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Platform iOS Publisher Camouflaj Developer Camouflaj Release Date 2013-12-19



Republique: Exordium review: connected

Set in a fascinating dystopia that reflects and comments on real-world surveillance concerns, the first installment of Republique is a successful twist on the stealth genre. Its heady themes are reinforced by innovative touch-based gameplay, stumbling only when its AI can't live up to the rest of its lofty ideals. This first episode, titled Exordium, focuses on the story of Cooper and Hope. Cooper is a sort of double agent working within a sinister police organization, and Hope is a young prisoner slated to be "erased" by her oppressors. You need to utilize Cooper's help and hacking know-how to influence the environment and guide Hope out of her current situation without alerting guards to her presence. You never have direct control over Hope. Instead, you send her context-sensitive...

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How 500 nights of misery and a little faith gave Republique Hope

"It's the hardest thing I had to work on in my life. If this was done through a normal publisher it would have been canceled six times over." Ryan Payton, former Halo 4 director and Metal Gear Solid 4 producer, is sitting in Polygon's New York offices, a reluctant smile on his bearded face. It was a tough few years for his fledgling studio, he explains. Formed in 2011, Camouflaj set about to distill the experience of playing an intensely deep, narratively-driven video game into its essence and repackage it as something anyone could play on a smartphone or tablet. The efforts were met with constant failures, each small success pulled from the wreckage of a mountain of broken ideas. Payton said he invested everything he had into this idea, this one game. Founding partner and business...

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Here's what you need to know for Friday, Dec. 20

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls hits March 25, 2014 Reaper of Souls has a date. Check out the article linked above to learn about the game's three editions and what goodies you can get alongside the expansion. Steam's 2013 Holiday Sale now live Deals everywhere, as far as the eye can see, until Jan. 3, 2014. Developer forms group to fight YouTube copyright claims In the wake of the recent YouTube crackdown, developer Lars Doucet wants to centralize information about video game companies and how they treat content creators. Republique: Exordium review: Connected We played developer Camouflaj's "stealth game for - and about - the 21st century."


Camouflaj's Republique now likely to launch in December

Republique, the ambitious Kickstarted stealth adventure game from Camouflaj, is "probably going to be coming out in December," said studio head Ryan Payton in an interview with Red Bull UK. Camouflaj raised more than $550,000 on Kickstarter in the spring of 2012 to develop Republique, and as recently as this past February, Payton told Polygon that his studio hoped to release the game on iOS by the end of the summer. The season came and went with no word from Camouflaj — in fact, the studio's website still says "coming summer 2013" — and now, there's no concrete date, but Payton told Red Bull U.K. that December is the new target. "I think our June 2013 release date was the most optimistic we could have put on our Kickstarter, and I think what we've realised is that one, it sucks...


The state of Republique: Camouflaj's ambitious iOS game comes out of hiding

In the eight months since startup developer Camouflaj successfully funded its ambitious stealth-adventure game République, the studio has been "ripping the guts out of everything" we'd seen from the game, readying the iOS game for a new public showing. Camouflaj founder Ryan Payton tells Polygon that his studio has spent the better part of a year "doing all the really ugly work" to make République more than just a prototype. The iOS version is now playable, Payton says, but notably different from last year's Kickstarter pitch presentation. République's 11,000-plus backers on Kickstarter have been informed of the game's evolution through backer updates, but Camouflaj is now getting the word out to everyone else. Gone are the pre-rendered, Resident Evil-style backgrounds used in the...

Republique Releases
North America
  • iOS
    • Released 2013-12-19
    • Publisher Camouflaj
    • Developer Camouflaj
    • Score 8
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