Friends List: Who benefits from Microsoft's acquisition of Gears of War from Epic Games?

Today on Friends List, Editor-at-Large Chris Plante asks Opinions Editor Ben Kuchera: who benefits from Microsoft's acquisition of the Gears of War series? The episode will begin at 2 p.m. ET (or thereabouts!) and will be available via YouTube following the recording. While you wait you can watch the previous episode: Can you trademark Candy? Enjoy Friends List anywhere, anytime: Bookmark the Friends List video page. Subscribe to the audio-only podcast: Friends List on iTunes. Download our theme song, "Hangout" by Tolecover.

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Gears of War: Judgment players find hidden, playable Warzone mode

A few intrepid Gears of War: Judgment players have discovered the franchise's Warzone game type hidden and playable on the disc, and according to an Epic Games programmer, it's because it was easier for the developers to leave it in than remove it, reports Eurogamer. One player by the moniker IceMaN 8o4 posted a video in which he accessed Warzone mode in a private match. As you can see above, the player goes to start a private round of team deathmatch, but simply presses the A and B buttons at the same time and is loaded into a Warzone game. In Warzone mode, which existed in the first three Gears of War games but is absent in Judgment, two teams of players attempt to eliminate each other — each player has one life, and the round ends when one team has been eliminated or when time runs...


Today I Played Gears of War: Judgment

Yes, a new Gears of War release is upon us. But Gears of War: Judgment is not your usual Gears sequel. This time around, Epic's working with Bulletstorm-developer, People Can Fly. and they're focusing on the be-goggled Baird and his travails shortly after the first Locust invasion. This is not my first Gears of War rodeo. I've played through all of the games thus far. But, unlike the other games in the series, I knew extremely little about this release before playing. Which made jumping into the action a little tricky at first. But, in no time, I was stomping giant centipedes with ease. Finding their eggs, though. That was an entirely different story. Click here for more episodes of Today I Played Click here for Polygon's review of Gears of War: Judgment


Gears of War: Judgment trailer introduces us to the squad

Long-time Gears player characters Marcus and Dom are taking a break from Gears of War: Judgment (since it's a prequel and all), and a trailer from Epic Games is here to introduce the new faces of Kilo squad. There are two new faces, anyway. Half of Kilo squad is made up of returning fan favorites Baird and Cole; Judgment sets up their backstory before the events of the original Gears trilogy. New to the COGs is Garron Paduk, a member of a foreign military unit originally taken as a prisoner of war, but who demands a right to fight the Locust in revenge for the devastation they've wreaked on his homeland. Rounding out the team is Sofia Hendrik, a cadet and former reporter. Gears of War: Judgment comes out in North America on March 19th.


Gears of War: Judgment dev People Can Fly offers behind-the-scenes studio tour

With Gears of War: Judgment days away from release, developer People Can Fly has posted a short video featuring interviews with members of the development team, and a tour through its Warsaw-based studio in Poland. The best part of the studio, says tour guide Arcade Berg, is naturally the kitchen. Close in the running would be the playtest room where teams grind out the latest multiplayer build, and are so loud that they often get noise complaints from the rest of the office. Gears of War: Judgment is out on Xbox 360 on March 19th.


Gears of War: Judgment launch trailer asks players to test their guts

As Lt. Damon Baird knows, things never go well when an evil alien horde busts out of the center of your planet. The launch trailer for Epic Games and People Can Fly's Gears of War: Judgment is light on story, but heavy on Gears' signature style: shooting, blowing things up, and sawing into people with your chainsaw gun. As a prequel to the original Gears of War, Judgment recounts the immediate aftermath of the Locust appearance on Emergence Day. It is the first game in the series to not feature Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago as playable characters, instead focusing on the court-martial trial of their future squadmates, Damon Baird and Cole Augustus. Gears of War: Judgment is out for Xbox 360 on March 19th.

Gears of War: Judgment Releases
North America
  • Xbox 360
    • Released 03/19/2013
    • Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
    • Developer People Can Fly
    • Score 8.0
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