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Platform 3DS Publisher Nintendo Developer Intelligent Systems Release Date 2012-11-11



Paper Mario: Sticker Star review: stuck to you

Stop me if you've heard this one: Paper Mario: Sticker Star kicks off with a kidnapping. A Mushroom Kingdom festival is interrupted by a super-powered Bowser, and Princess Peach is taken. Mario is the only plumber in the land capable of mounting a rescue effort. Aside from its parade of classic Mario villain cameos, Sticker Star's plot doesn't have any surprising twists or turns, and the dialogue doesn't have the the laugh-out-loud hilarity that was present in the Mario & Luigi series of handheld RPGs. Sticker Star focuses instead on weird new mechanics. The turn-based combat of previous Paper Mario games has been modified to make use of the titular sticker system. Rather than choosing from a menu of attack options, Mario collects stickers representing each move, from the...

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Best Buy Presidents Day sale discounts 3DS hits, Darksiders 2 and more

Popular 3DS titles like Kid Icarus: Uprising and Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as well as a few EA Sports titles and other recent releases, will be discounted this weekend as part of Best Buy's Presidents Day promotion. Through Monday, Feb. 18, over 20 titles will have their prices marked down by fairly large percentages. Here's a few worth taking a look at: FIFA Soccer 13 (Xbox 360 and PS3) — $39.99, down from $59.99 Pokemon Black and White 2 — $14.99, down from $34.99 Paper Mario: Sticker Star — $19.99, down from $39.99 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Xbox 360 and PS3) — $39.99, down from $59.99 Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360 and PS3) — $29.99, down from $59.99 Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Wii) — $11.99, down from $39.99 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword — $19.99,...


Japan Review Check: Yakuza 5, Paper Mario 3DS

A recap of the most interesting games coming out soon in Japan, courtesy of the reviews section in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine. There are only two games coming out next week over there (and Famitsu hasn't printed their Wii U reviews yet), but they're two big ones: - Yakuza 5 (10/10/10/10, 40 out of 40 points): The first game in this holiday season to earn a perfect score from Famitsu's reviewers, although a lot of other titles (including nearly all of this year's big-budget Western-developed titles) came pretty close. "In all aspects, this game has powered itself up from previous ones in the series," one editor wrote. "There's a ton of volume, and the storyline is excellent, especially the 'Another Drama' feature that lets you enjoy the plot even further. All the...

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Nintendo bringing Wii U, 3DS to malls across America

Nintendo will set up shop at malls nationwide during the holiday season, letting shoppers get hands-on experience with the Wii U and 3DS, the company announced today. Dubbed the "Nintendo Holiday Mall Experience," the setup will offer people the chance to try out Wii U games such as New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, ZombiU, FIFA 13, Madden NFL 13, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Just Dance 4, Darksiders 2 and Scribblenauts Unlimited. The 3DS XL will also be playable; the list of available games includes New Super Mario Bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Pokédex 3D Pro, Skylanders Giants, Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! and Sparkle Snapshots 3D. "The Nintendo Mall Experience is your oasis from the shopping...


Best Buy offering buy two, get one free on select 3DS games

Best Buy is currently offering a buy two, get one free sale including eight titles for the Nintendo 3DS, the company announced on its website. Titles include Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Rayman Origins, Activision's The Trash Pack, Angry Birds Trilogy, FIFA Soccer 13, Mario Kart 7, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Disney's Wreck-It Ralph. The third free game must be of equal or lesser value to the other two games, according to promotion. The promotion also cannot be combined with other Best Buy offers or coupons. It should be noted that all three Mario titles are $39.99 each, while the remaining five are $29.99 each.


3DS is the 'number one priority' this holiday, says Nintendo

Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL devices are Nintendo's "number one priority" this holiday season, the company's vice president of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt told VentureBeat. According to Moffitt, Nintendo expects to see shortages of its Wii U console over the holiday season; However, a robust lineup for the Nintendo 3DS device and a new focus on digital distribution are making the handheld platform the company's main priority. "Nintendo's number one priority this holiday is 3DS and 3DS XL," he said. "We're seeing an ever-growing momentum in our handheld business. Nineteen months in, we're still a million units ahead of the pace of DS at this point in its life. As you know, DS was the best-selling gaming system of all time, and so we're pleased with that. We're seeing great momentum...


Paper Mario: Sticker Star gets a new trailer

Paper Mario: Sticker Star for the Nintendo 3DS gets a new trailer. Read Polygon's preview of the game here.


'Paper Mario: Sticker Star' and the magic of 'paperization'

Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Mario's next paper thin adventure from Nintendo's Intelligent Systems, uses stickers for puzzle solving and card game-like combat, new gameplay elements that we had the chance to sample at PAX Prime this weekend. Throughout the game, Mario will collect three-dimensional objects, then "paperize" them to create stickers that aid in solving puzzles and bypassing obstacles. In the very brief 3DS demo that Nintendo brought to PAX, Mario already had in his possession a giant electric fan. The relatively photorealistic render of a home appliance looked strangely out of place in the Paper Mario world — and we're not quite sure how Mario got his hands on the thing. We had to use that fan to spin the blades of a windmill. It was blocking a door Mario needed to open, so...


Nintendo showing off Wii U, 3DS XL at PAX Prime

Nintendo's PAX Prime presence will focus on the Wii U and 3DS with several games on each platform, along with a few special events for fans, the company announced today. Fans can head to the Nintendo booth, #462, to try the Wii U and the following games: ZombiU, Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, Project P-100, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and Trine 2: Director's Cut. The booth will offer nine 3DS titles, some of which are already available: Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!, Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Skylanders Giants, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario Kart 7, and Kid Icarus: Uprising. A few games for the 3DS eShop,...


Nintendo dates 3DS games 'Paper Mario' and 'Layton,' delays 'Luigi's Mansion'

North American release dates for 3DS games including Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Paper Mario: Sticker Star, as well as a delay for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, were announced by Nintendo today. Paper Mario: Sticker Star will meet its holiday 2012 date: it is due out on November 11th. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, which launched in Japan on February 26th, 2011, and was previously announced for November, is now coming on October 28th. But after announcing at E3 that Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon would be coming out this holiday season, Nintendo delayed the game into the "first half of 2013 in the Americas." It is unclear whether it will launch in Japan this year; we've reached out to Nintendo to ask, and will update this post with any information we receive. These games...


'Paper Mario: Sticker Star' for 3DS coming Holiday 2012

Paper Mario: Sticker Star will bring Nintendo's super-flat action RPG to the Nintendo 3DS this holiday season, the publisher just announced during its E3 2012 press conference. As the name implies, Mario will need to wield a multitude of stickers to defeat his foes and traverse his world. The game looked very similar to Paper Mario games past, with the cut-out feel of a shoebox diorama. You'll be able to grab it on the 3DS' digital store or retail outlets this holiday season.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Releases
North America
  • Nintendo 3DS
    • Released 11/11/2012
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Intelligent Systems
    • Score 7.5
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