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Peter Molyneux's latest god game Godus comes to iOS today

You can be a god on the go, thanks to the iOS release of 22cans' Godus. The Peter Molyneux-designed god game and Populous spiritual successor is now available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, publisher DeNA announced today. Godus for iOS is a free download, but comes with in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $49.99, depending on how many gems you might want to purchase. The PC version of the game, which is currently in Steam Early Access, costs $19.99. Since Godus is still in development, an announcement from DeNA and 22cans says, the iOS app "will evolve over time." The companies promise more powers, a "seemingly endless world where they will clash with rival gods," live challenges and new abilities. For a peek at the touch-based version of Godus, watch the iOS launch trailer...


Godus 2.0.5 changes storms and redesigns settlements

Godus version 2.0.5 brings changes to the storm and settlements systems, according to a post this week on the game's Steam forums. With 2.0.5, storms —  weather events that can damage dwellings (Abodes, in Godus terms) outside of settlements — can now replenish resource chests, which previously disappeared after being opened.   Settlements — groups of buildings, including Abodes, within a defined geographical area — have a new strategic element, according to the forum post. Ore mining and wheat farming now depend on several factors, including how many mines and farms players build; how many workers are in each; the buffs applied; and each location's proximity to a settlement. Because of the new features, Godus' redesigned agriculture bar now shows how many resources players have...


Molyneux: Early Access Godus was boring like 'Call of Duty without guns'

22Cans' studio head Peter Molyneux is unsurprised that initial reaction to the Godus Early Access release — which only included around 25 percent of the final game's content — was negative, himself calling it "Call of Duty without guns." Speaking with USGamer, Molyneux expressed disappointment that many people don't read available information about a game before diving in and passing judgment. For example, Molyneux said the Godus Steam page notes it is in early access and will be constantly changing as 22Cans works up to a full release. However, players have complained about the game being unfinished, which Molyneux suggests means they did not read the explicit warning. He also discussed how he sees PC players' "fanatical, almost paranoid fear" of mobile games and an intense dislike...


Godus will use actions, not words, to foster communities

Godus developer 22Cans deliberately omitted a chat function in its upcoming god game to foster a community, according to studio founder Peter Molyneux. Speaking to Polygon at the Game Developers Conference, Molyneux said allowing players to chat could potentially lead to a strange sort of passive bullying where casual players are intimidated by more experienced players. "Passive bullying is the big problem when you're trying to get casual gamers to play with core gamers," Molyneux said. "Now the last thing that would enter my mind is to bully you, but the very fact that I say I play computer games 20 hours a day is a form of bullying because it's intimidating. "Most casual gamers don't think they're good enough to play multiplayer games, and this is what we found with Curiosity. C...


Godus beta update coming next week with 'hundreds' of refinements

Developer 22Cans will share more details next week on the next update to the Windows PC beta of its god game Godus, studio head Peter Molyneux confirmed with Polygon this morning. Molyneux said that for the past few months, 22Cans has been hard at work on a major update for Godus. This update will include "hundreds" of tweaks, including new features and refinements to existing ones. The update will be released as soon as 22Cans fixes five remaining crash bugs, with Molyneux pegging the fix day as "probably next Tuesday." "Being part of early access has been an incredible learning experience, and I hope this update justifies the wait that people have had to endure," Molyneux said. The beta for Kickstarter-funded Godus launched last September through Steam Early Access. The...


Godus update 1.3 adds Bronze age, weather system

The latest update for Peter Molyneux's Early Access god-game, Godus, adds agriculture and Bronze Age eras, weather systems and more, according to a post on Steam. Godus, available for Windows PC and Mac, empowers players to build a world and nurture tiny people, or followers. Update 1.3 includes a laundry list of changes and bug fixes, including multiplayer balance, followers sharing their thoughts via prayers, new God Cards and a more effective Finger of God. The full list is available via Steam. For more on Godus, check out our interview with Molyneux and hands-on impressions. The game launched via Steam Early Access Sept. 13. It's currently available for $19.99.


From the red-heads to the wind, everything in Godus has a consequence

During a demo of an early build of the game, Godus' creative director, Peter Molyneux, said the player won't have direct control over what their little people do, but the player can manipulate the environment to give their people what they need. "When you start playing the game, they're primitives — all these little people care about is where they're going to sleep, what they're going to eat and breeding as much as they possibly can," Molyneux told Polygon. "After you've played for a while, they'll move into the bronze age where they don't care so much about how many of them there are, they care about the tools that they have and the tools you inspired them to invent." After players have played for a very long time, the little people will start working toward going into space. Instead...


Populous to Godus: The rubbish-filled road of Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux's journey to create Godus has been a long road filled with "rubbish" games, the designer said during the PAX Prime 2013 keynote, "Storytime with Peter Molyneux." As part of a "show and tell of Godus," Molyneux outlined the many titles that have marked his career. Molyneux first birthed the 1989 game Populous, a title created "not because of being a brilliant designer, but a rubbish coder," he said. Molyneux couldn't properly code the in-game characters to move on their own, so his solution was to have the user do it. Subsequent games included Powermonger, a "low point" in the designer's career based on an idea Molyneux came up with during a drunken pub visit. Instead of controlling armies, Molyneux instead came up with the idea to use carrier pigeons to send orders. "...


Godus beta launching Sept. 13 on Steam Early Access

Godus, the next game from Peter Molyneux-led 22Cans, will see its first public release Sept. 13 with a beta on Steam Early Access, Molyneux announced today during his PAX Prime 2013 keynote address. The beta will be available on Windows PC and Mac for $19.99 in North America, £14.99 in the U.K. and €18.99 in Europe. As usual with Early Access, anyone who buys Godus starting Sept. 13 will be able to begin playing immediately, and will receive any future updates — including the eventual release of the full game, which is scheduled for 2014 — at no additional cost. "For a long time I've been excited with how the game is evolving, [and] I already feel there is nothing in the world like Godus," said Molyneux in a press release announcing Early Access. "This is the type of game I have...


Notch, Molyneux, Suda51 on Indie Speed Run judges panel

Indie Speed Run — in which competing developers create a game within a 48-hour period — has announced this year's panel of judges, including Peter Molyneux, Notch, Kim Swift and Suda51. Registration for the online September event is open today. The contest carries a $25 fee per team, but the charge doesn't apply until the 48-hour game clock begins, and two random elements for use in the games are sent out to competitors. The panel of 14 judges are as follows... Peter Molyneux (Fable, Godus, Curiosity, Black & White) Markus 'Notch' Persson (Minecraft) Suda51 (No More Heroes, Killer7) Ron Gilbert (Monkey Island, The Cave) Brian Fargo (Fallout, Wasteland) Kim Swift (Portal, Quantum Conundrum) Dan Pinchbeck (Dear Ester, Amnesia) Matthew Davis and Justin Ma (FTL) Trent...

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