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Platform Android Publisher Google Developer Niantic Labs Release Date 2012-11-15

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Google's mobile augmented reality game Ingress is now on iOS

Ingress, the smartphone augmented reality massively multiplayer game from Google's Niantic Labs, is now available on iOS, the company announced today. In Ingress, players worldwide use their smartphone to complete missions requiring them to move between locations collecting a kind of virtual energy, "Exotic Matter" or XM. This energy is used for "portals," which are typically associated with public landmarks and spaces such as museums, galleries and monuments. Players can choose to associate with one of two factions: one that believes the energy will benefit mankind, and one that believes the energy should be destroyed. Ingress — developed by the team behind Google Earth, Maps and Street View — went into closed beta on Android in late 2012 and launched in full in December of last year....

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Google's Niantic Labs creating AR tie-in game for Endgame trilogy

Ingress developer and Google subsidiary Niantic Labs is developing an augmented reality game that ties in with author James Frey's young adult Endgame trilogy. The upcoming game "builds on the success" of Ingress, Niantic's first augmented reality game, according to a joint press release, and is slated for Android and iOS devices in late 2014. Niantic will also release six of the 15 planned digital Endgame novellas through the Google Play store. "James has a great vision for telling stories in an integrated way across books, film, social media, and mobile games," said John Hanke, VP of product at Niantic. "We are delighted to bring our technology and expertise to bear on a project that is helping to define the future of entertainment." HarperCollins will publish the first novel in...


Catch up on the plot of Google's real-world MMO Ingress

A pair of videos recaps the past year of Ingress, a massively multiplayer alternate reality game from Google's Niantic Labs played in the real world on smartphones. The first video, above, catches players up on the basic premise of Ingress: A research project discovers something called "Exotic Matter" or "XM," a mysterious force that seems designed to spur on humanity's intellectual and cultural development. XM hotspots exist all over the globe, concentrated in centers of human progress like major cities. Two factions arise: the Enlightened, who believe XM and the mysterious Shapers who wield it are benevolent and responsible for mankind's current state, and the Resistance who believe XM is dangerous and seek to modify the hotspots to a safer, more stable state. The second video...


Google gathering gamers in San Jose Oct. 12 for Ingress event

Google and Ingress developer Niantic Labs are inviting players to San Jose, Calif., Oct. 12 for a game-themed event. That Saturday, Niantic hopes to have hundreds of Ingress players gathered for an event to feature "deep story, exercise, local exploration and fun social experiences." A gameplay session will take place from 1-5 p.m. PT, followed by a player/developer meet up from 5-7:30 p.m. PT. The San Jose event will be the first in an eight-week, 40-city tour for the game. Ingress launched late last year and was created by members of team that created Google Earth, Maps and Street View. The alternate reality game uses events and locations in the real world to impact what happens in the game. You can download Ingress free through Google Play.


Report: Apple acquires Locationary for location data

Apple acquired Locationary, a Toronto, Canada-based company that provides a way to aggregate and centralize data about businesses, according to an All Things D report. Locationary's Saturn product serves as a database that centralizes and distributes business-related information like marketing and merchant data. Companies connect with the Saturn API, upload, change and export that information, as well as download profiles for other businesses available in the Saturn data catalog. Apple could use the technology to add, aggregate and otherwise manage the information that appears in its in-house mapping software. Developers could also use the presumably robust business and location data in augmented reality games. Last year, for example, Google launched Ingress, an AR game for Android...


Google game designer pens principles for the future of gaming

In the wake of Google's first game, Ingress, project lead on the mobile alternate reality game John Hanke suggests three principles for gaming's future, according to an article in Co.Design. Hanke's advice is about changing how people think of games. His first principle is to "uproot the couch potato" who isn't tethered to a television with a mobile game. In fact, that conceit underwrote Ingress' development. "The whole group started with this idea of, 'How can we get people out into the world and seeing things that are there but they didn't notice before,'" Hanke said. Hanke also believes that developers should "think beyond the phone" to expand the possibilites of real-world gaming and create "innovative ads" to accompany the games beyond the freemium model that has proven...


Google launches Ingress, a mobile alternate reality game set in the real world

Google launched a closed beta for a free mobile app today for Android called Ingress, which is an alternate reality game where activities accomplished in the real world directly impact what happens in the app. Created by the Google-owned Niantic Labs, a start-up led by former Google director of geo John Hanke, Ingress allows players from all around the world to connect to the same game and view their surroundings in a new way. Players are assigned missions which are completed by moving from location to location, such as picking up virtual energy (XM) which is collected by traveling along certain walking paths and going to "portals", which are virtually associated with public libraries, museums, art galleries, public spaces and monuments. Speaking to AllThingsD, Hanke said: "This grew...

Ingress Releases
North America
  • Android
    • Released 11/15/2012
    • Publisher Google
    • Developer Niantic Labs
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