Here's what you need to know for Thursday, Oct. 24

PAX East 2014 registration now live Registration for PAX East — set to take place in Boston April 11-13, 2014 — is open today. Three day passes are already sold out, but you've still got a shot at individual day passes and hotels. Nintendo's latest Wii U Deluxe brings New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U together on Nov. 1 Nintendo is retiring the Nintendo Land Wii U Deluxe Set and replacing it with one promoting their favorite pair of plumbers. Starting Nov. 1, a Deluxe Set featuring New Super Mario Bros. U and its New Super Luigi U DLC on one disc will be available for $299.99. Nintendo Land will continue to be sold separately for $29.99. Making heroics matter, making death sadder in XCOM: Enemy Within We all name our XCOM: Enemy Unknown soldiers after our friends and...


New Super Luigi U trailer shows Luigi and Nabbit tackling the harder remixed levels

Nintendo has previously said that New Super Luigi U will be more challenging than its parent game New Super Mario Bros. U, and a new E3 trailer shows a handful of the challenges that lie ahead. Luigi, the two Toads and new playable character Nabbit must navigate lava-filled caverns and moving platforms covered with carnivorous Piranha Plants to reach the finish line. As previously mentioned on Nintendo Direct, Luigi is faster and jumps higher than his brother Mario, but doesn't stop as quickly. The course timer has also been lowered to a mere 100 seconds. New Super Luigi U boasts 80 remixed levels and will be available as standalone DLC from the Nintendo eShop in June, or as a slightly more expensive boxed release in August.


UK Wii U ad showing GamePad-only play banned as misleading

The U.K.'s first TV spot for the Wii U has been banned by a regulatory agency for being misleading, reports Wii-Consoles. The minute-long commercial, which you can view above, highlights the ability to take a Wii U game off the TV and play it entirely on the GamePad — New Super Mario Bros. U, in this case. The U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority, an independent watchdog group that maintains advertising regulations in the country, received a complaint about the ad that called it misleading: The complainant charged that the ad implies all Wii U games can be played on the GamePad alone, which is not the case; in fact, the majority of existing Wii U titles don't support the feature. Nintendo of Europe's U.K. branch defended the ad to the Advertising Standards Authority. Nintendo...


New Super Mario Bros. U launches YouTube tips and tricks channel

Fans of New Super Mario Bros. U have a new way to unearth secrets and tips for the Wii U's Super Mario title. Earlier this month, Nintendo launched a YouTube channel to "share exciting and helpful gameplay videos" from the game. The channel currently includes 13 videos that guide players through ways to find 1-Ups, star coins and complete challenges. Nintendo alerted gamer owners of the new YouTube channel through a Wii U message, saying that they will be "posting a wide variety of videos including gameplay tips, tricks, and Super Play videos showing unbelievable stunts and runthroughs." Wii U owners can access the channel and watch the videos, through the console's internet browser.


The surprising (mundane) tech behind the Wii U's magical GamePad

The most magical element of Nintendo's new Wii U console is powered by a relatively mundane piece of technology. Second-screen gaming, the ability to view full maps, menus or even play an entire game on the 6-inch screen built into the WIi U's GamePad, is made possible by a special form of Wi-Fi. The technology, co-developed by Nintendo and wireless and broadband communications giant Broadcom, marries run-of-the-mill Wi-Fi with a powerful bit of proprietary software to create a two-way stream of low-latency, high-definition video and controls between the Wii U and its innovative GamePad. That complex suite of software is designed to mitigate interference and deliver a smooth video signal and communication speeds, said Dino Bekis, senior director of wireless connectivity at Broadcom. ...


New Super Mario Bros. U footage shows Nabbit in action

New footage released today for New Super Mario Bros. U shows the creature Nabbit in action, courtesy of Games Radar. Players who catch Nabbit as he dashes through levels will receive the P-Acorn, an item that allows continuous flight without rest through levels. Catching Nabbit is the only way to snag a P-Acorn. The trailer above also gives a quick look at the Challenge Mode and Coin Battle features. New Super Mario Bros. U will release alongside the Wii U console on Nov. 18.

New Super Mario Bros. U Releases
North America
  • Wii U
    • Released 11/18/2012
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Nintendo
    • Score 8.5
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