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Platform PS3, PS Vita Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Developer SCE San Diego Studio Release Date 2013-03-05



MLB 13 The Show review: come together

Sony San Diego has tuned the hitting just right Beginner Mode functions as training wheels for baseball, easing players in by gradually ramping up the challenge of hitting. It gives you the basic tools you need in order to be successful, and it takes place in a standard game rather than some sterile practice setup, so you can learn by doing. The system is valuable even for experienced MLB The Show players, who can use it to shore up their fundamentals. Sony San Diego also made another, much more significant accessibility-oriented design change: The studio opened up the timing window for hitting across all difficulty settings, so it's easier to make contact with the ball more regularly. I can't overstate the impact of this change on my experience. I was able to improve...

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Amazon Gold Box includes Uncharted 3 320 GB PS3 bundle, Ni no Kuni

Today's Amazon Gold Box is all about video games, with the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 320 GB PlayStation 3 bundle on sale all day and new Lightning Deals every few hours. The PS3 package regularly costs $299.99, but is available for $250 today. A couple of the Lightning Deals have already expired, but as far as we can tell from Amazon's descriptions, here's what's coming for the rest of the day: 10 a.m. ET: "I'm not saying that I'm Batman, but no one has ever seen us in the same room together." (a Batman game) 1 p.m. ET: "Meet zombies on this tropical island" (Dead Island or Dead Island: Riptide) 3 p.m. ET: "Hit this deal out of the park!" (Major League Baseball 2K13 or MLB 13 The Show or Out of the Park Baseball 13) 5 p.m. ET: "Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi for the PSP...


MLB 13 The Show developer diary highlights revamped cameras, customizable batting animations, the evolution of the Road To The Show mode

Revamped cameras, overhauled audio, the evolution of the Road To The Show mode and customizable batting animations are some of the features highlighted in the latest MLB 13 The Show developer diary. MLB 13 The Show designer Kirby St. John explains some of the notable camera overhauls and says that when the ball is hit up into the air the camera will move in on the player and look up at the ball as it flies through the air. In addition, the new Flyball Assist Indicator feature will help players get into position. It will point players towards an optimal catch position, similar in the way a first person shooter indicates which direction a player is taking damage from. The display will change from red to yellow to green as the catcher gets closer to the catch region. The indicator will...


Sony offers $10 PSN credit for every $50 spent in March

A number of major 2013 games are launching in March, and Sony is sweetening the release schedule with a cash back offer: For every $50 you spend in the PlayStation Store next month, you'll get $10 back in PlayStation Network credit. The offer is valid to PSN users in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and although Sony's advertising it as taking place in the month of March, it has already begun. PlayStation Store purchases from today, Feb. 26, through April 1 will count toward the promotion. That also applies to renewing an annual PlayStation Plus subscription for $49.99: According to Pierre Gravereau, senior manager of digital distribution, you won't need to spend the extra penny to get $10 back. And there doesn't appear to be a limit to the amount of cash back you can accumulate. So if...

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Skip months of competition with MLB 13 The Show's Postseason Mode

MLB 13 The Show's Postseason Mode, which allows players to skip through all of the regular season and jump right into the MLB playoffs, is the subject of a new trailer for the PS3 and PS Vita sports title. In the new trailer, developers showcase the new options afforded to players in Postseason Mode, and the differences between a regular ballgame and one that takes place during the championships. For one thing, the crowd is a bit more amped than they are during the regular season, and players are, in general, more on top of their game. If you elect to skip the regular season, Postseason Mode allows you to set up the brackets for the playoffs as you see fit, controlling whichever teams strike your fancy. Check out the trailer above. MLB 13 The Show launches on PS3 and PS Vita March 5.


The Show Live in MLB 13 The Show brings you closer to real-world baseball

MLB 13 The Show includes The Show Live, a new mode designed to bring players closer to real-world baseball, game designer Nick Livingston stated in a new post on the PlayStation Blog. The Show Live will allow users to play any of the games from the 2013 MLB schedule using the most up-to-date rosters, lineups and statistics made available through Presentation and commentary throughout is said to be dynamic, based on the events of the game on the date it was scheduled, meaning users can relive specific events of the 2013 baseball season. MLB 13 The Show was first announced in early January. It is currently in development for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita with a release date of March 5, 2013. Unlike its PS3 sibling, however, the PS Vita version will be missing some features...


MLB 13 The Show dev diary brings Franchise mode changes to light

MLB 13 The Show developer Sony San Diego put a lot of effort into revamping the game's Franchise mode this year, and a new video from the studio highlights the changes. Sony San Diego community manager Ramone Russell told Polygon in December that the studio spent about 40 percent of development resources for MLB 13 on Franchise mode. Three main areas were overhauled: scouting, team finances and player progression. The studio is promising that budgets will be much more dynamic this year, increasing and decreasing with a team's performance. Ideally, this will give small-market teams that perennially occupy a division's cellar the chance to bring in more talent: If they can string together some winning seasons, a budget increase may allow them to sign the big free agent to take them to...


MLB 13 The Show dev blog shows you how to hit

MLB 13 The Show's community manager and designer, Ramone Russell, explains the game's new hitting modes and features in the latest dev blog, posted by PlayStation Blog. The video above shows the game's new Beginner Mode to help new or inexperienced players learn the basics of hitting. Beginner Mode allows players to set specific levels that will control pitch speed, direction and more. "The goal here is to teach users," Russell said. "We don't want to just make the game easier. We want you to learn the fundamentals of the game and develop the tools for success, like discipline, pitch recognition and timing." MLB 13 The Show is currently slated for release March 5 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Read our hands-on impressions here.


MLB 13 The Show devs aiming for a better game through greater connectivity

Chief among the new features in MLB 13 is Postseason Mode, which allows you to fill out a blank 10-team playoff bracket however you like — "you can do all [American League teams] if you want," community manager Ramone Russell told Polygon during a recent demo — and play through it. Sony San Diego focused on delivering the feel of a postseason game, which is markedly different from that of a regular-season matchup, primarily through presentation touches. The version of MLB 13 we played was missing much of the Postseason presentation. But as soon as Russell loaded up a game in Postseason, the crowd's higher decibel level was immediately apparent, along with different, more stirring music. An overlay with team statistics set up the matchup, and a cutscene showed the starting pitchers...

MLB 13 The Show Releases
North America
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 2013-03-05
    • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Developer SCE San Diego Studio
    • Score 8.5
  • PlayStation Vita
    • Released 2013-03-05
    • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Developer SCE San Diego Studio
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