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Platform Win, Android, Mac, XBLA Publisher Valve Developer Valve Release Date 2007-10-09

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Smite's cinematic launch trailer flaunts its god-like heroes

The cinematic teaser trailer for Hi-Rez Studios' free-to-play 3D multiplayer online battle arena game, Smite, introduces players to its God characters ahead of it full launch March 25. Earlier this year, Smite received a new arena map with fully updated art and a god of the Earth character called Geb. The god-like being has the power to transform into a mass of rolling earth, create shockwaves and more. His other abilities allows him to take less damage when struck with a critical hit. In Smite's new arena map, the map spawns the Manticore after every 10 player kills on one side. A team loses 10 points if the opposing side successfully guides the Manticore through the other team's portal. The Windows PC game's beta began in June 2012 and has drawn in more than 750,00 player...


Games about sex, dance, shapes and relationships shown at Experimental Gameplay Workshop

The Experimental Gameplay Workshop — a curated showcase of some of the most exciting experimental game design in 2014 — featured works that spanned themes like sex, the use of the body in games, forced perspective and subversion of existing game rules. Both independent and established studio developers took to the stage to talk about and show 13 titles, all of which were experimental in some way, and many of which were still works-in-progress. Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn of Tale of Tales showed The Cosmos and the Cave, a game that Harvey described as a research project about the intersection between sex, spirituality and video games. "We wanted to explore ... sex in games, because not a lot of people do it, and when they do it's wrong," she said. "What is the game mechanic...


How Valve and Cryptozoic came together for a Portal board game (update)

Back in 2012, the developers who made Portal and Portal 2 — as well as their predecessor, Narbacular Drop — decided to try putting together a board game based on the first-person puzzle series. The internal team wasn't a massive group: "In general there's been two to three people actively working on it at a time, but in total about a dozen people have been involved," said Valve's Jeep Barnett, a member of the original Narbacular Drop team that Valve hired to make Portal, in an email interview with Polygon. Valve worked on the prototype for a year before approaching Cryptozoic "Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game" is the non-final title for Valve and Cryptozoic's board game, a strategy game in which two to four players guide expendable Aperture Laboratories test subjects...


Portal board game coming this fall from Cryptozoic

Tabletop game publisher Cryptozoic Entertainment is producing a game based on Valve's Portal series, the former company announced last week during the American International Toy Fair. Tentatively called "Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game," the tabletop title is "designed by the creators of Portal and Portal 2," according to Cryptozoic. Details are scarce at this point, but the game will include custom playing pieces that will be familiar to Portal fans, such as a test subject, sentry, weighted Companion Cube and cake. The franchise has generated plenty of merchandise, such as Companion Cube plushies and life-size sentries, but no official board games until now. Other video game-related products from Cryptozoic include The Street Fighter Deck-Building Game and the board game A...


TowerFall Ascension coming to PS4 March 11 (update)

Matt Thorson's TowerFall Ascension will launch on the PlayStation 4 on March 11, the developer announced today on the PlayStation Blog. The original TowerFall was a single-player and multiplayer archery arena game that launched in 2013 exclusively on the Ouya. The PS4 version, titled TowerFall Ascension, plays similarly with intense four-player battles, but also includes 50 new arenas that players can fight in and new power-ups, such as one that gives players drill arrows that burrow through walls. Ascension also features a new one or two-player co-op Quest mode, where players fight monsters that spawn from portals into the arena instead of fighting each other. The game is expected to launch on Windows PC sometime this year. Update: Developer Matt Thorson announced on Twitter today...


Dota, Halo, Team Fortress merch headed to Toy Fair this month

A Crowded Coop is bringing video game-themed merchandise to Toy Fair 2014 this month, according to a press release from the "boutique consumer products" company. Toy Fair attendees will get the first public look at a series of three-inch Team Fortress 2 vinyl figurines "meticulously designed and detailed side-by-side with Valve's artists/designers." The Blu and Red figures will retail for $9.99 each. Fans of the Halo series can check out an ammo crate tin lunch box, which is based on the UNSC ammo crate from Halo 4. It will feature a reusable sandwich bag and retail for $29.99. A Crowded Coop, whose "product junkies, geeks, and pet lovers" have been creating consumer products since 2010, will also show items based on Dota 2 and Portal as well as non-video game properties like A...


Pillow Castle gives Portal a run for its money with its experimental puzzle demo

Pittsburgh-based indie group Pillow Castle Games has released its demo for an upcoming first-person puzzle game inspired by an optical illusion known as forced perspective, a camera trick that merges background images into the foreground. In the demo, the player can click on seemingly large objects that form the backdrop of the game and move them into the foreground where they retain their shape but appear drastically smaller in size the nearer they are. Once dropped in a new place, the object will adapt in size and distance according to your perspective. Objects can also cause certain effects on the world. For example, the demo shows by grabbing an electric fan, distancing yourself from it to change its perspective size and dropping it in front of an unreachable exit, it is possible...


Russian publisher for Warface, Lord of the Rings Online closing German office, Russian internet service giant and publisher of many massively multiplayer online and social games, will close its Hamburg, Germany office in early 2014, reports Games Industry International. The Hamburg office closure will result in the loss of 50 jobs. will open a new office in Amsterdam at an unspecified time under the operating name of Payment options across many of's MMOs have already been disabled and there is currently no information on when these payment options could be reinstated. The closure will also affect's instant messaging services, portals and Russian-language social networks. currently maintains four other offices located in Tel-Aviv, Dubai, Moscow and Mountain View, Calif. The company publishes its in-house...


DualShock 4 buyers test old games to create compatibility list

With DualShock 4 controllers now appearing on retail shelves, gamers are getting to grips with figuring out which PlayStation 3 games work with the new controller. A Reddit thread has been opened to handle the issue, offering an initial list of games. Users are being invited to add to the list. "I just got my DualShock 4 today, and have noticed some games work, and some don't," wrote thread organizer Lapwner. "So, let's try to create a list so people can see which games work and which games don't. Note that the motion sensing does not work, so even though some games work with the controller, if they are reliant on the motion sensing, then they probably aren't worth playing it with." The current list of compatible games includes: Working Call of Duty (MW2, MW3, Black Ops, Black Ops...


Portal live-action short film takes a look at GLaDOS' terrifying early days

Warning: Portal spoilers! Filmmakers Colin and Connor McGuire have recreated one of the most nerve-rattling scenes in Portal's story — GLaDOS' first heinous act against Aperture's scientists. The film, posted above, is based on the series and its tie-in comic, Portal 2: Lab Rat. In Portal: Survive! the games' mechanical menace tells our heroine a story as she frantically ties to escape the labyrinthine hallways of Aperture. The scene switches to Aperture Labs pre-Chell's testing phase, where we learn a little more about GLaDOS in her first days — including her affinity for the metaphorical cake. The seven-minute film was shot at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles with a production budget of just under $500. Prop maker Jimmy Burns at Angry Dog Studios is responsible for building the...

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