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Platform PSN, Win Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Minority Media Release Date 2012-08-14



'Papo & Yo' review: love's labors lost

Almost every task in Papo & Yo revolves around activating keys, switches, and levers drawn onto the fantasy world's walls, with very little to break up the repetition Papo & Yo begins in medias res. Quico, the solitary, cowering child protagonist, hides from the sounds of an unseen father rampaging through their house. Ideograms glow on the wall opposite the boy, and when Quico examines them from the relative safety of the shadows, they transport him to a land of make-believe where the prospect of escape and empowerment beckon. In this fantasy world, Quico has agency and doesn't need to cower. He solves environmental riddles that effect change on the world around him, though to what end is often unclear. Throughout his escapist adventures, Quico encounters a small range of puzzles...

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Games for Health Conference 2014 features Papo & Yo developer keynote this June

The 10th annual Games for Health conference will be held in Boston June 18-20 and include a keynote from a developer of Papo & Yo, organizers announced today. The conference, which is dedicated to exploring the intersection of games and health, will corral developers and health professionals and offer sessions, keynotes and more than 60 speakers. Vander Caballero, creative director at developer We Are Minority, will present a keynote to discuss creating Papo & Yo, a game about alcoholism and abuse. Caballero will also discuss Silent Enemy, the studio's upcoming iPad game about bullying. Organizers will also hold the fourth annual Games for Health Europe Conference in Utrecht, Netherlands, Oct. 27-28. You can learn more about both conferences at the official Games for Health website....


Papo & Yo dev posts public response to five-page fan letter

Minority Media, the developer behind fantasy adventure title Papo & Yo, posted a personalized response to a "powerful" anonymous letter sent to its office. Community manager Rommel Romero responded on behalf of the team. According to Romero's post, the letter was a five-page, hand-written message "signed with music notes and a heart.""We called a meeting and I read them your gripping story out loud," Romero wrote. "I had to stop every other paragraph to regain my composure; your story is an overwhelming one and your courage is inspiring. "Being a small company, our path is filled with many challenges and the energy we get from our community of fans helps us push forward. When I was finished reading your letter to the team and I looked back at them, I saw in their faces that you had...


Sony adds indie games category to PlayStation Store, offers discounts

Sony Computer Entertainment's reputation for publishing acclaimed indie games is well-earned, and the PlayStation Store will now highlight those titles in their own category, the company announced today. "This category builds on the support that PlayStation has offered independent developers in the effort to highlight some of the most unique gaming experiences on PlayStation platforms," said Pierre Gravereau, senior manager for digital distribution at Sony Network Entertainment America, on the PlayStation Blog. The new category will feature indie games past, present and future, and Sony is marking the category's arrival with discounts on three titles from the past year. Vblank Entertaiment's Retro City Rampage, regularly $14.99, will be available at half price for all PlayStation...


Exclusivity can be 'the only way to get something out,' Papo & Yo dev says

For cash-strapped independent studios, platform exclusives can be the only way to get a game released, developer Minority Media's founder Vander Caballero told Kotaku. Caballero said that the "amazing relationship" Minority had with Sony not only brought Papo & Yo to the PlayStation 3 as a timed exclusive but also offered the indie developer benefits. "If you are an independent, you have zero marketing money," Caballero said. "You have nothing. Then you need someone to support your project. So, if someone asks you for exclusivity and it's going to help you to bring out your product into the market, I think that can be good. Sometimes, I think it's the only way to get something out." Papo & Yo was released last year through PlayStation Network and this week for Windows PC on Steam, A...


Papo & Yo Windows PC pre-orders discounted 10 percent for a limited time

Those who pre-order Papo & Yo for Windows PC through April 17 will receive a 10 percent discount and a copy of the game's original soundtrack, developer Minority announced via its website. Pre-orders are currently available through Steam, Amazon, GamersGate, Greenman Gaming and Desura. According to Minority, the PC version will include better graphics and new visual effects, improved controls, full controller support for Steam's Big Picture mode and more. Papo & Yo is based off creator Vander Caballero's experiences with an alcoholic father. The game stars Quico and his friend Monster, who has a poisonous frog-eating addiction. Monster's frog ingestion, however, transforms him into a raging beast. To calm him down, Quico can feed him fruit. First released for PlayStation Network, P...


Papo & Yo coming to Steam on April 18

Minority Media's puzzle platformer Papo & Yo is coming to Steam this April 18, the game's creator Vander Caballero told Game Informer at the Game Developers Conference. Papa & Yo revolves around Quico and his companion, Monster, who is addicted to eating poisonous frogs. Unfortunately, Monster flies into a violent rage whenever he ingests these frogs. The game is based off Caballero's experiences growing up with an alcoholic father. The game was initially released Aug. 14, 2012 on the PlayStation Network. For more information about Papo & Yo, please read Polygon's interview with Caballero here.


Papo & Yo soundtrack on sale tomorrow

The soundtrack to Minority Media's Papo & Yo will be available tomorrow on the North American PlayStation Network. A price was not given in the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, but the soundtrack will be discounted by 15 percent off the regular price (30 percent off for PlayStation Plus subscribers) until Jan. 4, 2013. The Papo & Yo soundtrack was composed by Brian D'Oliveira, who learned 15 new instruments in order to create the sounds required for the game. D'Oliveira also learned to play a few unconventional instruments, like a refrigerator. "When Monster runs, the sound effect actually comes from hitting a fridge," he says. In addition to the soundtrack sale, buyers will be able to pick up a copy of Papo & Yo as part of the PlayStation Essentials deal and save 30 percent off...

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Indie Speed Run judges include Notch, Kellee Santiago, Ron Gilbert

The organizers of Indie Speed Run, a global online game jam, announced today a judging panel featuring such well-known game industry figures as Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson, thatgamecompany co-founder Kellee Santiago and famed adventure game designer Ron Gilbert. Here are the five other judges, all of whom are similarly renowned: Trent Oster, co-founder of BioWare and creative director of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition at Beamdog Dino Patti, CEO of Limbo developer Playdead Vander Caballero, co-founder and creative director of Papo & Yo studio Minority Media Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, game critic and creator of Zero Punctuation Jason Rohrer, indie developer of games including Passage, Gravitation and Sleep Is Death Entry to Indie Speed Run, which requires a $25 fee,...


'Papo & Yo' launch trailer blends the imaginary and the real

Papo & Yo's launch trailer, released today by developer Minority Media, mixes live-action sequences with gameplay footage, just as the game itself relies on metaphors and fantastical elements to tell its story. Director Alfonso Maiorana and Montreal-based Rezolution Pictures created the four-minute trailer, which illustrates the driving concept behind Papo & Yo: a boy's relationship with his alcoholic father. The boy, Quico, escapes into his imagination to flee from his drunk dad, who becomes a stumbling monster when he's had too much to drink. Papo & Yo launches exclusively on the PlayStation Network for $14.99 on August 14th, but as a PSN Play title, it's available for pre-order starting today. PlayStation Plus subscribers enjoy a 20 percent discount to $11.99. For more on Papo & Yo,...

Papo & Yo Releases
North America
  • PlayStation Network
    • Released 08/14/2012
    • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Developer Minority Media
    • Score 5.0
  • Windows
    • Released 04/18/2013
    • Publisher Minority Media
    • Developer Minority Media
    • Score 6.5
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