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Platform Wii Publisher Xseed Games Developer Nintendo Release Date 2013-04-16



Pandora's Tower review: beauty and a beast

The chain mechanic's novelty wears thin quickly A fairy tale-slash-love story with a dark twist, Pandora's Tower follows the tale of young lovers Aeron and Elena. Elena is struck with a curse that will transform her into a grotesque beast. The only cure? To rip the flesh from masters of the Thirteen Towers and feed it to her raw. Aeron accomplishes this with the help of a very special chain that performs much cooler tricks than his trusty sword. Chain aiming works by pointing the Wii remote directly at your TV, a process that's smoother than I expected. The chain allows Aeron to latch and shoot up to new areas, swing over chasms and retrieve items. It's even better in battle. After hooking onto an enemy, he can tug, trap or throw enemies aside with a swing of the Wiimote. Standing...

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Pandora's Tower launching April 16 in North America for $39.99

Pandora's Tower, the Wii-exclusive action role-playing game co-developed by Ganbarion and Nintendo, will be released April 16 in North America for $39.99, publisher Xseed Games announced today. Nintendo originally released the game in Japan in May 2011, and in Europe and Australia in April 2012. Xseed announced this past January that it would be publishing the game in North America. Pandora's Tower tells the story of Aeron, who goes on a quest to rid his beloved, Elena, of a curse that is transforming her into a terrible monster. Aeron must visit 13 towers and slay the masters that reside within, for Elena can only be cured by consuming the masters' flesh. Xseed released a gameplay trailer today; you can check it out above.


Pandora's Tower launching in April, plot detailed in story trailer

Pandora's Tower, a role-playing game inspired by damsel-in-distress fairytales, will launch in April for North America, Xseed Games announced. The story trailer, which you can watch above, offers a first look at the game's dark story. A young woman named Elena is plagued by a curse that will eventually transform her into a monster. In order to save her, the game's hero, Aeron, must bring her flesh to eat from 12 different tower masters. Xseed announced its plans to localize Pandora's Tower in January. It is the final title in a three-game localization campaign from Operation Rainfall, the other two being Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. The game will be released for Wii.


Xseed Games bringing Pandora's Tower to North America

Pandora's Tower will undergo North American localization exclusively for Wii at the hands of Xseed Games, the company announced today. Pandora's Tower is a role-playing game inspired by various damsel-in-distress fairytales, but with a dark twist. To free a young woman named Elena from an awful curse, protagonist Aeron must kill, collect and feed her the flesh of monsters. Elena's curse will worsen the longer it takes Aeron to defeat his enemies, ultimately affecting the game's end. The game was originally developed in Japan by Ganbarion and released in 2011, followed by a European release in 2012. Along with Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, Pandora's Tower is the final game in one of Operation Rainfall's many campaigns. Operation Rainfall is a fan-driven group that promotes...

Pandora's Tower Releases
North America
  • Wii
    • Released 04/16/2013
    • Publisher Xseed Games
    • Developer Nintendo
    • Score 5.5
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