Homeworld Remastered collector's edition includes a 12-inch spaceship

Gearbox Software revealed the bonus that will be included in the collector's editions version of Homeworld Remastered, the developers's high-definition update of Relic Entertainment's Homeworld and Homeworld 2. It's a USB-powered, light up ship from the Homeworld games. Steve Gibson of Gearbox announced the ship's inclusion in the Homeworld Remastered collector's edition at the developer's panel at PAX East today, saying that Gearbox is spending "an irresponsible amount" on the ship. Gibson said they expect the collector's edition of the game to be in limited supply and that they hope to break even on the expensive bonus item. Gearbox polled Homeworld fans on what they wanted to see in the collector's edition later last year, feedback which led to the decision to include the 12-inch...


Gearbox candidly shares story of Homeworld's acquisition

Gearbox Software, the developers of the Borderlands series and Aliens: Colonial Marines, shared the drive behind wanting Relic Entertainment's real-time strategy Homeworld IP and the tight bidding process involved to snatch it away from two publishers "One of the brands in the THQ stable that they didn't really do anything with, for as long as they had it, was a brand called Homeworld," Randy Pitchford told the audience at the PAX Australia Gearbox panel. "And when THQ started to evaporate, Brian [Martel] kept coming to my office everyday and saying, 'Hey Randy, you got to get Homeworld.' So we became part of that process bidding on the brand." Following the approved sale of publisher THQ's games and studios for $72 million in January, Gearbox acquired the Homeworld IP for $1.35...


Gearbox releasing remakes of Homeworld and Homeworld 2 for Windows PC

Gearbox will release high-definition remakes of Relic Entertainment's real-time strategy series for Windows PC, the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2, the company announced at its PAX Australia panel today. The company will also release the original two titles to digital distribution platforms for Windows PC. Gearbox bought the Homeworld IP for $1.35 million in April, following the approved sale of publisher THQ's games and studios for $72 million in January. At the time, Gearbox issued a statement saying that Brian Martel, Gearbox Software's chief creative officer, only had great love and respect for the Homeworld franchise and "personally spearheaded the acquisition." The company said that preserving the Homeworld games is Martel's highest priority and intends on making "them...


The future of Darksiders, Red Faction and THQ's other IP at Nordic Games

"I've seen bad experiences with trying to handle creative people," said Wingefors, self-described entrepreneur and owner of Nordic Games Group and Wingefors Invest. "So we don't have any internal developers and I don't intend to." Typically that wouldn't be a problem for a game distributor, but as of yesterday afternoon unofficially, and next month officially, Wingefors' Nordic Games will be the owner of more than 150 individual titles, rights to titles and video game franchises, each the beloved orphan of THQ's steady disintegration. It will be up to Wingefors and his business team in Austria to decide what to do with the likes of MX Vs. ATV, Darksiders, Red Faction, Deadly Creatures, Destroy All Humans, Supreme Commander, Titan Quest, and the list goes on and on. Does he plan to...


teamPixel outbid on Homeworld IP by mysterious buyer, refunding Kickstarter donations

After being outbid by an unidentified party, mobile and desktop app developer teamPixel is refunding money to those who backed its Kickstarter campaign to purchase the Homeworld IP from THQ. The studio had hoped to develop Homeworld 3 for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, and Homeworld Touch for iOS and Android, if the intellectual property was secured. "Homeworld will escape the THQ bankruptcy to a new home, however, that home will not be with teamPixel, LLC," the Kickstarter update reads. "The auction for the Homeworld license ended April 15, 2013, and while we reached qualified bidder status for the bankruptcy auction, we were unable to raise the necessary funds to remain competitive against the other parties at the auction." teamPixel did not divulge who the new owner was, but it...


App developer turns to crowdfunding to buy Homeworld IP from THQ

Mobile and desktop app developer teamPixel has set up a campaign on crowdsourcing site Indiegogo to purchase the Homeworld IP from THQ, and is planning to continue the series with Homeworld 3 and Homeworld Touch titles should their funding be successful. Relic Entertainment was purchased by Sega for $26.6 million in yesterday's auction to liquidate THQ's assets. The IP for Relic's Homeworld franchise was not included in the list of acquisitions, sparking teamPixel's "Save Homeworld" project. TeamPixel is asking for $50,000 towards the purchase of the IP, and plans to draw on the "equity funding, credit, and even the pocket change" of its staff to augment the purchase. The developer hopes pre-order campaigns for its planned new titles will assist in funding as well. If the campaign...

Homeworld Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 09/28/1999
    • Publisher Sierra Entertainment
    • Developer Relic Entertainment
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