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Platform Xbox Publisher Vivendi Universal Games Developer Valve Release Date 2005-11-15

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Half-Life 2 now available on Nvidia Shield

Half-Life 2, the seminal first-person shooter from Valve, is now available on Nvidia Shield for $9.99, Nvidia announced today. Valve and Nvidia are selling Half-Life 2 on Google Play, but it only supports the Shield handheld, not Android devices in general. The companies also worked together to bring the first-person puzzle game Portal to the Shield, and launched it on Google Play today alongside Half-Life 2. Portal costs $9.99 as well. "Nvidia has done a remarkable job bringing both Half-Life 2 and Portal to Shield," said Doug Lombardi, vice president of marketing at Valve, in a press release today. "We're playing both games here on our Shields and fans of both franchises can expect the same gameplay they've come to love on the PC." You can check out a video from Nvidia about the...


Steam Greenlights Detective Grimoire and 49 others

Valve revealed the latest batch of 50 titles and software graduating from Steam Greenlight today, including Detective Grimoire, Energy Hook, Gear Jack and Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements. The Greenlit titles will be released on the platform independently in the coming weeks as any remaining development is finalized. Steam announced a 50-title list of Greenlit games last month that included titles such as Depression Quest, The 7th Guest 3: The Collector and Treasure Adventure World. This month's batch of games and software packages includes: 9th Dawn created by valorware Angvik created by Alasta Blockade 3D created by KAzaMA_ CATDAMMIT! Director's Cat created by Fir&Flams The Crack created by WetBass Studios Cuebox: The Real 3D Pool created by ...


Faceless rethinks free-to-play decision after Greenlight win

When Half-Life 2 horror mod Faceless was pitched to Greenlight, the game was described as a free-to-play title. But now it's been voted into the hallowed realm of Steam, plans are afoot to give the Slenderman-inspired game a $9.99 price tag. What gives? According to Faceless' creative director Adam Sklar, the suggestion to try to raise revenues from the game came from Valve, followed by a decision by the development team that the money could be used to improve the game. In an interview with Indie Statik he said that the success of other indie games, offered commercially, had prompted the change. Although multiplayer options and bonus content will be part of the $9.99 package, a core part of the game will still be free. "We will be shipping out a free version of Faceless with the Hyde...


Just Cause 2: Multiplayer is Mod DB's reader-voted mod of 2013

Mod DB's readers have spoken, and the consensus among them is that Just Cause 2: Multiplayer, the community-made multiplayer addition to Avalanche Studios' Just Cause 2, is the best mod of 2013. Just Cause 2: Multiplayer, which was released on Steam earlier this month, also took the top spot on Mod DB's editors' choice list last week. Over the course of a 22-day campaign, Mod DB received a total of more than 141,000 votes. Voting wasn't restricted to mods that were released this year; rounding out the top three on the readers' choice list were No More Room in Hell, a cooperative survival horror mod for Half-Life 2 that debuted in 2011, and Rise of the Reds, a 2008 mod that added the Russian Federation to Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour. Here's the full top 10: 10. W...


Faceless dev to create a terrifying re-imagining of hide and seek

Justin Ross, one of the developers involved with the creation of Faceless, a Slender Man mythos-inspired Half-Life 2 mod, has set out on his own to develop Alas Mortis, a free-to-play multiplayer horror title. Ross left the Faceless project and established Fiddlehead Games to create Alas Mortis, a "terrifying re-imagining of hide and seek that pits humans against a flying, bat-like demonoid," according to the game's description. "I just felt I needed to start my own project, and create my own monster and horror game which is what I'm trying here with Alas Mortis," Ross wrote on the game's IndieDB page. "For people who have donated to Faceless, the money is still around but it's in the process of being transferred over to the new development team so they continue developing Faceless...


Ethereal Entertainment's Faceless postponed

The development of Ethereal Entertainment's Faceless is postponed indefinitely, according to an update by the game's lead promotional designer Adam Sklar on ModDB. "Many of the original developers left this modification due to personal reasons and weariness of the lack of development on the mod," Sklar wrote. "This is highly understandable and these developers are not to blame at all for the original postponement. The mod is still postponed currently. But please don't stop reading. Some of the original developers like myself still remain with the team and are working to get Faceless back into development." Pending the recruitment of new development team members, Faceless will reenter development as a "partial reboot." "Well the story, the style of our Slenderman, will remain the...


Half-Life 2 speedrun clocks in under 90 minutes, breaks world record

SourceRuns, a Valve-centric speedrunner group, set a new world record with its latest run of Half-Life 2 by clocking in at one hour, 27 minutes and 51 seconds. The run was completed with the help of 14 members and several of the game's well-known glitches. Using the accelerated back hopping glitch, players can speed up their movement in air and gain a frictional boost upon landing. Other tricks include wall-climbing, flying and an "edgebug" glitch that allows players to fall long heights without taking damage. You can check out the video above to see the run for yourself. According to the video description, the run required 600 days of work and was completed on the Hard difficulty setting in 200 segments. A full list of the speedrun-friendly in-game glitches is available on the S...


Valve releases Steam Trading Cards, overhauls community pages

Steam users can now craft game badges and level up their accounts with the service's trading card system, Valve announced. Steam Trading Cards are digital cards that Steam users can trade or cash in for rewards. After collecting a set, users can then transform cards into a game badge. These badges are tied to user accounts and earn their owners profile backgrounds, coupons and emoticons. Badges can also increase a user's level. Higher levels will earn extra friend list slots, profile showcases including the user's favorite games and mods, and more. Steam's Community profile pages have been updated to include customizable options on what users are playing, items available for trade, achievements and more. For those with a Steam account more than a year old and at least one game, two...


Steam Trading Cards leaving beta June 26, Summer Sale teased

Steam Trading Cards, a collectible set of digital cards that Steam users can trade and cash in for rewards in the Steam store, will fully launch this week on Wednesday, June 26, Valve announced late last week. Trading Cards have been available for some Steam users in beta, allowing them to grab cards (and potential freebies) while playing Don't Starve, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and Half-Life 2 at launch. That list of games will continue to be expanded in the coming months, with "several games" added to the roster when the program leaves beta this week. "We'll be continuing to iterate on existing features and add new ones after the release," Steam developer John Cook wrote on the platform's forums. "There are a few things we have talked about...


How Arcane Kids replaced Tony Hawk's 900 with a Time Wizard in Perfect Stride

In 1999, sweat pouring down his face after several failed attempts, Tony Hawk, who is widely considered to be one of the greatest skaters of all time, took to the air above the X-Games, tucked his head down, threw his momentum over his shoulders, spun through the air 2 1/2 times, and landed the first-ever 900 in a competition. This was a legendary moment in skateboarding history. Skaters know the story. But what if they didn't? What if Tony Hawk hadn't landed the 900? The developers of Perfect Stride, a skateboarding game from the developers of the GDC award-winning Zineth, have an answer of sorts, and it involves a Time Wizard. Polygon spoke with Ben Esposito and Russell Honor, the duo behind Perfect Stride, about the origins of the game, their collaboration and, of course, the Time...

Half-Life 2 Releases
North America
  • Xbox
    • Released 11/15/2005
    • Publisher Vivendi Universal Games
    • Developer Valve
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