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Pokémon Honedge created by Man at Arms

Master swordsmith Man at Arms is back, and this time he has turned his talents to creating a real life Honedge from Pokémon X / Y. Unlike many of his previous efforts, including League of Legends' Zenith Blade and Halo's Energy Sword, much of the work that went into Honedge concerns its distinctive hilt and pommel, rather than the blade. Honedge looks like a medieval sword, with an eye-like hilt centerpiece and a leather attachment.


Modder creates Pokemon X and Y shiny-finding machine

An enterprising Pokémon X/Pokémon Y player has figured out a way to automate the process of finding shiny Pokémon in the game — but it still takes some doing. Normally, trying to seek out shiny Pokémon instead of happening upon them entails a painstaking process known as "chaining," through which players have to manually encounter Pokémon enough times in a particular area and hope to run into a shiny Pokémon eventually. But a Pokémon X/Pokémon Y player who goes by the moniker dekuNukem on Reddit realized the game provides a subtle signal of a shiny Pokémon, and the person used it to devise a shortcut of sorts. When you begin a battle with a shiny Pokémon, the bottom screen of the 3DS stays dark for slightly longer than it does at the start of a fight with a standard Pokémon —...


Cooperatives: Pokemon X and Y

After finishing Pokemon Red in 1998, twelve-year-old me decided to never again play a Pokemon game. The choice was probably based on some sad perception of what was and wasn't cool at the time, but I appreciate the results nonetheless. By missing out on a decade and a half of Pokemon culture, I came to Pokemon X and Y with low expectations and minimal context. Oh the surprises I found: The new Pokemon is in color! And has 3D graphics! And there are like seven times as many Pokemon! And I get a new starter Pokemon and also my old starter Pokemon from 1998! Every minute of the game overflowed with discovery, because what's old hat to fans was brand new to me. So snobby twelve-year-old me, thanks. You're desperate need to fit in brought joy to this Pokemon playing adult. This is the...


Here's Nintendo's official TV commercial for the 2DS

Nintendo's official TV advertisement for the 2D-only version of its 3DS handheld is now on the internet. The 2DS is the new way to play DS games and "the best new 3DS games" in 2D, says the announcer, showing off games like Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and the brand new Pokemon X & Y. In Polygon's hands-on experience with the 2DS, we found that it actually wasn't the worst thing ever made.


Pokemon X & Y get a live-action launch trailer

A new launch trailer for Pokemon X & Y shows what the world of Pokemon might look like if real-life people were involved. A trainer walks through the woods with his trusty Charmander at his side, catching Pokemon, raising them together and battling them against other trainers. The rest of the trailer is in-game footage showing new and old Pokemon alike. Pokemon X & Y hit Nintendo 3DS tomorrow.


New Pokemon X & Y trailer introduces Mega Charizard X

A new trailer for the latest generation of Pokémon games shows how Pokémon have different Mega Evolutions between the two different versions. As previously explained, certain Pokémon will activate a special Mega Evolution when they enter battle holding a special stone; the list of Pokémon that can Mega Evolve includes Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur, the original starting Pokémon in the Red and Blue versions that kicked the franchise off. While the previously-revealed Mega Charizard looked like a regular Charizard with extra horns and wing-like appendages, we know now that that was Mega Charizard Y. Mega Charizard X, as revealed in this trailer, has a significantly different appearance including an all-new color scheme. This particular evolution occurs when a Charizard holds a...


Hiroshi Yamauchi, Pokemon X and Y, TGS: Speed Run

Former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi has passed away at the age of 85. We caught up with Pokemon X and Y director Junichi Masuda to talk about what the games' new features bring to the franchise. The 2013 Tokyo Game Show kicked off today and we are already swimming in news. Former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi passes away at 85 Pokemon X and Y director discusses the games' strategic depth and Mega Evolutions Tokyo Game Show 2013: All the games and news, live from Japan


Pokemon X and Y trailer shows the new starters' evolutions

The latest trailer for Pokemon X and Y is bursting at the seams with looks at new Pokemon, evolutions and stylistic variations players will encounter in the upcoming 3DS RPG. First off is a look at the evolved form of the game's three new starters: The grass-type Chespin turns into the rotund, sturdier Quilladin; the water-type Froakie turns into the acrobatic Frogadier; and the fire-type Fennekin evolves into the wand-wielding Braixen. According to the official Pokemon X and Y site, these forms are the first evolutions the starters undergo — assumedly each will have another evolved form after these, following series tradition. The trailer also offers a look at two Pokemon that can be revived from fossils, the T-Rex-esque Tyrunt and the brontosaurus-looking Amaura, and a handful of...


Pokemon X and Y, Bitcoin, Outlast: Speed Run

Pokemon X and Y will feature the first generation of starter Pokemon as well as a new cloud-based Pokemon storage service. We set out in search of the man behind Bitcoin and to find some terrifying scares in Outlast. Pokemon X and Y gets Mega forms of original starters, cloud-based Pokemon Bank app Pokemon X and Y 3DS XLs coming to North America and Europe Sept. 27 The ghost of Bitcoin Outlast review: run like hell

Pokémon X/Pokémon Y Releases
North America
  • Nintendo 3DS
    • Released 2013-10-12
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Game Freak
    • Score 9.5
  • Nintendo 3DS
    • Released 2013-10-12
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Game Freak
    • Score 9.5
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