League of Legends bots will start playing like people in new update

Riot Games aims to bring some complexity to League of Legends bot games by introducing a new system that will see bot characters make decisions more in line with a human player, according to the latest blog post. The new system is being called Threat Evaluation and will see bots determine how strong they are compared to their enemies. In the previous system, bots based their reactions on how much damage was recently received to determine future threat. While this style of gaming may work in first-person shooters, it works less well in League of Legends. "Our previous systems used a method that is very common in games, especially first-person shooters," reads the post. "The bot looks at how much damage has recently been received and uses that to determine future threat. In an FPS,...


Uncharted 4 game director leaves Naughty Dog for Riot Games

Uncharted 4 game director Justin Richmond told IGN today that he left Naughty Dog and will join League of Legends developer Riot Games. "I love the company and the people and know that they will continue to create awesome games going forward," Richmond said of Naughty Dog. "On a happier note, after careful consideration and exploration I have joined Riot Games. There is some really innovative stuff going on here that I can't wait to be a part of." Richmond previously worked on Naughty Dog titles like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. His departure comes in the wake of the Uncharted series' creative director Amy Hennig leaving the studio under circumstances that have not yet been publicly revealed. Uncharted 4 was announced in November of 2013 on the eve...


League of Legends, Game of Thrones join forces in promotional campaign

In what would seem a natural pairing to fans of both series, Riot Games and HBO are kicking off a promotional campaign today joining the network's Game of Thrones series and the studio's powerhouse League of Legends franchise. The three-week campaign precedes Game of Thrones' season four premiere on April 6, reports [a]listdaily, which spoke to Dustin Beck, the vice president of eSports and merchandising for Riot. "We got a cold call from HBO because they thought that there was going to be a great overlap between our players and their demographic of people that watch Game of Thrones and this was a good way to explore reaching that demographic through new media," Beck told [a]listdaily. That means Game of Thrones will see League of Legends logos and takeover ads on the show's...


How Riot Games encourages sportsmanship in League of Legends

That was the message from Riot Games' lead designer of social systems Jeffrey Lin at GDC yesterday, as he talked about ways in which designers have sought to reduce unpleasantness and complaints among players of its successful League of Legends game. In his speech, Enhancing Sportsmanship in Online Games, he showed how simple techniques can be used to encourage good behavior among players, and to discourage abuse and bad language. "Sportsmanship can pave the way for a really positive experience," he said. "So we encourage it early." Much of Riot's work on this issue stemmed from research into players who tick teammates off with an abusive attitude. Lin said Riot takes the view that all players are good, but that sometimes they have a bad day, and this can affect their interactions...


Top Korean League of Legends player fixed matches before attempting suicide, says eSports league

An investigation by the Korean eSports Association, KeSPA, corroborated allegations of a match-fixing scheme, to which a top League of Legends player confessed last week before attempting suicide. Testimony KeSPA took from teammates of player Cheon Min-Ki (above, second from left) support his claim that their team's manager intended to place heavy bets against their League of Legends matches, once they had acquired a strong reputation, and then direct them to throw those matches. The proceeds from the illegal bets, Cheon alleged, were to have gone toward salaries living and training expenses that, instead of being paid by a sponsor, their manager had been secretly covering with a loan. According to a translation of KeSPA's findings, only Cheon and the manager of AHQ Korea, Noh Dae...

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Pokémon Honedge created by Man at Arms

Master swordsmith Man at Arms is back, and this time he has turned his talents to creating a real life Honedge from Pokémon X / Y. Unlike many of his previous efforts, including League of Legends' Zenith Blade and Halo's Energy Sword, much of the work that went into Honedge concerns its distinctive hilt and pommel, rather than the blade. Honedge looks like a medieval sword, with an eye-like hilt centerpiece and a leather attachment.


Spearhead Games' next title is a physics-based, soccer-inspired eSport

Spearhead Games, the developer of the physics-based puzzler Tiny Brains, announced today via a Twitch stream that its next game will be a competitive, physics-based eSport that draws inspiration from soccer. An early build of the game was shown on the Twitch stream, and those who are interested in playing it and offering feedback to the developers can sign up for a free Steam key here. Tentatively titled Project Cyber, the game supports six players in three versus three matches. Studio co-founder Simon Darveau described the game as being "a bit like League of Legends," with a focus on champions who each have their own unique physics-based powers. Using these powers, players work together in teams to capture the ball and get it into the opponent's goal. Some of the physics-based...


League of Legends Team Builder queue lets players choose roles before joining a team

Riot Games is rolling out a beta on live League of Legends servers to test Team Builder, a new queue where players can select a specific role, champion and position before joining a team, the company announced today. Team Builder beta testing will go live across regions as a staggered roll out beginning March 3-7 across RU and EUNE, with each region open for beta testing for 48 hours. The current live beta test schedule is outlined on the announcement post. Once live, the new feature will exist alongside normal blind and normal draft pick for unranked Summoner's Rift matchmaking. Also, Team Builder teams can only be matched against other Team Builder teams as it's a separate queue.  If a component of Team Builder tests well, according to the announcement, that component may be...


Turtle Rock isn't entirely over its past flirtations with free-to-play for Evolve

Evolve developers Turtle Rock looked at going down the free-to-play path under THQ in its early stages of development, but while its new publisher, 2K, believes it will "shine brightest as a triple A title," senior producer Mike Boccieri told Polygon at a press event in Sydney last week, it "never says never." "That is not going to change down the track, well, we never say never about almost anything," he said "But that's not anything that we have in the immediate horizon." "I'm sure you have read about the pre-order bonus, which is a monster, right, so you got a sense of where that can go," Boccieri said when asked if that means new purchasable characters. "The possibilities are endless, and I think the core of what people are really excited about are that there's Hunters and...


League of Legends is adding an extra player to your team in new gameplay mode coming Feb. 20

Riot Games is experimenting with the structure of League of Legends with the introduction of a new gameplay mode that will add a sixth user to each team. Starting Feb. 20, players will be able to carry out "hexakills" after taking down six champion characters. Prior to this update, the game allowed a maximum of five players per team with with the ability to carry out "pentakills" for demolishing the opposing Champions. This new gameplay mode will be playable on existing maps, the developer confirmed in a post: "Double junglers, roaming supports and six man wombo combos are all on the table for this new mode. Experiment with team comps and discover new metas as you seek to hear the ultimate announcement, 'Hexakill.'"

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