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Platform SNES, Game Boy Publisher Nintendo Developer Rare Release Date 08/30/1995

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Killer Instinct rolls out 6.8 GB Fulgore title update

Microsoft Studios has begun rolling out the Fulgore title update for Killer Instinct, which introduces the season's eighth and final add-on character, the cyborg knight Fulgore, and an Arcade Mode. Weighing in at 6.8 GB, the update adds online lobbies featuring eight-player rooms and a spectating functionality. Killer Instinct's update was developed by the title's developer Double Helix Games, which was acquired by Amazon in February. Microsoft has since brought a new developer onto the title, Iron Galaxy Studios,  developer of 2011's Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Online Edition and 2013's Divekick. "Before we were ever talking about this, I was a fan of the game,"  Dave Lang, CEO of Iron Galaxy, told Polygon in an interview. "And to get to now take it over and start with this...


Killer Instinct update resets Jail and patches Spinal

Double Helix Games plans to issue a Killer Instinct update to resolve and reset the buggy Jail mode, according to a post on the developer's forums, and introduce fixes for problems with the latest fighter Spinal. The upcoming update will reset Jail stats for players, fix a bug where both players would go to Jail on disconnect and adjust the disconnect percentage. Fixes for Spinal includes teleport causing crash and de-sync in corner against back dashing opponents; manuals being unbreakable and counter breakers not being accessible after using the dive kick as an opener; and, Spinal skeleport linker not crossing up correctly. The developer rolled out the Spinal update late last month introducing the new mode where if a player in ranked match reaches a disconnect percentage of 15...


Killer Instinct's Orchid replaces Thunder as free character

Orchid is now free in Double Helix Games' free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct, knocking out  the tomahawk-wielding American Indian brawler Thunder. The fighter was featured in the original Killer Instinct title and had the ability to transform into a fire cat. Orchid's return was first teased in a Killer Instinct trailer in September, depicting the fighter making a fire cat materialize. Last month, Thunder replaced Sabrewulf, who replaced Jago earlier. Known previously as Chief Thunder in previous games, Thunder was redesigned as a more aggressive "superhuman, fantastical character" according to design director David Verfaillie. Killer Instinct launched alongside the Xbox One in November. Players can purchase individual fighters for $4.99 with multi-character packs available...


Killer Instinct's Thunder now free, knocks Sabrewulf out

The tomahawk-wielding American Indian brawler Thunder is now free in Double Helix Games' free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct. Thunder replaces Sabrewulf, who replaced Jago earlier this month. In his current incarnation, Thunder (who was known as Chief Thunder in previous games) wields his classic tomahawks but was reimagined as a more aggressive fighter that design director David Verfaillie called a "superhuman, fantastical character." The Xbox One exclusive launched alongside Microsoft's next-gen console last November and always includes one free character, with the option to purchase more individually or as bundles. You can learn more about Double Helix's Killer Instinct in our E3 in-depth interview with the developer.


Killer Instinct tournament derailed by Xbox One DRM check (update)

Xbox One's DRM check feature derailed a recent Killer Instinct tournament when it booted competitors out of the game to check the title's ownership, as shown in the video posted above. The video, captured and posted by Team Spooky After Hours, shows gamers at Queens College in New York battling it out in the Defend the School Tournament. The tournament included qualifying rounds for New York City-based professional eSports event, the Defend the North fighting game tournament. At the 6:34 mark things go south. To the announcer's cries of "Xbone, no!" the console boots players back to the main menu and the "Do you own this game or app?" message pops up. "If you have a game disc, insert it now," read the on-screen instructions. "If there is no disc, make sure you are signed into Xbox...

Polygon Live

Xbox One livestream: Zoo Tycoon and Killer Instinct gameplay video

Russ Frushtick, Chris Plante and Chao Li sit down with Killer Instinct and Zoo Tycoon.


Killer Instinct Classic is a port of two arcade versions

Killer Instinct Classic, the arcade version of Rare's fighting game included with the Ultra Edition of Double Helix Games' Killer Instinct reboot, will include two versions of the original arcade ROM, producer Torin Retting told Siliconera. The two arcade versions represent the original and a later fix. "In fact it is a complete port of two versions of the Killer Instinct arcade game," Retting said. "It includes the original arcade ROM (v1.4) with all of the classic, fan-favorite glitches, and the revised version (v1.5D) that came out later to fix things like Cinder's infinite combo. In addition to this, we've added cool extras like a training mode, frame effects like scan lines to emulate a CRT and galleries of the original sprites." For more on the fighting game, which will be...


Killer Instinct to offer classic announcer, costumes and music

Killer Instinct developer Double Helix is including elements to attract fans of the series' earlier games, including their original announcer as well as classic costumes and perhaps music, said the studio during a Twitch livestream yesterday, as reported by Destructoid. Chris Sutherland, who provided the voice for the announcer in the original Killer Instinct as well as in Killer Instinct 2, will reprise his role for the new game. Players will be able to choose him over the default announcer, and in addition to his old lines being present, he has recorded new ones. Players will also be able to pick up classic costumes for returning characters, although no price for them was announced. It's possible that the skins will be part of the game's $39.99 Ultra Edition, which publisher...


Killer Instinct fighters to cost $4.99, discounted in packs

Characters in the upcoming Xbox One remake Killer Instinct will be available for purchase beginning at $4.99, according to a post on Xbox Wire today. Multi-character packs for the free-to-play game (which ships with one free playable character) will also be available. The $19.99 Combo Breaker pack includes the game's first eight characters, six of which will be available at launch, and an additional two which will be available for purchasers before their release, all at a 50 percent discount. The $39.99 Ultra Edition pack will include everything available with the Combo Breaker pack, the original Killer Instinct arcade game as well as accessories and costumers for characters. Microsoft revealed developer Double Helix Games' Killer Instinct at its E3 2013 press conference. The fighting...


Killer Instinct coming to Xbox One

Rare's Killer Instinct is coming to Xbox One as an exclusive, it was announced at Microsoft's E3 press conference today. Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer teased last month that a "historic IP" from Rare might be make an appearance at E3. He said at the time: "Fans of Rare and Rare IP I think will be pleased with what we're going to show at E3. Rare remains an incredibly important part of our development capabilities. That historic IP that they've built I can can play a real important role on Xbox One." The Killer Instinct fighting game series was originally developed by Rare in 1994, with Killer Instinct 2 and Killer Instinct: Gold releasing in 1996. The series was a criticial success and, after the release of Killer Instinct 2, it was widely rumored that K...

Killer Instinct Releases
North America
  • Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Released 08/30/1995
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Rare
  • Game Boy
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Rare
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