that rewards users for playing Forza games, is now available in Forza Motorsport 4, Forza Horizon and the rest of the Forza series on Xbox 360 and later Xbox One at the console's launch, it was announced on the official Xbox website. With this new system, users earn points in the form of Forza Rewards which accumulate into Tier levels. The higher the Tier level, the better the reward players can earn. Every month you'll be able to redeem your rewards for cars, in-game credit, tokens, and other items. With the launch of Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One, players will additionally gain further tier levels and rewards every month. Forza players can check out their current Tier level at the Forza Rewards website and redeem any rewards available for them....


Playground Games developing next-gen Forza, according to LinkedIn profile

PlayGround games is developing a "next-gen Forza project," according to the LinkedIn profile of an artist at the studio. Yibo Liu's LinkedIn page disclosed that he was "Working as the only technical artist in the vehicle art team for an undisclosed next-gen Forza project." Liu, who lists his position as a technical artist at Playground, has since changed the listing to reference an "undisclosed Xbox One project." Forza Motorsport 5 was the first game that Microsoft showed off when it revealed the Xbox One in late May. The racing simulation franchise received its first spinoff last year, Forza Horizon, which was developed by Playground Games. We've reached out to Microsoft for information on the alleged project and will update this article with more information as we receive it. U...


Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale day three discounts The Witcher 2, Left 4 Dead 2, The Orange Box and more

Microsoft's Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale is in its third day, bringing discounts of up to 75 percent to The Witcher 2, The Orange Box, Left 4 Dead 2, Crysis 3 and Forza Horizon. The 24-hour sale began late yesterday evening and will continue throughout today, according to a post on Major Nelson's blog. Xbox Live users can save 75 percent off of their purchase of The Witcher 2 and The Orange box, which are available today for $9.99 and $4.99, respectively. Both Crysis 3 and Left 4 Dead 2 are discounted by 67 percent, and are available for $19.99 and $9.99, respectively. Forza Horizon is discounted 63 percent and will be available to purchase for $14.99 today. Eleven other titles are discounted by up to 85 percent until July 8, as shown below. Announced last week, this ongoing sale will...


Forza Horizon's Top Gear Car Pack launching April 2 with six new cars

Forza Horizon's April Top Gear Car Pack is headed to Xbox 360 Tuesday, April 2, bringing six new cars to the digital Colorado countryside, according to a press release from the game's developers. The cars, which were selected by a team from Top Gear Magazine and the developers at Turn 10 Studios, include: 2011 Ford Transit SuperSportVan, a customizable transit van that sports a 3.2-liter, 198-horsepower engine. 1998 Mercedes-Benz AMG Mercedes CLK GTR, a street car "in the loosest sense of the word," which won the GT1 class at Le Mans more than once. 2012 Aston Martin Vanquish, styled after classic Astons, it sports a 565-horsepower V12. 2012 Bowler EXR S, produced by Land Rover and U.K.-based rally raid manufacturer Bowler, it includes the Range Rover Sport's supercharged...


Forza Horizon Pre-Order Car Pack available now for all players

The newest round of downloadable content for Turn 10 Studios' racing title Forza Horizon grants access to five cars previously available only to those who pre-ordered the game, Microsoft Game Studios announced today. The Pre-Order Car Pack is now available for purchase through the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 Microsoft Points. The pack must be bought separately, as it is not included in the Forza Horizon season pass. Players who purchased the Pre-Order Car Pack will unlock the following five cars: the 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, known for its speed and retro-chic design the 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia, designed for use on the open-road the 2012 Aston Martin Virage, sporting a luxurious leather interior wrap into a body built for speed the 2010 Nissan 370Z, one of the more...

Forza Horizon Releases
North America
  • Xbox 360
    • Released 10/23/2012
    • Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
    • Developer Playground Games
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