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Platform Win, PS4, PS Vita, Win, Mac, Linux Publisher LucasArts Developer LucasArts Release Date 1998-10-30

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Riot Games looks into the psychology of online sportsmanship at this year's GDC

The lineup for this year's GDC 2014 will feature sessions from Riot Games and Valve, it was confirmed today. The announcement was made on the official GDC website, which highlighted the upcoming talks from Jeffrey Lin, lead designer of Riot's social systems, and Valve technical artist Bronwen Grimes. Lin's talk, titled "Enhancing Sportsmanship in Online Games," presents the latest findings in social psychology to demonstrate how different compositions of players affect the level of cooperation. Grimes' keynote, "Building the Content that Drives the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Economy," will explain how Valve used only two artists to create all the art assets for this game. Additionally, artist Peter Chan, known best for his work developing concept art for Grim Fandango, will...


ResidualVM's first stable release makes Grim Fandango playable on modern PCs

After more than nine years in development, a stable version of ResidualVM has been released, which allows users to play Grim Fandango on modern PCs. Poor sales from the well-received (and now classic) game, from creator Tim Schafer, are often cited as the beginning of the end for classic adventure games. The ResidualVM project is an offshoot of ScummVM, which is an emulator for the the Scumm engine that ran many of the original LucasArts adventure games. Grim Fandango, however, used the proprietary GrimE engine and, as such, has been incompatible with ScummVM. Given that Grim Fandango is now 14-years-old, most modern operating systems have difficulty running the game. Cue ResidualVM, a program that recreates 3D games that use the GrimE engine. The program allows people on modern PCs...

Grim Fandango Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 1998-10-30
    • Publisher LucasArts
    • Developer LucasArts
  • PlayStation 4
    • Developer Double Fine Productions
  • PlayStation Vita
    • Developer Double Fine Productions
  • Windows
    • Developer Double Fine Productions
  • Mac
    • Developer Double Fine Productions
  • Linux
    • Developer Double Fine Productions
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