Video Games Live leaves behind yesteryear's bleeps and bloops

Then there was a full orchestra and choir, conducted by composer Austin Wintory, filling the San Diego Civic Auditorium with Journey's ineffable loveliness. And Eimear Noone, bringing Diablo 3's clanging, underworldly strangeness to this forum of capital C Culture. Video Games Live on Saturday night was another Tommy Tallarico-hosted celebration of game culture, through its music. The noise wasn't just coming from the orchestra and choir, but also from the audience, who are always happy to contribute to the spectacle, cheering, singing, shouting, all broadcast live on the internet via Twitch. "I find it quite wonderful," said Wintory, who was nominated for a Grammy for his score. "I make music for other people. I like working on games because of how much they mean to people. And an...


Watch Mega64's Journey-inspired parody about the quest for friendship

Mega64's Journey parody stars one lonely person who just can't seem to find a mate. The game's hooded figure takes to the streets to chirp, hop and attempt to make friends. Watch the video above to see the masked figure be mistaken for "an Angry Bird" and make a few surprising companions. Mega64's parody was unveiled during the GDC 2013 Awards in March, where Journey swept all six of its category nominations. The video was just released today. Check out our opinion piece on why Journey succeeds here.


April Fools: Journey gets rocket launcher deathmatch DLC

The hauntingly placid world of Journey would be placid no longer if this explosive DLC for thatgamecompany's award-winning indie title were a real thing. As you can see in the April Fools' trailer above, the red-robed wanderers have picked up some new skills in their repertoire, blasting each other with rockets throughout deserts, caverns, and snow-covered peaks. Journey's Rocket Death Match DLC is slated to come out on April 1st, 2014, according to the trailer — though we wouldn't hold our breath.


2013 Game Developers Conference news recap

We've been busy at the 2013 Game Developers Conference this week, working hard to bring you daily coverage of the panels, talks, interviews and previews we've been attending in sunny, frigid San Francisco. Check out the video above for a rundown of the conference's biggest showstoppers and the links below for the full stories. For more coverage, make sure to look at our GDC 2013 StoryStream. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain revealed, preceded by Ground Zeroes PlayStation 4 specs detailed further at GDC Journey sweeps the 13th annual Game Developers Choice Awards IGDA draws backlash, member resignations over female dancers at GDC party; IGDA apologizes for dancers at GDC party, hopes to reconcile with resigned members The Kickstarter darling comes home: hands on with the...


Violinist performs a haunting Journey medley in Journey cosplay

Composer Austin Wintory's Grammy-nominated soundtrack for Journey has been highly praised by critics and players alike, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before we saw a video like this. In the video above, violinist Taylor Davis and four others perform a medley of tracks from the Journey soundtrack, all the while dressed as the wandering characters from the game. The video was filmed at Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan, which in winter possess a bleak, snow-covered beauty that fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the music and the game itself. "As soon as I heard some of the pieces I fell in love with the soundtrack and wanted to make a video out of some of the songs," wrote Davis on her YouTube channel. "I arranged and created the orchestral backtrack for this song. I was able...


Journey composer presents score with text commentary

Audio commentary for films is ubiquitous on DVDs and Blu-rays, but Journey composer Austin Wintory has put together something more rare: a text commentary on his Grammy-nominated score. Wintory presents his notes through annotations on a YouTube video of the nearly hourlong score. The beautiful music is accompanied not by gameplay footage but by pieces from Matthew Nava, Journey's art director and author of the book The Art of Journey, as well as artwork Wintory found on DeviantArt. The wide-ranging commentary contains information on topics like the creation of the compositions themselves — Wintory wrote the first piece, "Nascence," in 2009 before production on Journey had begun — as well as on the instrumentation and the art that's running at a particular moment. Wintory's...


PlayStation Evolution series highlights the changing definition of games

Today's entry in Sony's PlayStation Evolution retrospective series focuses on PlayStation-exclusive games through the years, and the ways in which those titles expanded the video game medium's scope and audience. The video mentions the Gran Turismo series and its origins on the original PlayStation, where it brought in car enthusiasts with its simulation racing. It also points out Sony Computer Entertainment's history of delivering unique gaming experiences like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Journey and LittleBigPlanet. "PlayStation, more than any other platform, is striving to change how we experience games," says the narrator. We're expecting to see the next step in that philosophy with tomorrow's rumored unveiling of Sony's next console.


Mega64's 2012 awards go to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and some other things

The latest video from comedy troupe Mega64 contains 2012 awards for games, films and music, and most of the honors from returning bro-hosts Todd and Aaron go to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The duo also ponders questions like how to connect the Wii U peripheral to a Wii, and why there weren't any Journey songs in Journey. "Separate Ways" would perhaps have been appropriate in instances of losing a co-op partner, no?

Journey Releases
North America
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 2012-03-13
    • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Developer thatgamecompany
  • PlayStation 4
    • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Developer thatgamecompany
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