Nintendo posts $456 million annual operating loss

Nintendo posted a 46.4 billion yen operating loss ($456 million) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2014, the company announced today in its fiscal earnings, marking the third consecutive annual operating loss for the company. Nintendo's net loss was 23.2 billion yen ($228 million), down from last year's net income of 7 billion yen ($71 million).  Net sales for the year were 571.7 billion yen ($5.63 billion), a 10 percent decrease from the year before, with 394.7 billion yen ($3.89 billion) of that figure from overseas sales. In January, Nintendo revealed that it expected an operating loss of 35 billion yen ($335 million) for the fiscal year, lower than the originally projected operating income of 100 billion yen ($958 million). Posting its second consecutive annual operating loss...


Year of Luigi ends March 18, says Miyamoto

The Year of Luigi will end March 18, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto announced on Miiverse today. Nintendo originally announced the Year of Luigi on Feb. 14, 2013, to mark the 30th anniversary of Luigi's debut in the original Mario Bros. from 1983. That means that by the time it ends, the "year" will actually have lasted for a total of 398 days, or 13 months and five days. "Thanks to everyone's kind support, we were able to release many Luigi games over the course of the year. I hope everyone continues to cheer for the green brother," said Miyamoto. After March 18, Miiverse users will no longer be able to create posts or leave comments in the Year of Luigi community or its Developers' Room. Since Feb. 14, Nintendo has released a variety of Luigi-centric games, including New Super Luigi U,...


Xbox One bestselling console in US last month, NPD says

Microsoft's new Xbox One was the bestselling console in the United States during the month of December, according to NPD Group data, selling more than 908,000 units in its second month on the market. While Microsoft publicly released NPD sales numbers for the month, Sony Computer Entertainment declined to provide specific data, saying in a statement, "PlayStation 4 remains the cumulative leader for next gen console sales in the U.S. since the launch on November 15. We sold every PS4 available at retail in the U.S. and were out of stock in December due to overwhelming consumer demand." Both console platforms trailed behind the Nintendo 3DS, which according to a statement from Nintendo was the bestselling video game system for the month. It was also the bestselling system for the year,...


Luigi's Mansion Nintendo 3DS bundle, exclusive 2DS deal available this week

Nintendo is offering a handful of deals this week on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS hardware and software, including a new hardware bundle and special retailer-exclusive sales on the 2DS and 3DS, the company announced today. Beginning Nov. 28, Nintendo will offer a new 3DS bundle including a Cobalt Blue 3DS handheld along with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, which was released earlier this year, for $169.99. Nintendo is also offering a few retailer-specific deals, such a Walmart-only deal on Black Friday for the Nintendo 2DS. Walmart shoppers can grab the system for $99.96 beginning Nov. 28. The following day, Nov. 29, consumers at Target will get their own deal, and can purchase a Nintendo 3DS XL for $149.99. And starting Monday, Dec. 2, purchases of Nintendo Land at retail will come bundled...


Nintendo has no plans of bringing its games to smartphones

While Nintendo plans to use smartphones to promote its games, it has no intentions of releasing its games onto mobile platforms, senior research analyst David Gibson reported Nintendo as saying during its results meeting. The meeting follows the company's financial results for the six months ending September 2013, where the company posted a ¥23.2 billion ($187 million) operating loss. During the meeting, the company said Nintendo 3DS marketshare has increased in Japan, Europe and the U.S. reporting that the 3DS in the States has already surpassed last year's total, According to Gibson, Nintendo says more than 5 million units sold in U.S. this year with strong holiday sales expected. According to Gibson, Nintendo argued that the strong performance of the 3DS is in step with the...


Check out Nintendo's commemorative Year of Luigi coin

Club Nintendo members in Europe can cash in their points for a new collectible: a coin minted to celebrate Nintendo's ongoing Year of Luigi. The Year of Luigi Coin pictured above will cost members 1,500 stars and comes packaged in a green felt bag to match the plumber's preferred outfit. The coin is just the latest in Nintendo's celebration of the taller Mario brother this year. In March, he took center stage in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on Nintendo 3DS. He joined his brother for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team in May. By June, he starred in New Super Luigi U. In August, Luigi took over Chicago's L train and joined the roster of the next Super Smash Bros., which is headed to Wii U and 3DS.


Former Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon developers working on comedy RPG

EdenIndustries, a Canadian indie studio that consists of developers who have worked on games like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Guacamelee and Waveform, launched a Kickstarter campaign today to help it finish its comedy role-playing game, Citizens of Earth. The game, of which there is already a playable demo, puts the player in the role of Vice President of the World. Players will have to recruit ordinary citizens into their party, each with special skills based on their stereotypical roles within society. Some of the kinds of characters the player will be able to recruit include the town barista, the local baker, school teachers, yoga instructors and, of course, your mom. The player's party will travel around the world map under the Vice President's guidance to help him save the world...


EarthBound was the third bestselling Wii U eShop game in the US last month

The recent Virtual Console release of Super NES game EarthBound is, according to Nintendo, off to a great start. In an announcement from Nintendo of America today, the company said the Wii U game was the third bestselling eShop game on Wii U, with only New Super Luigi U and Pikmin 3 besting the SNES re-release in terms of consumer spend. The downloadable release of EarthBound was just one of a few key digital successes for Nintendo in the United States, the company said. Sales of Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf have passed 660,000 units in the states, with physical and digital sales combined, with 150,000 of those happening in July. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon sales passed the 820,000 mark — again, with digital and physical sales combined — and New Super Mario Bros. U sales...


Nintendo reports 52 percent increase of first-party 3DS software sales in the U.S.

Nintendo sold 2.1 million first-party Nintendo 3DS software units in the U.S. during the first 18 weeks of 2013, an increase of 52 percent over the same time period last year, Nintendo reports. Since its launch on April 24, Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins sold almost 94,000 physical and digital copies. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon sold more than 140,000 physical and digital units in April in the U.S.. The game sold more than 530,000 units in the U.S. since its launch on March 24. New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U, which launched in November last year, shifted 770,000 physical and digital units in the U.S. to date. Nintendo notes that data of physical sales of games in April are sourced from the NPD Group and digital downloads of games data is from Nintendo's internal sales...


Nintendo delayed its early 2013 Wii U titles to ensure they were 'delicately crafted' games

"We originally planned to release a few first-party titles for Wii U during the first half of this year, but no big titles are scheduled for release before Pikmin 3 in July because we decided to take time to add the final touches to ensure that consumers fully feel that they are valuable titles," Iwata said. "The brand of a franchise would be completely degraded without customer satisfaction. This is why we delayed the release schedule of such games." Iwata said the delay was also caused by the fact that Nintendo had to pull developers off of their games to get them to help finish the Wii U's release titles. Those launch games, he said, required more development resources than expected. "In short, the development teams of Pikmin 3 and other future games were understaffed during that...

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Releases
North America
  • Nintendo 3DS
    • Released 03/24/2013
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Next Level Games
    • Score 7
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