Persona 4 Golden anime coming to Japan this July

A1-Pictures will release an anime  based on the Persona 4 PlayStation Vita remake, Persona 4 Golden, this July, Atlus announced today during an hour-long stream. The show will air in Japan; a site for the anime is up now. The show's character page appears to include the protagonist and party members  Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Teddie and Kanji, as well as Golden addition Marie. Two of the game's other party members appear to be missing, though profiles are only available for Marie and the protagonist at this time. An anime series based on Persona 4, called Persona 4: The Animation, aired in Japan from 2011-2012, while a recap film adaptation called Persona 4 The Animation: The Factor of Hope was released in 2012. A teaser trailer for the anime is available online now. You can also watch...


Persona 4 Golden trailer summons excitement for PS Vita launch

Persona 4 Golden, an update port of the PlayStation 2 role-playing game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 originally released in 2008, comes to the PlayStation Vita on Nov. 20. The Vita version of the Atlus RPG adds new features, including a new online dungeon, new Personas, new animated cutscenes, new music and more. Persona 4 Golden's remastered visuals and some of those new additions can be seen in a newly released trailer from publisher Atlus.

Persona 4: Golden Releases
North America
  • PlayStation Vita
    • Released 11/20/2012
    • Publisher Atlus
    • Developer Atlus
    • Score 10.0
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