Hawken celebrates Steam launch with a mech-infused trailer

Adhesive Games celebrated the Steam launch of Hawken with a new trailer today that showcases the mech-based shooter's vehicles and environments. Press play above to see Hawken's decimated landscapes overrun by mechanical warriors. Adhesive announced earlier this month that it was moving the game to Steam Early Access with its February update. Non-Steam Hawken players can check out the developer's Steam Transition Guide to ease the move. New players can purchase the $29.99 Nemesis Bundle of the Windows PC game on Steam, which comes with "a massive bundle of mechs and other goodies." For more on Hawken's development, check out Polygon's interview with the developers at Meteor.


Space dogfights, movie theaters and walking tanks in virtual reality

One day the Oculus Rift will show up in stores. But for now it's in the hands of people making wonderful things for it. Not necessarily games, but experiences. There's the chance to skydive, to tour an active volcano, to stare into the whitewashed sky of a winter morning and trace the flakes of snow drifting toward your face, to stand in an elevator or sit in a movie theater and watch a movie. We spent a chunk of a day at Gamescom sitting down with developers and the people behind the virtual reality headset to try and get a sense of where the gear is headed and what sort of impact it might have on gaming. Playing Eve Valkyrie, a space dogfighting game designed for the high-definition version of the Rift, was the most polished, most fun experience. Despite being the least impressive,...


Hawken lead designer explores the Front Line map in a new video

Hawken, Adhesive Games' free-to-play first-person mech shooter, received a new update and map recently, and lead designer Tyler Buser walked viewers through Front Line's corridors in the new video above. Check out the video to see the map's two "competing themes," Sentium and Prosk, as well as the turrets, routes and jump pads that pepper Front Line's landscape. The map is available to play now in Team Deathmatch, Missile Assault and Deathmatch modes, courtesy of the recent Facility update. Polygon went hands-on with Hawken and the Oculus Rift during GDC 2013, so be sure to check out our impressions of both. For more, you can also watch a recent video for the new Facility map and sign up to participate in the game's current beta at the official Hawken website.


Hawken trailer details new symmetrical map Facility

The latest trailer from Hawken, Adhesive Games' mech-based first-person shooter, includes tour of Facility, a symmetrical map set deep within the Heidron District. The trailer, which you can watch above, is narrated by level designer Tyler Buser. According to the video's description, Facility's main structure lies within the map's heart. The central chamber includes several entrances and exist for concealment and escape, and the facility's front missile silo includes "an exposed battlement that is a favorite of Rocketeers." "The missile silo's triangular layout ensures that no capture point is ever to far to engage, nor too safe to leave undefended," Buser says. "... Though dangerously exposed and uncertain, taking the high point is possible with a direct approach and brute force." H...


Hawken's new video fans the flames of war

In their latest video, the developers behind mech shooter Hawken show off how a little bit of Nvidia software magic can take the game to new levels by adding intricate detail to destruction. The video above offers a first look at the upcoming APEX Turbulence feature created by technology company Nvidia's PhysX program, a system that stirs particles and create realistic turbulence effects. Death and health embers from mechs, collecting energy and deploying shields all utilize the system and are shown in the video above — these effects make clusters of particles look like they are caught in the wind and react to disturbances from other forces. The system also creates realistic showers of dust and debris during battle. Check out the video for a full walkthrough of the various uses of...


Hawken footage introduces users to tutorial and basic training

Four basic training video tutorials for upcoming free-to-play title Hawken are now available, covering the Hawken garage where users will choose and customize their mech, as well as items and both basic and advanced combat. Included is information regarding the title's currency systems, add-on items, internal upgrades, and tips on optimizing the performance of the mech. Users can in addition learn details of the game's objective-based Siege Mode, Missile Assault Mode, and basic training combat. Hawken is scheduled to release Dec. 12 for PC. It is currently in closed beta.

Hawken Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Publisher Meteor Entertainment
    • Developer Adhesive Games
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