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Killzone: Shadow Fall review: stalemate

There's some grasping in Killzone: Shadow Fall's premise toward higher social commentary and exploration of real world political drama, particularly the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. There are also strong echoes of the post-WWII socialist/capitalist divide of East and West Germany during the '70s in the sorts of maneuvering and secret police actions of both the ISA and the Helghast. Somewhere in all of this, there must have been a story worth telling, and like shafts of light in a ruined building, these bits occasionally shine through. But more often than not, they're buried in muddy shades of grey. Killzone has always flirted and later actively courted an early-20th century sort of nihilism with regards to humanity's predilections to endless, aimless war. Shadow...

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Sony sued over Killzone: Shadow Fall's graphics

Sony Computer Entertainment America has been hit with a lawsuit alleging "deceptive marketing" of Killzone: Shadow Fall because the PlayStation 4 game's multiplayer mode does not run at the resolution advertised. The suit, filed by California resident Douglas Ladore in Northern District California court, alleges that Sony advertised Killzone: Shadow Fall would run at native 1080p resolution but "used a technological shortcut that was supposed to provide 'subjectively similar' results." In March, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry analyzed Shadow Fall's graphics and reported that the PS4 game's multiplayer component runs at 960 by 1080 resolution — as opposed to 1920 by 1080, or 1080p resolution — with a "high-quality temporal upscale." The lawsuit alleges that Sony advertised — through...


You can now fart in Killzone: Shadow Fall. Wait, why?

The latest batch of downloadable content for PlayStation 4-exclusive shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall grants players the in-game ability to pass gas, according to the pack's listing on the PlayStation Store. In addition to the ability to break wind as players see fit, the pack also adds the ability to plank — the act of lying face-down in unusual places one would not normally lie face-down — and other comedic actions to Shadow Fall's spotlight moves, special finishers that can be used in combat. "It's all fun and games until someone loses a game. (Or so they say)," reads the official description. "Show your fallen enemies, not everything need be taken seriously." This isn't the first cosmetic DLC to add something unusual to a popular game. Earlier this spring, Call of Duty: Ghosts got a...


Killzone Shadow Fall's Echo is back. Here's what the actor who plays her has to say

The scion of Helghast's ruling class, she was fathered by a Vektan, placing her at the center of a vicious rivalry on the planet Vekta. She is a skilled spy and combat operative. Echo was played by actor Jamie Gray Hyder, probably best known for her role as werewolf Daniella on HBO's True Blood. In a recent interview with PlayStation Blog, she talked about the challenge of playing Echo, and of acting in a motion capture studio. "You've got a camera strapped to your head one inch from your face, and you're wired up to a mic, and you've got this suit on," she said. "It requires so much focus and it's really hard work physically, but I enjoyed both those aspects of it. "All of the visuals given to us by the studio definitely helped us understand our characters. It does take a lot...

E3 2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept trailer, E3 2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept is an upcoming co-op expansion for the PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall that will also be released as a stand-alone game. You can check out the E3 trailer above. To see the rest of the E3 trailers, check out our StoryStream.

E3 2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall's new Intercept DLC is ready for the fight ahead

The online co-op mode pack was playable at Sony's E3 booth this week, featuring four maps, out of a proposed total of ten. It's free to Season Pass holders, and $9.99 to anyone who owns Shadow Fall. A standalone version is planned for August costing $19.99. Players work together to stop waves of enemy Helghast storming defensive areas. Each player takes on one class (sniper, medic, shooter and tactician) and each has a job to do. Co-operation is key. The tactician, for example, can lay down tower defense units. There is a risk / reward element as players can "bank" points they accrue to add to the team's total, as they seek to win the game. A player holding unbanked points can gain valuable multiplayers. But death spells the end of all those points In the map I played with...

E3 2014

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept is coming to season pass holders June 24 for PS4

Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept, an online co-operative expansion for PlayStation 4, is slated to arrive on June 24 as free add-on DLC with a season pass, it was announced today during Sony's E3 conference. A standalone edition will also be made available on Aug. 5. The four-player co-op game lets users take on four distinct player roles across four new maps. The DLC also includes new challenges, trophies, bosses, abilities and bonuses, as well as leader boards. For more on Killzone: Shadow Fall, read our full review. Additional details about the new DLC can be found here.


Killzone: Shadow Fall's Intercept expansion is all about teamwork

Killzone: Shadow Fall's upcoming expansion, Intercept, will place heavy emphasis on players working together to achieve their goals, according to a recent interview with lead designer Arjan Bak on the PlayStation Blog. Intercept will be available as a part of the Killzone: Shadow Fall season pass, as well as a fully compatible stand-alone that won't require the original game to play. In Intercept, players will form squads of four and attempt to retrieve intel from behind enemy lines while fighting them off at the same time. According to Bak, these game modes are designed to promote teamwork and relying on each other to survive and succeed. Intercept also includes four distinct Combat Roles for players to choose from — the Assault, Marksman, Tactician or Medic — as well as four new...

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E3 2014's Into the Pixels art exhibit lineup announced

The 2014 Into the Pixels exhibit honoring the work of video game artists — now in its 11th year — will debut at this year's E3 with artwork inspired by new and upcoming titles including the next Assassin's Creed, The Witcher 3 and Watch Dogs, organizers at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences and the Entertainment Software Association announced today. Into the Pixels will be available for viewing June 10-12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center alongside the expo. Works featured in this year's exhibit draw from Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Unity, Rayman Legends and Watch Dogs, Bungie's Destiny, Harmonix's Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved, DOTA 2 by Valve, ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2, PlayStation 4 exclusives Infamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch Productions and Killzone: Shadow Fall by...


Killzone: Shadow Fall's Intercept co-op mode focuses on risk vs. reward team-based play

PlayStation 4 shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall will get its cooperative multiplayer expansion, Intercept, next month. The add-on brings with it an all-new mode for up to four players that focuses on class-based gameplay and emphasizes risk-versus-reward tactics. Intercept, which will be available to Killzone: Shadow Fall season pass holders, available for purchase and sold separately as a standalone product later this year, puts players behind Helghast enemy lines. The goal is to intercept enemy intelligence by protecting a series of information uplinks — and your base — from waves of Helghast troops. In practice, that means acquiring a set number of points through kills, reviving downed teammates, reclaiming uplinks from enemy control and more. Scoring points, however, is just part of...


Killzone: Shadow Fall expansion, Intercept, adds online co-op in June

Killzone: Shadow Fall developer Guerrilla Games will add online co-op to the first-person shooter next month with a new expansion called Intercept, the studio announced today. Intercept will be available free to owners of Shadow Fall's $19.99 season pass, and Guerrilla will release a standalone version later this year. At launch, it wil include four different maps based on campaign locations. The expansion supports up to four players, with the team playing as members of an elite group known as Intelligence Squad Alpha within the ISA's Vektan Security Agency. Intelligence Squad Alpha's mission is to intercept Helghast intelligence missives and send them back to VSA headquarters; the co-op mode is a wave-based arena combat experience in which players are attempting to hold off Helghast...

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North America
  • PlayStation 4
    • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Developer Guerrilla Games
    • Score 5.0
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