The billion-dollar game dev trading post

The store allows game makers to share tools, editors, art, audio, anything really; sometimes for free and sometimes for a fee. "My calculation is that we unlocked a billion dollars worth of savings," the Unity co-founder and CEO told Polygon. "Half a million assets downloaded per month. That is six million assets in a year. That is six million work days assuming one work day per asset, per year." You can do the rest of the math. Unity is the hot game development tool right now, used in the making of Polygon's 2013 game of the year Gone Home, and other major hits like Kerbal Space Program, Rust, Krautscape, Shroud of the Avatar, Rain... the list goes on. At DICE earlier this year, Helgason gave a talk on "the economics of collaboration" arguing that the modern era of easily uploadable...


Polygon's Games of the Year 2013 #9: Kentucky Route Zero

It begins at a gas station on a lonely stretch of Kentucky highway. A man and his lame old dog step out of their delivery truck to ask for directions, only to find a blind man spouting riddles. The gas station is only one of the scenes that Cardboard Computer has built, and over the course of the next few hours the player is treated to a storyline that could be straight from a Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel or a Eugene O'Neill play. Kentucky Route Zero is above all approachable, since it plays like a classic adventure game. But what is buried inside those mechanics is a rich, challenging story structured as if it were a cycle of one-act plays. And they are lavishly set plays at that. Fully three-dimensional characters move into two-dimensional scenes rather than merely across them....


Friends List: Is Kentucky Route Zero game of the year?

This month, we'll be interviewing co-workers about the games they believe deserve the title of Game of the Year. Today on Friends List Editor-at-Large Chris Plante asks Features Writer Charlie Hall: Is the game of the year Kentucky Route Zero? The episode will begin at 2 p.m. ET (or thereabouts!) and will be available via YouTube following the recording. Enjoy Friends List anywhere, anytime: Bookmark the Friends List video page. Subscribe to the audio-only podcast: Friends List on iTunes. Download our theme song, "Hangout" by Tolecover.


Indie games are new exhibit at Museum of the Moving Image

An exhibition of 25 playable indie games is being launched by the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, N.Y. "Indie Essentials: 25 Must-Play Video Games" is being organized in partnership with IndieCade and will feature the award-winners from this week's IndieCade: International Festival of Independent Games, which is taking place in Los Angeles on Oct. 5 and 6. Some awards have already been announced including Cardboard Computer's Kentucky Route Zero and Blendo Games' Quadrilateral Cowboy (pictured). Indie Essentials opens Dec.14, and will be on view through Mar. 2, 2014, in the Museum's third-floor changing exhibitions gallery. A complete list of games due to be featured will be released by the end of October. "A thriving independent game community is essential to the health and...


2014 IGF finalists will all get Steam distribution offers

Valve and the Independent Games Festival renewed their distribution deal for 2014, IGF officials announced this week. Under the agreement, all IGF Main Competition finalists for the year's event will receive the opportunity to accept a distribution agreement for Steam. A number of IGF finalists have already popped up on Steam under this year's agreement, including Gone Home, MirrorMoon EP, Kentucky Route Zero, Cart Life and Starseed Pilgrim. IGF organizers will announce the IGF 2014 finalists in January and the winners will be announced during the 2014 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this coming March.


IndieCade 2013 finalists revealed, include Gone Home, TowerFall and more

The 36 games which will serve as finalists at next month's IndieCade 2013 exhibition have been announced, including recently released titles like Gone Home, TowerFall and Gunpoint. The games, which will be showcased during IndieCade 2013 in Culver City, Calif., on the weekend of Oct. 5, were chosen from a lengthy list of 850 submissions. The titles will be showcased alongside over 120 games from exhibitors attending the event, including Nintendo, PlayStation, Ouya and Oculus Rift. Tickets for the festival are still available for $20 per person through Brown Paper Tickets. The full list of finalists are as follows: [code] - Rambod Kermanizadeh & Aaron Silbering 99 Tiny Games - Hide & Seek Constellation - Cosmic Games Cube & Star: A Love Story - Doppler Interactive Deadbolt -...


Valve discounts 50 Steam Greenlight games by up to 75 percent

To celebrate the one year anniversary of its Steam Greenlight initiative, where the community vote on games for distribution on its digital platform, Valve has discounted 50 Steam Greenlight games and software by up to 75 percent until Sept. 2 at 10 a.m .PDT. Discounts range from 10-75 percent off. Titles on sale include Incredipede and Surgeon Simulator for $3.40 each (normally $9.99 each), Air Buccaneers for $5.10 ($14.99), Papers Please for $7.99 ($9.99) and Kentucky Route Zero for $12.49 ($24.99). The full list of discounted games can be viewed on the sale's Steam page. In a statement released yesterday to recognise the anniversary, Valve's Gabe Newell wrote that the company's goal is to remove all bottlenecks between developers and consumers. According to Newell, the number...


Kentucky Route Zero: Act 2 now available

Kentucky Route Zero's second act is now available through Steam, developer Cardboard Computer announced via Twitter. Act 2 is available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux and is a 64.2 MB download. Bugs, which the developer added might be present along with the game's initial launch, are now "out of the way." Humble Store downloads have also been updated with Act 2, according to a second tweet, and the developer is working to include new music on the soundtrack. Kentucky Route Zero's second act was previously slated for launch at the end of April, but was delayed to May. According to Cardboard Computer at the time, the delay was due to unexpected work with distribution, the Independent Games Festival and troubleshooting for "a larger number of players than we anticipated." Check out our...


Kentucky Route Zero's second act delayed to mid-May

The second act of Cardboard Computer's five act episodic adventure, Kentucky Route Zero, has been pushed to mid-May, the developer announced in its monthly newsletter. Kentucky Route Zero's creators say that some unexpected work relating to distribution, the Independent Game Festival and "troubleshooting for a larger number of players than we anticipated" are responsible for the delay of Act 2. The episode will hit a few weeks later than its previously expected end-of-April release. "It's looking really good though, and we're anxious to have it out in the world," Cardboard Computer wrote. Until the act's release, the developer plans to release new screenshots through its Facebook and Twitter accounts. Kentucky Route Zero's first act was released in January for Windows PC and Mac,...


Breathe In The Road: Cardboard Computer and Kentucky Route Zero

Top The South Critical Artware Mammoth Caves Hard Times Games vs. Art New Media The South The South Elliott spins his glass on the table, looking into it as he begins. "We [Northerners] have this relationship to the South … for a really long time … where it was ... almost ... being managed by colonial powers in the North. There's this sort of economic relationship between the two." The story of America, from the Civil War to present day, is the story of mending that relationship writ large, at times a furtive task that has taken generations. The country's journey is along for the ride every time the men cross into the South to visit family (they're both in relationships with Southern women). They are...

Kentucky Route Zero Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 01/07/2013
    • Publisher Cardboard Computer
    • Developer Cardboard Computer
  • Mac
    • Released 01/07/2013
    • Publisher Cardboard Computer
    • Developer Cardboard Computer
  • Linux
    • Publisher Cardboard Computer
    • Developer Cardboard Computer
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