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Platform Win, iOS, Android Publisher Mode 7 Games Developer Mode 7 Games Release Date 2011-05-26

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Frozen Endzone hits Steam Early Access

Frozen Endzone, Mode 7 Games' turn-based strategy game based on American football, arrived today on Steam Early Access. The Windows PC game's beta edition is available in four configurations, each of which adds to the previous tier. The $24.99 Basic Tier unlocks the game. The $34.99 Soundtrack Tier adds the soundtrack. The $54.99 Mega Tier adds an additional EP and soundtrack plus Mode 7's other strategy game, Frozen Synapse. The $99.99 Ultimate Tier adds in-game gloves, shoulder pads, a Frozen Synapse team and a unique stadium block. Linux and Mac versions are "coming soon," according to the game's Early Access page. Announced in March 2013, Frozen Endzone imagines a future were humanoid robots play a sport that resembles football. As of this writing, the beta version of the game...


How Double Eleven rethought Frozen Synapse Tactics' UI for Vita

Frozen Synapse's original developer, Mode 7, designed the turn-based strategy game for PC, not touch-based devices. A primary challenge for Double Eleven, the developer porting the game to PlayStation Vita as Frozen Synapse Tactics, is to translate the PC's menu-based interface to Sony's handheld. Design manager Gareth Wright explained the process today on the PlayStation Blog. "Our real design challenge for Vita was to figure out how we would engineer away from a complex menu driven PC experience to an intuitive design that still maintains the immediacy of the original game," Wright wrote. "Intuitive for us meant that it should appeal to a much wider audience but at its core should satisfy modern day die-hard tactical shooter fans." According to Wright, players must be able to...


Humble Bundle corrals Aquaria, Fractal, Organ Trail, Stealth Bastard Deluxe and more

The Humble Bundle with Android 6 is packaging six games, soundtracks and bonus games for the next two weeks, according to the sale's listing online. DRM-free games in the name-your-own-price bundle are available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux and include: Aquaria Fractal: Make Blooms Not War Oregon Trail: Director's Cut Stealth Bastard Deluxe Pulse: Volume One (Android only) Each game includes its soundtrack, and paying more than the average price ($4.68 as of this writing) will net buyers a copy of Frozen Synapse and Broken Sword: Director's Cut. By paying a bonus dollar, you can also get a Steam key for playing on Valve's digital distribution platform. As usual, buyers have the option to split their payment between the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and...


Frozen Synapse dev on going multiplatform while staying indie

Frozen Synapse developer Mode 7 Games exists in a challenging indie development climate, and the studio is responding by attempting to make bigger games and go multiplatform, said co-founder Paul Taylor in an interview with GamesIndustry International. Oxford, U.K.-based Mode 7 launched Frozen Synapse, a squad-based strategy title, in May 2011 to a warm reception. At the time, the company was just trying to get noticed, and although the game brought Mode 7 a community of dedicated fans, Taylor said the indie competition has gotten significantly tougher since then. Countless studios of all sizes are now trying to revive so-called classic PC gameplay, including through Kickstarter, and controversial personalities in the indie scene grab headlines over developers doing relatively...


Frozen Synapse launches for iPad May 16

Mode 7's simultenous turn-based strategy game, Frozen Synapse, will be released on iPad May 16, the developer confirmed to Pocket Gamer. In Frozen Synapse, players direct a squad of neon soldiers through various combat scenarios. The iOS version of the game will feature a few tweaks from the original Windows PC version. Frozen Synapse will be touch-based and include cross-platform play between iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The game's expansion, Frozen Synapse: Red, will also be available and adds new music, multiplayer and more. The iOS version of Frozen Synapse was announced for a May release earlier this month, though a price and specific date were not included. A date for the Android version of the game has not yet been announced.


Frozen Synapse headed to iPad in May, Android version to follow

Frozen Synapse, developer Mode 7's turn-based strategy game, is headed to iPad in May and Android devices will "hopefully follow shortly thereafter," according to information provided to Joystiq by Mode 7 joint managing director Paul Taylor. The game will include cross-platform play between iOS, Android, Windows PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game, and players will be able to begin Frozen Synapse games on one device and continue on another. The Frozen Synapse: Red expansion, which was released last year and added new music, multiplayer and more, will also be available. Though the developer has not announced an official release date or price, Taylor wrote that Mode 7 is "looking to make this competitive." Earlier this month, Taylor revealed that the game was headed to PlayStation...


Hit title Frozen Synapse coming to PSN as Frozen Synapse: Tactics

Mode 7's turn-based tactical title, Frozen Synapse, is set for a rebirth this year on PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita via the PlayStation Store, as Frozen Synapse: Tactics. "Frozen Synapse proved that turn-based strategy doesn't have to be about people with misguided beards prodding tanks into lonely hexagons," Paul Taylor, the co-founder and joint MD of Mode 7, said on the official Double Eleven blog. British-based studio Double Eleven, the team who developed LittleBigPlanet for the PS Vita, is working with the independent developer to bring the title to consoles. "We have put our trust in Double Eleven to translate our original vision for a PlayStation audience; they have impressed us with their commitment to creating a completely new version for Sony's awesome hardware," continued...

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Devs unite for Because We May

Many game developers have climbed on board Because We May, a week-long initiative that celebrates online stores giving developers control over the pricing of their games. During the last week of May (May 24-June 1), participating games will be heavily discounted and can be purchased directly from the developers or via the online stores they support, such as The App Store, Google Play, Steam, Desura, IndieVania, and more. Among the games participating in Because We May include World of Goo, Vessel, Multiwinia, Braid, And Yet It Moves, Frozen Synapse, and Stacking. More than 60 games have been heavily discounted, many of which are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The site with the full list of games and their prices can be viewed here.


Here are your winners of the 2012 Game Developers Choice Awards

The Game Developers Choice Awards are voted on by developers for developers. It's a chance for the members of the games industry to reward their peers, to say this is the best work happening in video games today. One would expect this to be the folks at flush AAA publishers but many of tonight's winners were indies as if to say: Finally, indies and mainstream games are on equal ground. Gamers deserve excellent games from both sectors, and the awards are one way of showing they're getting it. The night's host was Cliff Blezinski, the director of the Gears of War trilogy, and the face of Epic Games. Cliff has a dry sense of humor that connected with pockets of the audience. Jokes involving fellow industry stars, like Geoff Keighley, host of the VGAs, and Tim Schafer, founder of Double...


Here are your winners of the 2012 Independent Games Festival

"A celebration of people taking enormous risks to bring something new and beautiful to the world." That's how Brandon Boyer, the chair of IGF, described tonight's Independent Games Festival Awards. The IGF Awards are the antithesis of the VGAs, the only awards show most people know. It isn't broadcasted on a cable network; it isn't stuffed with commercials and reveal trailers; it isn't crass and gaudy. What it is, is a modest pat on the back for a bunch of artists who gambled their livelihood on making games for themselves, not big publishers. Andy Schatz, creator of Monaco, played host this year. His script was a extended metaphor about people who hop on boats to find islands. The people being indue developers, the boats being technology, the islands being game concepts, the dirt on...

Frozen Synapse Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 05/26/2011
    • Publisher Mode 7 Games
    • Developer Mode 7 Games
  • iOS
    • Released 05/16/2013
    • Publisher Mode 7 Games
    • Developer Mode 7 Games
  • Android
    • Publisher Mode 7 Games
    • Developer Mode 7 Games
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