League of Legends new cinematic trailer could be its best yet

Riot Games released its latest League of Legends cinematic trailer to its official YouTube page today, featuring a lineup of familiar champions, with a cast ranging from Ahri to Zyra. Coming in at just over six minutes long, "A New Dawn" sees "day [breaking] over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel," according to the official video blurb. In other words, it's a lot of combat. "I think we wanted players to come away with this feeling a stronger connection to the characters they play as," said Riot animator Rylan Davies in a behind-the-scenes talk. "I play Jax a lot and seeing him in cinematic form gives you a lot more of an attachment to the character." "I think it's just about fleshing things out," he continues. "Who are these characters? What is the world really like that...


Extremely toxic League of Legends players threatened with instant and permanent bans

Riot Games is taking more severe measures in an effort to reduce "extreme" player toxicity in League of Legends, handing out instant 14-day or permanent bans to players who exhibit the worst behavior in its game. Starting today, Riot began testing a new approach that attempts to curb racist and homophobic language, death threats and unsportsmanlike conduct. Intentional feeding, the act of dying on purpose to give the opposing team an advantage, is specifically mentioned. Dr. Jeffrey Lin, aka "Professor Doctor Lyte," made the announcement on Twitter and explained Riot's plan in more detail in a comment on Reddit. "Today is start of tests where we'll be using a new machine learning approach [plus] Player Support manual reviews to target extreme cases of toxicity," Lin wrote. "Players...


What is the Dota 2 Compendium?

In early 2013, Valve announced a two pronged-attack for helping a community of gamers engage with the often mystifying world of massive online battle arena game Dota 2. Step one would be a system that lets viewers compete against each other in addition to watching professional gamers compete tournament-style. Step two would be a way of creating a sense of ownership by allowing fans to help fund Dota 2's tournament prize pool. The result is the Dota 2 International Interactive Compendium, which is now in its second year. It's a virtual book that costs $10 and allows owners to sync up with other viewers to play rounds of Dota 2, make them eligible for special virtual item drops throughout the duration of the tournament, vote on tournament player awards, make predictions of winning teams...


League of Legends is introducing the doom bots of doom starting July 17

Riot Games will begin a new, limited time League of Legends game mode — Doom Bots of Doom — starting July 17-27, the company announced. Doom Bots of Doom tinkers with the abilities of in-game AI bots by increasing those abilities in a few ways. For example, in typical games, the ultimate ability of game character Lux will be shot as a single laser; in Doom Bots it will burst out in all directions. Players will unlock harder difficulties as they fight the Doom Bots. According to Riot, this means: "Bots with 2 Bombs respawn with Bonus Doom effects such as Anivia's passive or Swain's ultimate, while 5 Bomb Doom Bots carry TWO Bonus Doom effects and provide the most extreme challenge in this brain-bursting Featured Game Mode!" Riot adds that those who challenge them at least once will...


League of Legends dev axes third-party skins to protect against scammers

League of Legends players won't be able to use third-party skins on their characters as part of Riot's crackdown on scammers, community coordinator  Ben "Riot Draggles" Forbes announced via the game's forums. According to Forbes, the response is a reaction to an increase in fraudulent activity in which sites will promise limited edition skins, acquire codes illegitimately and take advantage of players. "They charge excessive prices (we found one skin for over $1,000!) and sometimes take payment and never provide the content," Forbes wrote. "You can't predict the outcome, and no purchase is ever guaranteed regardless of what the seller says. To make matters worse these services typically use bots. Bots are lame to play with and chew up additional server bandwidth, negatively impacting...

Good Game

$10 million computer game championship highlights the evolution of eSports

The grand finals for The International, an annual Dota 2 championship hosted by game creator Valve Corporation, kicks off this week in Seattle and is set to deliver the largest prize pool in eSports history. "For almost all of these things, like The International or a specific feature in the game, it's hard to figure out who came up with it," said Valve's Erik Johnson. "I'm sure it was in a meeting." In Dota 2, like most strategy games in the popular multiplayer online battle area genre, two teams of five player-controlled characters battle to destroy the opposing team's base with the help of a stream of computer-controlled underlings. Because of the complex nature of the computer game, Valve decided they needed a special way to show off the title to the public for its first outing at...


How chess shows that gender segregation in eSports might encourage more female leagues

Last week, an eSports organization came under fire after introducing a male-only qualifier tournament for Blizzard's digital card game Hearthstone — a decision that, at the time, organizers maintained was based on standards of real-world sporting events which similarly segregate by sex. For many members of the eSports community, institutionalized gender discrimination is one of the primary reasons that female pro-gamers are so few and far between. But there are compelling arguments some make as to why these rules could actually help grow a much more active culture of female pro-gamers. Take for instance similarly non-physical competitions like chess. Chess historically has featured gender-segregated tournaments; This has nothing to do with differences in skill levels between the...


YouPorn is considering sponsoring a Dota 2 or League of Legends team

YouPorn put out feelers today to see if any Dota 2, League of Legends or Hearthstone eSports teams are interested in being sponsored by the free, video-sharing porn site. "Do we have any competitive LoL, DOTA2, or HeartStone [sic] players following us? What do you think about YouPorn sponsoring a team?" the official YouPorn Twitter account (NSFW) tweeted. Dozens of YouPorn's Twitter followers responded with encouragement ("DO IT!"), disapproval ("hell no") and disappointment that the offer didn't extend to Blizzard Entertainment's real-time strategy game, StarCraft 2 ("No SC2? WTf..."). Dota 2, League of Legends and Hearthstone tournaments have been known to attract millions of viewers, many of whom tune in from around the world via live video streams. The League of Legends finals...


This is what happens when a LoL champion moves into a house of Dota 2 heroes

"What's the different between League of Legends and Dota?" According to above video, one is populated with catty Champions while the other just really needs a roof over its head. Erick Wright's latest YouTube video tackles the hard-hitting question everyone is asking as The International Dota 2 championship approaches: will League of Legends and Dota 2 characters get along if they lived together? There's some brief scuffling with in-jokes that only players of the games may get — a crack about character skins and the ability to deny handshakes, for one — but it's still kind of funny to see these two worlds collide. Stick to the end for some good laughs. To bring you up to speed on Dota, check out our look at the game leading up to TI4.


Dota 2 made no sense until I saw it as a sport

There are multiple reasons I started playing Dota 2, but the main inspiration came from an unexpected source: televised sports. Specifically HBO, whose otherwise-excellent Real Sports program ran a very well balanced segment on League of Legends last fall, only to follow it up with an awkward argument between hosts as to whether or not LoL is a sport at all. This is the same program that ran an exposé on the American Kennel Club's breeding standards this year, all without any discussion of its sports-ness, but I digress. Getting back into sports as a gateway to video games The last year has been a sort of renaissance for my interest in sports, and this is entirely due to HBO's phenomenal packaging and editorial direction for sports television. HBO pursues human stories, making...

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