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Platform Win, PS, Game Boy Color, PSN Publisher ASC Games Developer DMA Design Release Date 1998-02-28

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Virginia seeks to bring human faces to the narrative game

They tell evocative stories in atmospheric worlds. But they often lack the intimate human connection of present characters; dominant in most forms of fiction. In the best of its kind, the player moves through the story, gaining a sense of real people, often without seeing them. These games seek to tease complex emotions out of players, without asking them to break down the kinds of challenges and puzzles generally associated with games. In this sense, they sit close to story-based entertainment, like novels and movies, than twitch-based arcade games. Still, they are very much video games. Until now, they have tended to keep human characters out of the picture, sometimes because of limited budgets, or due to the complexity of creating facial emotion, or the particular storytelling...


Grand Theft Auto Online adds 10 verified jobs

Ten new verified jobs have been added to Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games announced, including races, deathmatches and captures fit for the game's recent "I'm Not a Hipster" update. The jobs are "Holy Drift Mountain," "Far Out LOOP," "Maze Bank Fight," "Hipster Happy Hour," "Shopping Spree," "Mario's Race," "Quarantine," (pictured above) "Obstacle What?" "Rattlesnake Run" and "Sonuva Beach." All of these missions have been created by members of the Grand Theft Auto Online community. When Rockstar verifies a job, it becomes available for the game on both platforms, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Grand Theft Auto chief set to buy Edinburgh church

Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies is set to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying a central Edinburgh church. According to a report in the Edinburgh Evening News, the developer behind the Grand Theft Auto franchise will spend "well in excess of £500,000" on purchasing St. Stephen's Church, a well known landmark in the Scottish capital. He is preserving the church, built in 1827, as "an entirely philanthropic purchase" for the community's use, according to a spokesperson. St. Stephen's is often used as a venue during Edinburgh's arts and entertainment festivals. According to the local report, Benzies beat out other potential buyers, some of whom were keen to develop the church into commercial property. Benzies was born in Edinburgh in 1971. He worked as a programmer for...


Grand Theft Auto 5 has been turned into a first-person shooter

That is to say, Grand Theft Auto 5 is playable in first-person for a select few tinkerers. But this new mod is the latest in a series of incredible mods that show how malleable the open-world game is. In theory, these mods will be more accessible on PC. Grand Theft Auto 4 has received tremendous support from the PC mod community. When Grand Theft Auto 5 arrives on PC this fall, it appears we can expect the same warm reception.

E3 2014

Battlefield Hardline takes a shot at the TV-style cop drama

Take, for example, Battlefield Hardline. It's "Battlefield 4. With cops." I could leave you with those last four words and you'd pretty much get the entire game. But that would be to deny ourselves the answer to important questions like 'how much like Battlefield is it'? And, 'what sort of cops?' And 'does it run at 60 frames per second in 1080p'? The answers to these questions are 1) Very. 2) Unrealistically violent and 3) Pickles. Steve Papoutsis, vice president and general manager of developer Visceral tells a nice story about a casual meeting he had with a DICE exec, during which they shared a few drinks in Barcelona and chewed over the idea of extending Battlefield outside the, well, battlefield. Why not replace the soldiers with cops and robbers? Why not move the story from...


Watch Dogs' launch trailer recreated shot-for-shot in Grand Theft Auto 4

Watch Dogs? Or Grand Theft Auto? Can't make up your mind which open-world game to play? Why not have both? YouTuber RavenswestR1 cooked up this virtuoso re-creation of Watch Dogs' launch trailer in Grand Theft Auto 4, nailing every shot and camera angle perfectly. This is something of a hobby of his, as he's done the Need for Speed movie's trailer, and the trailer for the film The Other Guys in GTA 4 as well. For comparison, the original trailer Ubisoft released on May 22 is below.


Grand Theft Auto creators join list of Britain's wealthiest

The cofounders of Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar Games have joined the list of the 1,000 wealthiest Britons, as compiled by The Sunday Times. Brothers Dan and Sam Houser peek in at No. 947 overall with a combined fortune estimated at £90 million ($151 million US). It's well below the wealthiest video game entrepeneur to make the roundup, Mel Morris of King, the maker of Candy Crush Saga. Morris is worth £407 million ($684 million), good for No. 238 on the list. Rockstar's powerhouse franchise grossed more than $800 million on the first day Grand Theft Auto V was for sale back in September, then surpassed $1 billion in just three days on shelves. The figures come from internal estimates by Take-Two Interactive, which owns Rockstar. This is the first ranking of the wealthy by the...


Grand Theft Auto Online's High Life Event kicks off this weekend

Grand Theft Auto Online's High Life event weekend will take place May 16-18, giving participants the opportunity to earn triple RP bonuses, increase their bet limits, double payouts on impromptu races and pick up extra crate drops. The event is being held in celebration of the recently-released Grand Theft Auto 5 High Life Update, which allows players to "live large in Los Santos with the ability to own two properties at a time, and the addition of five opulent new apartments." The update also allows players to store vehicles across two apartment garages and offers new vehicles and weaponry. During the event weekend, stakes and payouts for impromptu races will be doubled, the maximum bet limit for all jobs will be raised to $10,000, all golf and tennis RP bonuses will be tripled, and...


Grand Theft Auto Online transactions help Take-Two to a record year (Update)

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Games and Rockstar Games, closed out its fiscal year by nearly doubling its revenue over what it earned in 2013, driven largely by online transactions in titles such as Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K14. In a call with investors this afternoon, Take-Two chief executive Strauss Zelnick said Grand Theft Auto Online was the single largest contributor to online revenue, which helped the company to strong results despite a sluggish final quarter compared to 2013. Fourth quarter revenue for Take-Two was down about $70 million from that of the fiscal fourth quarter in 2013. Take-Two attributed this to BioShock Infinite launching in that quarter a year ago, with no complementary title replacing it this year. Net revenue for fiscal year 2014 grew...


The Last of Us and GTA5 clean up at BAFTA Games Awards

Naughty Dog led the way at this year's annual British Academy Games Awards, winning five of its 10 category nominations including Best Game in 2014 for The Last of Us. The studio was also awarded with Story, Action and Adventure and Audio Achievement, while Ashley Johnson won Best Performer for her role as protagonist Ellie. Going into the ceremony with nine nominations for Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar Games was presented with Game Design, Best British Game 2014 and Multiplayer. Tearaway developer Media Molecule walked away with Artist Achievement, Family and Mobile and Handheld. Starbreeze Studios edged out Rockstar, Lucas Pope, Media Molecule, Simogo, Davey Wreden and crew to win Game Innovation for Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The Fullbright Company won Debut Game in 2014 with G...

Grand Theft Auto Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 02/28/1998
    • Publisher ASC Games
    • Developer DMA Design
  • PlayStation
    • Released 06/30/1998
    • Publisher Take-Two Interactive
    • Developer DMA Design
  • Game Boy Color
    • Released 11/22/1999
    • Publisher Take-Two Interactive
    • Developer Tarantula Studios
  • PlayStation Network
    • Publisher Take-Two Interactive
    • Developer DMA Design
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