Android Humble Bundle adds Desert Bus, Hundreds and Spider

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 for Android grows today with the addition of three more titles: Semi Secret Software's puzzle game Hundreds, Tiger Style Games' arachnid adventure Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor and Amateur Pixels' port of grueling bus simulation Desert Bus. The three games join the six previously announced titles — Epoch, Rymdkapsel, SpellTower, Swordigo, Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush — for Humble Mobile Bundle 3, which launched last week. Like Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush, the three additional games are available to those who pay more than the average price, currently $5.30. Soundtracks for Desert Bus, Hundreds and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor are also included as part of the pay-what-you-want deal and are unlocked if you pay more than the average. B...


Amiga Games acquired by LA-based distribution company

Retro gaming company Amiga Games and its library of more than 300 titles has been acquired by L.A. distribution company Writers' Group Film Corp., according to a recent press release. The Amiga was a computer platform by Commodore released in the late 1980s. In addition to offering hundreds of 16-bit titles, it was praised for its graphical and audio abilities in relation to video games. Amiga Games was known for resurrecting these classic games for modern consoles, smartphones and more. Writers' Group Film purchased the company for $500,000 and plans to make announcements on its future plans in the weeks to come.


Semi Secret Software's Hundreds comes to Android

Semi Secret Software, developer of Canabalt, Gravity Hook and Wurdle, has released its minimalist puzzle game Hundreds for Android devices through the Google Play store. Originally released for iOS devices in January, Hundreds is now available at Google Play for an introductory price of $3.14, a savings of 36 percent of the game's standard $4.99 price. The game's premise is as simple as its minimalist graphics: Touch and tap circles in order to grow their combined value to a total of 100, just make sure they don't touch each other as they expand. Earlier this month, musician Scott Morgan (aka Loscil) released an album of remixed music, 100 Minutes, from Hundreds through Bandcamp. For more on Hundreds, read our interview with creators Adam Saltsman and Greg Wohlwend.

Human Angle

We Built a Booth

Human Angle: Megabooth Human Angle: Megabooth Logistics Logistics Kelly Wallick is "Overlord" of the Indie Megabooth, which has been a featured destination at the last three Penny Arcade Expo conventions. Indie Megabooth combines the forces of an ever-growing stable of independent game developers, allowing them to show their games, attract massive crowds and spread the word about the growing indie games movement. Its most recent iteration measured in at more than 5,400 square feet of space — making it the single largest area of the show. Bigger than any of the major game publishers. Last month's Indie Megabooth herded together 50 separate independent studios and at least 62 games. It wasn’t so much a "booth" as it was one impossible-to-miss entity emerging from...


Community service: The story of Chicago's Indie City Arcade cabinet

The initial pitch The initial pitch If memory serves John Murphy, currently part of the Young Horses team at work on Octodad: Dadliest Catch, the idea for the Indie City Arcade first emerged in November 2010. Along with Jake Elliott, co-creator of Kentucky Route Zero, and local designer Ben Cabot, the trio envisioned a custom arcade cabinet housing original games, created in the mold of the Torontron and Winnitron units. While those efforts spawned from what the group perceived as more established indie development communities, Chicago was (and is) still very much a work in progress. "The Indie City Games group is about really trying to coalesce a group of indie game developers in Chicago, and that's still an ongoing project," says Elliott. Indie City Games is a collective...


Indie dev collective Juegos Rancheros offers guidance on going indie

Texas-based indie game development collective Juegos Rancheros is holding a free one-day symposium to offer guidance to developers on how to achieve sustainable independent game development. The event, Nation of Indies, is designed to help developers "take back control" and is targeted at developers who have recently been laid off from their studio jobs, are dissatisfied with the direction of their current job, are recent graduates or are just curious about how indie developers "keep things together." The event will cover topics such as what indie developers do for income, how long severance income from a studio job will last, whether an indie should find investors, whether an indie should take a project to Kickstarter or look for contract work and how indies pitch games to...


Hundreds' metamorphosis from late night dream to addictive iOS puzzle game

Hundreds, released today for iOS, began life as a simple creation, the product of an artist flirting with game programming. The puzzle game, its creator says, was originally conceived while staring at a ceiling. "I wanted to make an entire game by myself," Hundreds creator Greg Wohlwend tells Polygon. "I really like simple and elegant game design. I think it's the predominant thing in all of my visual designs." The game, originally described as a game about patience and persistence, has a simple core concept: Tap circles to grow them, but don't let them collide as they expand. "I was staring at my ceiling one night," Wohlwend says, contemplating game design after the release of Solipskier, a game he co-created with programmer Mike Boxleiter. "I imagined growing a circle as large as...

Hundreds Releases
North America
  • iOS
    • Released 01/03/2013
    • Developer SemiSecret Software
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