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Platform Wii U Publisher Nintendo Developer TT Fusion Release Date 2013-03-18



Lego City Undercover review: the wall

Lego City Undercover is simple enough for a kid to excel at, but older players may still find themselves charmed Despite my grittily-embellished setup, Lego City Undercover is not a game aimed at adults — at least, not exclusively. Chase always arrests the bad guys when he's not throwing them off roofs, but hey, let's just assume they're reassembled down there, and there's not a spot of blood to be seen. It straddles a delicate line to appeal to kids and parents both. Combat is largely hand-to-hand, and even though there's a rudimentary countering system, it's also impossible to lose — "death" just means Chase instantly rebuilds. It's simple enough for a kid to excel at, but some really entertaining animations keep it from being flat. On the other hand, Lego City Undercover's ample...

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Lego City Undercover allegedly hit by shipping error delay

The release of Lego City Undercover, the latest title in the Lego game series, was allegedly affected this week by shipping error delays, according to numerous reports from users attempting to find the title. While the game was initially slated to hit on March 18 for Wii U systems across North America, users who pre-ordered the title have heard from GameStop that this game will not be in stock until March 20, while some GameStop retailers have stated they won't have the title on shelves until March 22. We have contacted Nintendo about this apparent delay and whether it will affect users outside of North America. The game is scheduled to hit Europe on March 28.


Wii U external hard drive required to download Lego City Undercover (update)

Wii U owners will require an external hard drive for the console before downloading the digital version of Lego City Undercover from the Wii U eShop, Nintendo warns on the official website for the game. "An external hard drive is required to download this software," reads a notice from the publisher. "Visit for information about storage options." While Nintendo previously revealed the 8GB Wii U console model includes only 3GB of free space after installing the necessary system software, it is reported Lego City Undercover takes up roughly 22GB. The premium 3GB Wii U model offers 25GB of free space, on the other hand, suggesting it may be possible to download the title onto the system if no other software is installed. Polygon has contacted Nintendo regarding the...

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Lego City Undercover trailer introduces your mission control

Cowboy cop Chase McCain has a lot of work to do in cleaning up Lego City, and he has teammates to help him do just that. This video from Nintendo and TT Fusion introduces Chase's coworker Ellie Phillips, who serves as a sort of mission control back at HQ. Ellie is responsible for giving Chase an upgraded police communicator, which lets the player hold up the Wii U controller and scan the environment for hidden super-bricks. Lego City Undercover is out exclusively for Wii U on March 18.


Lego City Undercover TV commercial builds up the story

As this TV commercial for Lego City Undercover shows, something's rotten in the state of Lego City. Bad guy Rex Fury is running amok, and the police and authorities are helpless to stop him. Enter hero Chase McCain, who somehow manages to have a chiseled jaw with a perfectly cylindrical head. Chase and the player will have to together tackle vehicle chases and kung-fu combat straight out of Grand Theft Auto alongside the costume-swapping action that defines the Lego titles of this generation. Lego City Undercover hits Wii U in North America on March 18th.


Lego City Undercover: an open world delivered by comedians

The team behind Lego City Undercover has learned a lot from actor Steven Seagal. "Steven Seagal has this move where he grabs a guy and sort of flicks his wrist and the guy is on the ground," says Traveller's Tales executive producer, Loz Doyle. "That's what our cop Chase McCain does." Doyle is playing through a demo of Traveller's Tales' upcoming game, Lego City Undercover. On the screen a Lego man with a full head of plastic hair, drawn-on dimples, a police uniform and little Lego hands chases a burglar clown, hopping from car to car until he catches up and performs a stunt-worthy swerve. The clown cartoonishly pops out from its vehicle; our Lego man — Chase McCain himself — jumps out, makes a dash for his target and, with one swift flick, the clown has been Steven Seagaled. "It was...


Meet Lego City Undercover's Chase McCain

Chase McCain is the dashing hero of Lego City Undercover, and a new video series from developer TT Games begins today with a focus on the detective. McCain is an undercover cop, although if the reactions of the townspeople in the minute-long video above are anything to go by, his reputation precedes him. Gameplay footage in the video shows McCain using his parkour skills to shimmy up pipes and scamper across bridges between buildings, as he chases down would-be robbers. Lego City Undercover launches March 18 on Wii U.


Lego City Undercover's humorous side showcased in new trailer

Lego City Undercover's latest trailer showcases the surprisingly good senses of humor possessed by the title's band of seedy thugs, as seen above. The TT Games-developed open-world title, which launches on Wii U March 18, tasks the player with infiltrating crime rings to crack a citywide case; a process which involves no small amount of slapstick humor and pun-filled dialogue. The trailer also showcases a few automobile chases, some skyscraper platforming levels and the utility of the Wii U GamePad, which serves as map, communicator and a number of other essential detective tools. For more info on the GamePad's in-game uses, check out this gameplay-heavy trailer that was released earlier this week.


LEGO City Undercover trailer shows off Wii U GamePad play

A new trailer for open-world action-adventure game Lego City Undercover includes gameplay footage on the Wii U GamePad. LEGO City Undercover follows undercover cop Chase McCain as he hunts bad guys across a blocky metropolis. Players will be able to use the GamePad as a map during getaway chases, answer calls and more. Watch the trailer above for a brief taste of the GamePad's function and general gameplay. LEGO City Undercover launches exclusively for Wii U March 28.


Wii U Lego City: Undercover trailer explores chicken gliding, pig riding and firefighting

The latest gameplay trailer for Wii U exclusive Lego City: Undercover showcases the open-world shenanigans that undercover cop Chase McCain can partake in his various disguises. In the moments between McCain's duties as a public servant, he'll be able to ride horses, pigs and chickens. He'll drive full-sized cars, steer small-scale radio control cars and pilot helicopters. Of course, he'll also have to bust a few heads in his pursuit of criminal mastermind Rex Fury. Get a taste for what Lego City: Undercover has to offer in this new gameplay trailer. Expect more from Nintendo with its upcoming Nintendo Direct, which is said to focus on Wii U titles. Lego City: Undercover comes to Wii U in North America on March 18.


Lego City: Undercover coming March 18, Monster Hunter on March 19, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on March 24

Nintendo is bringing Lego City: Undercover to the Wii U on March 18, with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate set to be released the following day for both Wii U and 3DS and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon hitting 3DS on March 24, helping to kick off Nintendo's spring 2013 lineup, the company announced today. Four more titles are scheduled to hit the Wii U library in the first half of 2013, including Pikmin 3, Game & Wario, The Wonderful 101 and Wii Fit U. Specific launch dates will be announced at a later time, the company says. Criterion's Need for Speed: Most Wanted will also hit Nintendo's latest console on March 19 as well. Nintendo will also begin offering a Wii U GamePad Accessory Set for $12 each beginning on Feb. 4. The set contains a screen protector for the GamePad to prevent smudging and...

Lego City: Undercover Releases
North America
  • Wii U
    • Released 03/18/2013
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer TT Fusion
    • Score 7.0
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