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E3 2014

My final fantasy is that I'm wrong about Square Enix's no-show JRPGs

Series producer Shinji Hashimoto told Famitsu that neither game would appear, despite being given the spotlight last year with new teaser trailers and next-gen platform announcements. It's worth breaking down exactly what was said on the subject. Breaking down the language "First I'd like to say that development for Final Fantasy 15 is going well," he said. This has been the standard response for eight years now — the game was first revealed alongside Final Fantasy 13, the first one, at E3 2006. "Internally, we try to ascertain the best timing for revealing new information about Final Fantasy 15 to the fans. So when we were going over our promotion plans, we judged that this year's E3 would not be the best time to exhibit information about Final Fantasy 15," he continued. "Exhibit...

E3 2014

E3 2014: What we probably (and definitely) won't see this week

The past month or so has been rife with announcements that certain games and companies will not have a presence at E3 this year. From highly-anticipated titles announced almost eight years ago to high-level executives sitting it out to take it easy, here's what you probably won't, and definitely won't, see at E3. Absence confirmed Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3: These two Square Enix role-playing games are earning mystical unicorn status by virtue of being announced too early and then failing to appear at E3 year after year. We got some information at last year's expo, where Square announced both would come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But earlier this week, producer Shinji Hashimoto told Famitsu that neither game would have a presence at E3 and more details on both games...


Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 won't be at E3

Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 — the next installments in two of Square Enix's most popular Japanese role-playing game franchises — will not have a presence at E3 2014, longtime company producer Shinji Hashimoto told Famitsu. In the wake of a teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3 tacked on to the end of a recent trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix, Hashimoto explained that fans won't be getting more details at the Los Angeles expo next week. Rather, the company is gearing up to share more details on these titles at an event sometime after E3. "First I'd like to say that development for Final Fantasy 15 is going well," Hashimoto said. "Internally, we try to ascertain the best timing for revealing new information about Final Fantasy 15 to the fans. So when we were going over our...


Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix coming to PS3 on Dec. 2 in North America

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix will be released for PlayStation 3 on Dec. 2 in North America and Dec. 5 in Europe, publisher Square Enix announced today alongside a new trailer. The remastered high definition compilation includes two full games, Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix, as well as theatrical cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. The above trailer includes scenes from all three titles, touching on various storytelling moments, as well as a teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer offers brief story details about the third major Kingdom Hearts game, but does not include any new gameplay footage. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix is a follow-up to last year's Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. The next game in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts 3, was...


Square Enix collecting feedback for Kingdom Hearts features, special editions

Sqaure Enix has set up an online survey asking for fan feedback on the Kingdom Hearts franchise as well as details on what kind of pre-order incentives and features they want to see attached to future series titles. In addition to standard questions about what platforms and game genres players prefer, the survey askes what pre-order and collector's edition incentives they would be interested in. The survey also gauges players' experience with the Kingdom Hearts series, asking which game brought players into the franchise and which one was their favorite, as well as what Disney-related elements players did or did not like in previous games. Specific questions ask which in-game Disney worlds and which characters are the most appealing. More questions go on to ask how challenged players...


Kingdom Hearts 3 designer on new Keyblade forms and rollercoasters

Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3 will transform into different types of weapons depending on the kind of Keyblade, designer Tetsuya Nomura said in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu. Nomura said the latest trailer for the title showcases these new abilities. The Keyblade Transformation ability used in the new footage shows Sora's iconic weapon turn into a pair of guns, which he uses to take down a horde of enemy Heartless. Keyblade Transformation varies from Keyblade to Keyblade; each Kingdom Hearts game has featured around a dozen different blades for players to equip, suggesting that there will be a good number of weapon variants in Kingdom Hearts 3. Nomura noted that "battle style" will also change depending on what form the Keyblade takes. Another new ability for Kingdom Hearts 3 is...


Kingdom Hearts 3 theme song will feature Hikaru Utada

Japanese singer Hikaru Utada is involved in the upcoming theme song for Kingdom Hearts 3, the singer's father announced on Twitter. Utada previously worked on theme songs "Simple and Clean" and "Hikari" for Kingdom Hearts, as well as "Passion" for Kingdom Hearts 2. Kingdom Hearts 3 will wrap up the storyline presented through the franchise titles over the past 10 years, suggesting that more stories set in the Kingdom Hearts universe could be coming down the line.


Kingdom Hearts 3 creator outlines combat and graphical improvements

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the pinnacle of the series' action so far thanks to the power of the PlayStation 4, according to a Conversations with Creators interview with series creator Tetsuya Nomura. The game is the final chapter in the Dark Seeker Saga, Nomura said, the story of Sora and his group of friends. Kingdom Hearts 3 will wrap up the storyline presented through the franchise titles over the past ten years, suggesting that more stories set in the Kingdom Hearts universe could be coming down the line. Nomura explained that in order to bring the series to the "height" of action for this latest installment, he wanted to take advantage of the PS4's wide field of view and graphics capabilities. Sora's movements have been given an upgrade — jumping, climbing, flying and dodge-rolling...


Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer highlights gameplay features, pre-orders open

Shown during the recent D23 Expo in Japan, a new PlayStation 4 gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 highlights the game's new abilities, attacks and enemies. According to game director Tetsuya Nomura, the new title will "wrap up story elements present since the first game," yet the series will continue beyond Kingdom Hearts 3. The battles that the series' characters have been fighting for the past decade will come to a head in the game and that a particular long-fought enemy will meet its demise. Kingdom Hearts 3 is expected to release on next-generation consoles the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; however, a release date is yet to be announced. The action role-playing game is now available for pre-order for $59.99 from online retailers, such as GameStop and Amazon. It was also revealed...


Square Enix 'not abandoning core, triple-A console and PC games'

Square Enix has had a tough year, with disappointing sales of major core games, but the company isn't getting out of that market, said its head of studios and publishing in a blog post today. "I can categorically say that we're not abandoning core, [AAA] console and PC games," said Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix in the Americas and Europe, on the company blog. "We're working hard at improving how we develop our games and how we release them." Rogers was previously the CEO of Square Enix Europe; he assumed the duties of Mike Fischer, former president and CEO of Square Enix America, when Fischer left the company in May. According to Rogers, Square Enix as a whole is exploring new platforms and business models in an ever-changing game industry, and the company hopes to do a better job...

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