Hunter Ranger, new Paragon paths and more coming to Neverwinter

Neverwinter's next module is titled Shadowmantle, and will add a new class, new Paragon paths and a ton of reworks to the free-to-play MMORPG's core mechanics when it launches later this year. The new class — which, like the rest of the module's content will be free-of-charge — is the Hunter Ranger, a hybrid ranged and melee damage-dealing attacker geared more towards the game's expert players. Playing the Hunter Ranger requires a lot of deft input by the player, but those who excel at the class' fast-paced abilities will find themselves with a hero far more mobile than the game's current five archetypes. Speaking to Polygon during a recent hands-off preview session, producer Andy Velasquez explained that the Hunter Ranger was fast-tracked due to overwhelming player demand. "The...


Neverwinter's first expansion gets a teaser trailer

A teaser trailer for Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild puts the "dragon" in Dungeons & Dragons. According to the trailer, the mythical realm of the Feywild has realigned itself with the plane in which Neverwinter exists, and the Elvish kingdom of New Sharandar exists as a gateway to this land of unfathomable beauty and magic. However, the generations of isolation have left the Feywild and its inhabitants less than welcoming to newcomers. The Dark Fey King, Malabog, has seized a weapon of untold power in the form of a legendary beast, and judging by the trailer, said beast is a dragon. Fury of the Feywild will be released as a free content update to Cryptic Studios' Neverwinter on Aug. 22.


Neverwinter reaches two million players

Neverwinter, Cryptic Studios' free-to-play D&D online RPG, has managed to bring in a player base of over two million adventurers, publisher Perfect World Entertainment announced today. The game, which officially launched last month following a lengthy beta testing period, will be expanded later this summer with the launch of Neverwinter's first add-on module: a free update titled Fury of the Feywild. The expansion will add a new area, Sharandar, to the game, a new kind of quest structure for players to utilize while exploring the new region and a slew of other new features. Fury of the Feywild will be released August 22. The number of players was touted in a new trailer sent to Polygon by Perfect World, which is embedded above. For more on our thoughts about Cryptic's action-oriented...


Neverwinter expands Aug. 22 with Fury of the Feywild

Fury of the Feywild, the first expansion for Cryptic Studios' free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game Neverwinter, will launch Aug. 22, according to an update on the game's official website. Fury of the Feywild will include a new zone called Sharandar, new professions, loot, dungeons and a new campaign system that unlocks regions as you play through Neverwinter. Cryptic has also released two new expansion-themed packs. The Knight of the Feywild Pack ($59.99) includes a new companion, mount, 600,000 Astral Diamonds and more, while the Feywild Starter Pack ($19.99) includes a companion, ring, bag and the Adventurer's Helper Pack. You can check out the packaged goodies in the video above and get more detail on the Feywild packs at their corner of the game's official...

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Neverwinter trailer guides you through the Whispering Caverns

A new trailer for Neverwinter, Cryptic and Perfect World Entertainment's free-to-play action-MMO, introduces players to the game's highest-level adventure zone, the Whispering Caverns. The Whispering Caverns will be filled with monsters at the level 60 cap and is the first location players will encounter mind flayers, enemies who use psionic abilities. Check out the video above for a look at the Whispering Caverns' underground labyrinth. According to a dev blog posted with the video, the zone is located in the Underdark, meaning players "will go from rough-hewn caves to giant underground cities to strange alien environments." Players will explore the drow city of Zesraena, the Steelshear Mines and more. Neverwinter entered open beta at the end of last month. You can read our preview,...


Neverwinter opening cinematic introduces its endless armies of walking dead

The Neverwinter open beta has begun and with it comes the release of the MMO's opening cinematic. Clocking in at just over four minutes long, the CGI trailer introduces players to the Dungeons & Dragons-based setting, which includes magic-wielding clerics, skeletal dragons and armies of undead marching toward the city of Neverwinter. Neverwinter is a free-to-play fantasy MMO from developer Cryptic Studios, featuring 60 levels and five character classes. With the beta now underway as of yesterday, players can expect to be able to transfer characters created in the beta once the game officially launches. Cryptic is currently working to address a number of performance issues, in addition to introducing an improved log-in process, following yesterday's open beta launch.


Neverwinter trailer introduces the secret devils of Helm's Hold

A new trailer for Cryptic Studios' D&D-based MMO Neverwinter introduces some of the more fiendish adversaries players will face. The fortress town and monastery of Helm's Hold was seen by victims of the Spellplague as being a place where they could find refuge and sanctuary. However, the prophet that had led them there, Rohini, was found to be a succubus in disguise and the leader of a devil-worshiping cult that intended to sacrifice the refugees. Helm's Hold is now overrun by devils from the lower planes, and adventurers must stop them and slay Rohini. Neverwinter is planned to enter open beta at the end of the month.


Neverwinter trailer warns of spiders and dark elves in the Rothé Valley

A new trailer for Cryptic's upcoming MMO Neverwinter gives an overview of the Rothé Valley zone. Located just beyond the Neverwinter forest, the lush farmland of the Rothé Valley is in dire straits these days. The Drow dark elves have been kidnapping farmers and bringing them into the Underdark to be sacrifices to their spider goddess. The players and their adventuring parties are the only ones that can contend with Drow and giant spider-beasts alike in order to save innocent lives. Neverwinter is expected to enter open beta testing later this month.


Neverwinter trailer details the troubles of the 'Jewel of the North'

A new trailer out from Cryptic and Perfect World shows that the once-vibrant city of Neverwinter has fallen upon hard times, to say the least. Beset by threats both from outside and from within, the "Jewel of the North" is in search of heroes. Said heroes will have to earn their keep fighting marauding orcs, undead and demons as well as discontent rebels seeking to topple the rulers of Neverwinter from their thrones. Neverwinter is slated for release on Windows PCs this year.

Neverwinter Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 06/20/2013
    • Publisher Perfect World Entertainment
    • Developer Cryptic Studios
    • Score 8.0
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