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Mew-Genics to feature different characters on different days

Team Meat's upcoming game, Mew-Genics, will feature side characters that rotate out based on the time and day of the week, co-creator Edmund McMillen announced via the developer's blog. Each character will play a different role than Mew-Genics' main cast, introduced shortly after the game's announcement. According to McMillen, secondary characters could offer players something or perhaps "help you break into the cat genetics lab." Some characters will never actually appear in-game, but will only interact with players through letters. "Most of these new side characters will appear and ask something of you," McMillen wrote. McMillen also adds that the game has also taken "one final sharp turn" in development. Mew-Genics, announced in 2012, is being developed for Android, iOS and...


Team Meat releases second track for Mew-Genics

Mew-Genics developer Team Meat released the second track, "Dirty Mittens," for its upcoming cat-breeding game. The game's music is being produced by two-man band Ridiculon. "Dirty Mittens," is an upbeat, brassy track available to download for $1 via Ridiculon's Bandcamp page. According to Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen, the song is one of 12 "jukebox" tracks that will loop through the game. "They change with the weather, so when it starts to rain it will cue up the slow moody tracks, or when it gets really hot the more fast paced tracks appear," McMillen wrote. You can listen to the track above. Team Meat released the first song from the game's soundtrack, "The Ballad of D. Claude," earlier this year. Mew-Genics is currently being developed for Android, iOS and Steam. A...


Mew-Genics will encourage you to hoard items

Mew-Genics, Team Meat's upcoming cat-centric game, will feature hoardable items with special properties, co-founder Edmund McMillen announced via the game's blog. Players can buy different items in-game from the "Hoarders R Us" store. Each item has a special property, such as clocks that manipulate time or microwaves that raise the chance of mutations. Items can be collected in sets and will also impact a cat's identity. "Most know this design from Animal Crossing, you collect items to fill your house, it's basically the core of what Animal Crossing is," McMillen wrote. "But with Mew-Genics, we wanted to make this collecting/hoarding aspect more meaningful, we wanted it to go beyond basic hoarding for hoardings sake and into something that impacted gameplay." Mew-Genics is being...


Mew-Genics won't be playable at PAX after all, but here's a teaser trailer

Team Meat will no longer be showing their upcoming iOS and Steam game, Mew-Genics, at PAX this weekend because they don't believe the demo will do the game justice, but they did release this new trailer. Mew-Genics is still very much a nebulous thing. As catchy as this new trailer (featuring music by Ridiculon) is, it doesn't really help define the game much more. Edmund McMillen, in his email announcing the trailer, describes the game as many things, all of them cat-centric. It is a cat breeding sim, a cat fighting sim, a cat hoarding sim, a cat pageant sim, a cat racing sim, he wrote. "At its foundation Mew-Genics is a randomly generated game that gives back the more you play it ... and its honestly quite hard to sum up in one articulate sentence," he wrote. "The best we can do is:...


Mew-Genics' first playable build to be featured at PAX Prime

Team Meat will bring the first playable build of its randomly generated, cat-centric title, Mew-Genics, to PAX Prime, the developer announced via its website. In addition to the game, Team Meat will also have an official 28-page Mew-Genics comic filled with "funformation." No other details about the game or the comic were provided. Mew-Genics was announced in October of last year. Team Meat describes it as "a cross between Pokemon and The Sims with a sprinkling of Animal Crossing and a dash of Tamagotchi." The game is expected to launch for Steam, iOS, Android and possibly more. PAX Prime will take place in Seattle, Wash., from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2. Polygon will be reporting live from the event.


Mew-Genics gameplay is unlike anything ever seen before, creator says

Team Meat co-founder and Mew-Genics co-creator Edmund McMillen has only hinted at gameplay for the upcoming cat-centric title, but the designer's recent update explains that it will be unlike any other game. "I think most would describe Mew-Genics as a cross between The Sims and Pokémon with a sprinkling of Animal Crossing and a dash of Tamagotchi," McMillen wrote, "but at its core the game really isn't like anything we've seen before." Previous information revealed that players will be able to breed cats, enter them into pageants or even freeze them for safe-keeping. "I could write a book on the design of Mew-genics, it's by far the most complex game I've ever worked on and it's definitely pushing us both on many levels, but I think the best way to describe how Mew-Genics plays is...

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Mew-Genics goes musical with the release of 'The Ballad of D. Claude'

Team Meat is offering up a track from the soundtrack of their upcoming Mew-Genics, which can be either streamed for free or downloaded at any price from online music store Bandcamp. "The Ballad of D. Claude" is described as one of the team's favorite tracks off of the cat-centric title's album. Lyrics to the song are available through Bandcamp, with a few poetic gems such as "My face ain't pretty, it's kinda loafy/And my butt ain't gonna win a cat ass trophy." A video teaser released by Team Meat last month offered the first look at the game's soundtrack, all of which is written and produced by the two-man band Ridiculon. The game will feature 10 songs in total. Mew-Genics is set to launch on iOS devices and other yet-to-be-revealed platforms. No release date is announced as of yet.


Team Meat put next Super Meat Boy game on 'pause' for Mew-Genics

Team Meat put plans for a new Super Meat Boy on hold in order to focus full-time on their upcoming game Mew-Genics, according to a recent blog post from Edmund McMillen. According to McMillen, Mew-Genics was created for game jam Ludum Dare 24, where McMillen and Team Meat colleague Tommy Refenes working around the themes of "Evolution" and "100 Cats." "We thought the game actually had some odd potential and decided to work on it for another couple weeks to see where we ended up," McMillen wrote. "By week three Mew-Genics had taken the form of a monster mashup of many different game genres with an underlying theme we hadn't seen done in games before ... so we decided to officially pause work on the next Super Meat Boy and remake Mew-Genics outside of flash, making it our new full-time...


Mew-Genics' in-game mail will be 'vital'

Team Meat's latest teaser update for Mew-Genics revealed that players will receive mail in-game Edmund McMillen calls "vital." "It keeps you up to date on what all your friends (and enemies) are up to, gets you into many upcoming contests and even drops some knowledge into that little brain of yours in [the] form of vital cat facts," McMillen wrote. A release date for Mew-Genics has not yet been announced, though Team Meat continues to reveal new information every "Caturday." Last week's post introduced the duo behind the game's music, Ridiculon. Mew-Genics will launch for iOS and other yet-to-be-revealed platforms.


Mew-Genics teaser introduces game’s music creators, Ridiculon

A new video teaser for Team Meat's upcoming game, Mew-Genics, offers viewers a look at the process behind the game's music, all of which is written and produced by Ridiculon. Ridiculon is two-man band made up of Matthias Bossi and John Evans. Bossi and Evans talk briefly about how they got involved with Mew-Genics and give viewers a more in-depth look at their music-making process. The game will feature 10 songs with lyrics, including "Black Pussy," "Butch's Alley," "D Claude" and "Cat Chase." Team Meat continues to release new information about Mew-Genics on a weekly basis. Last week, Ed McMillen revealed that the game will include cat races. Mew-Genics does not yet have a release date.

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