Former Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon developers working on comedy RPG

EdenIndustries, a Canadian indie studio that consists of developers who have worked on games like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Guacamelee and Waveform, launched a Kickstarter campaign today to help it finish its comedy role-playing game, Citizens of Earth. The game, of which there is already a playable demo, puts the player in the role of Vice President of the World. Players will have to recruit ordinary citizens into their party, each with special skills based on their stereotypical roles within society. Some of the kinds of characters the player will be able to recruit include the town barista, the local baker, school teachers, yoga instructors and, of course, your mom. The player's party will travel around the world map under the Vice President's guidance to help him save the world...


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 'ScareScraper' multiplayer detailed in new gameplay video

In a new video, Nintendo offers a preview of the four-player multiplayer mode coming to Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS. In the game's "ScareScraper," up to four Luigis can play together as they capture ghosts, race to find the exit or defeat boss ghosts. Nintendo shows off Dark Moon's Hunter, Rush, Polterpup and Surprise gameplay modes, and certain game modifiers like difficulty and number of ScareScraper floors, in the video above, which also purports to show the local and online multiplayer features of the 3DS game. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will be available for Nintendo 3DS on March 24 at retail and Nintendo's eShop.


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon story introduction video shows ghosts going wild

A Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon story introduction video released today tells of how Luigi is called upon by Professor E. Gad after his friendly ghosts turn sinister by King Boo's hand. Armed with an ethereal vacuum cleaner, the Poltergeist 5000, and the Dark-Light Device, Luigi must capture ghosts from five mansions and restore the Dark Moon. The puzzle-centric game uses the Nintendo 3DS's gyroscope and accelerometer in gameplay. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon features multiplayer via LAN, Wi-Fi and Download Play. Multiplayer modes include Hunter, a team-based timed capture ghosts mode; Rush, a competitive race to the top of a tower; and Polterpup, hunt and capture ghost dogs before the time runs out. The game's official website is live here. Developed by Next Level Games and Shigeru...


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon to feature multiplayer

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Nintendo's 3DS sequel to the 2001 GameCube title, will feature a local and online multiplayer mode for the first time ever, Nintendo announced via press release. The game's multiplayer will support up to four players, though additional systems and games might be needed. Dark Moon includes "Hunter Mode," where players must enter the ScareScraper and track down different ghosts as a team before time runs out. Fallen teammates can be revived, and if the group works together well, extra upgrades and bonuses will be earned. Players can also choose difficulty and how tall the ScareScraper runs, from five to 25 different levels, with a boss at the top of every tower. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will launch exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on March 24. The game will be...

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Releases
North America
  • Nintendo 3DS
    • Released 03/24/2013
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Next Level Games
    • Score 7
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