MMOs are at their best when they're not cloning World of Warcraft

MMOs continue to be released every year with gameplay built primarily around aping World of Warcraft's approachable style. Tens of million of people have already devoted hundreds of hours to Blizzard's behemoth. That has to be a majority of the total audience for the massively multiplayer genre, and they've already experienced the pinnacle of that style of gameplay and know that they can return to it for ten year's worth of expansion and patch content at any time. I've been playing two massively multiplayer role-playing games that draw a lot from the World of Warcraft model: Wildstar and Final Fantasy 14. I like both of these games. In fact, Final Fantasy 14 is one of my favorite MMOs ever. But the more time I spend with both of these and the many other MMOs I've played over the last...


Guild Wars 2 creature photoshoot sparks monster scare in China (update)

A creature resembling Gollum from The Lord of the Rings that was spotted in the woods of China's Huairou region earlier this week isn't the menace that it was initially made out to be, according to reports from ET Today and the Telegraph. The creature in question was an actor made up to look like an Asura, one of the in-game races from ArenaNet's massively multiplayer online role-playing game Guild Wars 2. The made-up actor was taking a break near a stream — the Telegraph reports the Huairou government stated the actor had been "taking a loo-break" — while still in costume when a man camping nearby spotting him through the trees. "Terrified," the man snapped several photos and shared them online, where they quickly spread via Weibo, China's Twitter-like social networking service. The G...


Guild Wars 2's sky pirates get attacked in season 2 teaser

Guild Wars 2's second season of "Living World" updates will kick off next week, and developer ArenaNet released a teaser trailer today to give players a glimpse of the battles that lie ahead. In the "Gates of Maguuma" teaser, the Zephyrites suffer a terrible attack on their vessel, and we can also see trouble brewing in the western part of the Brisban Wildlands. Players will have to work with each other and with Marjory, Kasmeer, Rox, Braham and Taimi to figure out the details of the situation. Season 2 of Guild Wars 2 will begin July 1. For more on the game's Living World content updates, check out our interview with ArenaNet.

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Guild Wars 2 tournament set to take place during Gamescom 2014

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet is bringing the massively multiplayer online title to Gamescom 2014 in a big way: The studio will be holding a Guild Wars 2 tournament during the convention, it announced today. Called the Guild Wars 2 International All-Stars Tournament, the competition will bring together players from North America, Europe and China. ArenaNet provided no other details about the format, participants or venue today, but said it will be flying out competitors to Cologne, Germany, Gamescom's host city. Guild Wars 2 itself will appear in the Twitch booth on the Gamescom show floor. ArenaNet originally released Guild Wars 2 on Mac and Windows PC in August 2012. Gamescom 2014 will run from Aug. 13-17 in Cologne.


Here's everything that happened in the first season of Guild Wars 2

As ArenaNet prepares to launch the second season of Guild Wars 2's Living World storyline, the company has shared a new video recapping the events of Season 1. The video above, "Scarlet's War," introduces the villain Scarlet Briar and takes a look at all the mayhem she's been causing since the start of the Living World storyline. It also sets the stage for the mysterious force players will encounter in season two, a sinister something awoken by Scarlet on her rampage across the world. Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 will begin on July 1.

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E3 2014's Into the Pixels art exhibit lineup announced

The 2014 Into the Pixels exhibit honoring the work of video game artists — now in its 11th year — will debut at this year's E3 with artwork inspired by new and upcoming titles including the next Assassin's Creed, The Witcher 3 and Watch Dogs, organizers at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and the Entertainment Software Association announced today. Into the Pixels will be available for viewing June 10-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center alongside the expo. Works featured in this year's exhibit draw from Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Unity, Rayman Legends and Watch Dogs, Bungie's Destiny, Harmonix's Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, DOTA 2 by Valve, ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2, PlayStation 4 exclusives Infamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch Productions and Killzone: Shadow Fall by...


What games do you play with your significant other?

It might actually be more difficult if they do. Do you play something co-operative like Guild Wars 2? Or maybe something competitive like Mario Kart? Or do you play something single player where you can take turns like Transistor? If this is your first episode, Friends List is a daily web series where we have one-on-one talks about a single question related to video games. The goal is to give Polygon's many team members across the globe and those involved in covering, designing and releasing games, an opportunity to speak with you. Today on Friends List, Reporter Alexa Ray Corriea and Deputy Opinion Editor Ben Kuchera ask: What games do you play with your significant other? Enjoy Friends List anywhere, anytime: Bookmark the Friends List video page. Subscribe to the audio-only...


Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 2 kicks off July 1

The second season of Guild Wars 2's Living World content begins July 1, developer ArenaNet announced today. Living World is the tag used for major content upgrades to the game. Season 2 takes place after the defeat of Scarlet Briar and the destruction of Lion's Arch, one of the game's major cities. A new foe in the form of an Elder Dragon has awoken in the west, while players must also deal with the fallout of Lion's Arch. Season 2 begins after the end of the Festival of the Four Winds, a Chinese-themed celebration of the game's recent launch in China. More information will be available as it nears its launch. For more on Guild Wars 2, check out our review. You can also read our interview with design director Chris Whiteside to learn more about the game's evolving content through...


Guild Wars 2 Festival of the Four Winds update celebrates China launch

Guild Wars 2's latest update, Festival of the Four Winds, celebrates the game's recent launch in China with the return of the Zephyrite festival, ArenaNet recently announced. The update, available today, introduces the Four Winds bazaar and other content inspired by Chinese art and culture. By visiting the Labyrinthine Cliffs in-game, players can take part in the Sanctum Sprint, hot air-balloon rides and more. A teaser look at the Festival of the Four Winds is available in the trailer below. The update is available in North America and Europe today; it will launch in China as the region's first update later this week. For more on Guild Wars 2, check out our review. Guild Wars 2 launched in China earlier this month, following a beta period that began in March.


Guild Wars 2 on sale for $24.99

Guild Wars 2 is on offer for a discount for the early part of May. The ArenaNet MMO normally costs $49.99, but is currently on sale for $24.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition, which comes with various in-game items and boosts, is down from $69.99 to $34.99. Guild Wars 2, launched in 2012, was described in Polygon's review as "the best MMO in years." Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the offer price at $29.99. The correct price is $24.99.

Guild Wars 2 Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 2012-08-22
    • Publisher NCsoft
    • Developer ArenaNet
    • Score 9.0
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