MechWarrior Online launches with a new robot-combat trailer

A new launch trailer celebrates the full release of MechWarrior Online. The trailer shows the series' iconic battle robots like the Mad Cat and Atlas rushing into combat with missiles, lasers and cannons blazing. While there is also some in-cockpit footage and a bit that shows off the game's store and customization options, the vast majority of the video focuses on robots blowing each other up. MechWarrior Online can be downloaded at the game's official website.


MechWarrior Online expands combat; adds unit and map

MechWarrior Online has implemented 12 vs. 12 combat for the first time, as well as offering a new unit and map. Publisher Infinite Game Publishing announced today that 12 vs. 12 match combat, will be replacing the current 8 vs. 8, in time for the game's full official launch later this summer. A new Hero Mech ‘Golden Boy' (see video) has also been introduced, offering a 30 percent C-bill bonus and sporting three SRM-6s, two SRM-4s and four medium pulse lasers. The new map is called Terra Therma, described by Infinite as a "tumultuous moon where pilots will be faced with ever-changing tectonic activity and violent volcanic eruptions." "The 12 vs. 12 gameplay changes combat dramatically," said Bryan Ekman, creative director at the game's developer Piranha Games. "Players now have a deep...

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Wii U, MechWarrior Online, DuckTales Remastered: Speed Run

Nintendo's Satoru Iwata said the lack of a strong software lineup, and not pricing, is to blame for poor sales of the Wii U. The MechWarrior Online community raised more than $100,000 to donate towards cancer research. We got personal with DuckTales Remastered and found some of the charm has worn off. Wii U pricing is not the issue, says Iwata MechWarrior Online developers raise over $100K for cancer research DuckTales Remastered review: money pit


MechWarrior Online developers raise over $100K for Cancer research

MechWarrior Online developer Piranha Games successfully raised over $100,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society through the sale of "Sarah's Mech," a custom Jenner Class Chassis Champion class created in honor of five-year-old Sarah Parries who passed away from Cancer earlier in the year. The specially-made mech is available to the MechWarrior community for $10, with net proceeds donated to the Cancer society in Sarah's name. "Sarah's story touched us all and we are so grateful and amazed by the generous global outpouring of support in her name," Vice President of Revenue Development at the Canadian Cancer Society Ron Kuehl told GameInformer. "It's truly heartening that something positive is coming from such a tragic situation." Parries and her dad played MechWarrior Online together. A...


Buy Sarah's Mech to support cancer charity

MechWarrior Online maker Piranha Games and publisher Infinite have released a custom mech, in honor of a little girl who passed away earlier this year. A custom Jenner Class Chassis Champion class called 'Sarah's Mech' is available now for pilots to purchase for $10 through August 20. All proceeds are going to the Canadian Cancer Society. Five-year-old Sarah Marie Alida Parries enjoyed playing MechWarrior Online with her dad. According to a post on the MechWarrior forums, she "loved speeding around with night-vision and lots of medium lasers so she could 'get 'em good' blazing through the Inner Sphere with her father Jon. Sarah was an excellent sport and shared her dad's passion for BattleTech." Sarah died in May, in Vancouver. More information here.


MechWarrior Online pre-order program offers rare mechs, in-game perks

A new pre-order promotion for MechWarrior Online is offering players who buy early a chance to snag rare mechs and gear, developer Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing announced today. Starting today, the Project Phoenix pre-order program offers a range of "beloved and perk-wielding mechs" for between $20 and $80. These packages will be delivered to players on Oct. 15, and will include one of four rare mechs as well as a score of other in-game items including a 10 percent loyalty point boost, custom-designed mech exterior and a custom in-game tile and forum badge. A full list of perks included in these pre-order packages can be found at the Project Phoenix website. The four mechs included in the pre-order promotion are the speed-focused Locust, medium-weight Shadow Hawk, the...


MechWarrior Online trailer introduces 65-ton JagerMech, Firebrand JM6-FB

Piranha Games released a new trailer for MechWarrior Online that shows off the game's new 65-ton Mech, the Firebrand JM6-FB, available in the game's latest update. With its combination of dual PPCs and dual AC/2s, the Firebrand's optimal performance is in open area combat. The Mech also sports two Medium Pulse Lasers as backup weapons. A new "Sherman" Mech camo pattern, styled from the World War II American tank, is now available in the Mech Lab. The content update also introduces four trial Mechs for players to test out for free: Spider SDR-5D, Hunchback HBK-4P, Cataphract CTF-4X and Atlas AS7-RS The recent update included tweaks to the game's gameplay, user interface, performance and weapons, along with general bug fixes. For instance, cross-hairs will now shake when jump jets are...

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MechWarrior Online trailer introduces 85-ton stalker mech, Misery

Piranha Games released a new trailer for MechWarrior Online that shows off the game's 85-ton stalker Mech, Misery, available in the game's latest udpate. Misery is armed with four medium lasers, an SRM-6, a large laser and a Gauss rifle. The mech can move at up to 48.6 kph. You can watch the video above to see it in action. MechWarrior Online's latest update also grants players the ability to customize a Hero Mech's color and introduces four new trial mechs: JR7-F(C), the Hunchback HBK-4G, the JagerMech JM6-S and the Highlander HGN-732. All four mechs can be tested out now in-game. MechWarrior Online added its first Champion mech last month. Polygon spoke with Piranha Games president and cofounder Russ Bullock at GDC 2013 about the game's departure from its open beta, which you can...


MechWarrior Online patch adds first Champion mech and Lances for battlefield coordination

An update released today for MechWarrior Online brings the game's first Champion mech and aims to make battlefield coordination easier in Piranha Games' first-person mech shooter, according to patch notes from producer Matt Newman on the game's official website. Patch 1.2.214 introduces the Dragon 5N, the player-designed Champion mech that sports a 10 percent XP boost. Players eager to get their hands around its controls can hop into a trial version of the 5N before purchasing. The update also adds new Lances and Lance Commanders who can issue orders within larger groups of mechs. Each Team Commander issues commands to both Lances with the press of a button. Newman writes that players can use these features to "coordinate your team and dominate the battlefield." Polygon spoke with...


MechWarrior Online leaves beta 'late summer,' adding guild and faction combat, 12v12 battles and new UI

"We do have a launch date, or at least a fairly defined launch window, and that is late summer," Piranha Games president and cofounder Russ Bullock told Polygon of his studio's free-to-play title, MechWarrior Online. The game is currently in an open beta, so the release of version 1.0 is as much a marketing milestone as a software milestone. "Of course between here and late summer, we'll have countless updates to the game but there are three in particular that I want to talk about," he said. The first is the match sizes. "Right now the game is 8 versus 8, so you have eight mechs per side," he said. "But in the next 60 days, roughly, we'll be going to 12 versus 12. So you'll have a full company of BattleMechs, which is BattleTech nerd talk for 12 mechs." The second is what Piranha is...

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