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Platform PS, Win, Sega Saturn, GameCube, GameCube Publisher Capcom Developer Capcom Release Date 1996-03-30

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Here's the first trailer for the new Resident Evil 1 remake

Capcom has released the first trailer for its upcoming remake of the original Resident Evil, unveiled early last month. The remake shares the same "early 2015" release window as the just-announced Resident Evil Revelations 2, and the same platform lineup of Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. "We have been very careful to preserve the original atmosphere of the game," producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi said in a video released last month. "And are ensuring that no unnecessary changes will be made. The tempo and flow of the original game are an inherent part of its scary atmosphere so we have made the decision not to disrupt this tempo." You can see the project looks so far in the video above, or watch the entire presentation from last month below.


Don't expect big changes in Resident Evil remake

[Note: English speakers should activate closed captions in the above video.] Capcom announced that it's reviving the original Resident Evil on a new generation of consoles, but don't look for it to be a far cry from the game's last revamp in 2002. Speaking in a video recently released the publisher, producers Tatsuya Kitabayashi and Yoshiaki Hirabyashi said that they were trying to avoid messing up a good thing as they rebuilt Resident Evil. "We have been very careful to preserve the original atmosphere of the game," Hirabyashi said, "and are ensuring that no unnecessary changes will be made. The tempo and flow of the original game are an inherent part of its scary atmosphere so we have made the decision not to disrupt this tempo." The bulk of the changes will, of course, be...


Resident Evil 1 is getting remastered for a new generation in 2015

Capcom will remaster the original Resident Evil for release on Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the company confirmed today. Set to launch digitally in early 2015, the upcoming release will feature updated 1080p visuals on both PC and new generation consoles, and 5.1 surround support. You will also have a choice of playing the game in its classic 4:3 ratio or 16:9 widescreen, while an additional choice of controls will be available including the classic Resident Evil control scheme. The game originally released in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation before being ported to other platforms; However, the 2015 edition appears to be a remastered version of the game's 2002 GameCube release, based on images that have since been made available by Capcom.


Resident Evil franchise writer and director begins work on Resident Evil 6

Work on the next film adaptation of Capcom's survival horror franchise Resident Evil will begin this year, CCTV reports Resident Evil franchise writer and director Paul W.S. Anderson as saying at the Beijing International Film Festival. "And I have to go home tomorrow to start writing Resident Evil," he said at the summit in response to an audience member's question about the franchise. "So that's what I'm doing next." Anderson hinted last year that his next project after 3D disaster movie Pompeii may be a Resident Evil film, but told Collider in February that "the wheels aren't quite in motion yet" regarding its production. Making her franchise debut in 2012's Resident Evil: Retribution (film pictured above), Anderson confirmed that actress Li Bingbing will return as Ada Wong in the...


'Deaf' Resident Evil composer says he is no longer deaf

Resident Evil composer Mamoru Samuragochi, formerly known as Japan's Beethoven, confirms he is no longer deaf despite maintaining he had been throughout his career, AFP reports. Samuragochi released an apology that confirms he now has some hearing ability, following accusations last month that he had lied. "In recent years I have started to be able to hear a little bit more than before... since about three years ago I can hear words if people speak clearly and slowly into my ears," Samuragochi wrote. "It is true that I received a certificate proving I had a hearing disorder and that I couldn't hear anything up until three years ago." According to Nippon TV (as reported by Kotaku), an individual connected to a Japanese game developer said: "As for Mamoru Samuraghoch being able to...


PS Plus: Poker Night 2 free, new Ultimate Editions, Capcom sale

Telltale Games' video game character-infused Poker Night 2 will be free to PlayStation Plus members starting Oct. 15, according to a post on the PlayStation Blog today. Poker Night 2 is regularly $9.99, and you can check out Polygon's review to learn more about what it's like to ante up with characters like Claptrap from Borderlands, Brock Samson from The Venture Bros., Ash from Army of Darkness and Sam from the Sam and Max series while Portal's GLaDOS deals. Sony is also adding six Ultimate Editions to the PlayStation Store, which bundle the full game with all downloadable content. PS Plus members will also receive extra discounts on the following through Oct. 21: Crysis 3 for $44.99 or $26.94 for PS Plus members Dead Space 3 for $78.99 or $37.44 for PS Plus members Tom...


Capcom 2013 financial results sees revenue climb despite poor game sales

Capcom revenue climbed by the millions this fiscal year, rising from ¥82 billion ($820 million) to ¥94 billion ($940 million) in revenue according to the publisher's full year financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013. This is despite a lack of results from the company's increased efforts in digital returns, alongside a number of games that failed to meet sales targets. Capcom's Digital Contents Business, a sector made up of console, Windows PC and mobile titles, saw profits fall by over 50 percent. Even more significantly, this arm of the company accounts for just over 67 percent of its total income. Similarly, only three of Capcom's software releases reached over 1 million units in sales. DmC: Devil May Cry saw sales of 1.15 million, failing to reach its expected...


Horrors of Raccoon City to unleash upon Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando's annual Halloween Horror Nights 23, which includes attractions inspired by the Resident Evil series, will open Sept. 20 until Nov. 2 in Florida. Created in collaboration with Capcom, visitors to the Resident Evil-themed haunted house will become survivors inside Raccoon City, where they will encounter Nemesis, Lickers, zombies and packs of Cerberuses. A section of the house will depict a fight scene on pause, “as if the gamer has taken a quick break before returning to the horror of Raccoon City.” “The games have become synonymous with survival horror and we look forward to delivering a new way for consumers to experience the Resident Evil world we have created in the haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights," Resident Evil 6 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi said in...


Capcom profits drop in Q1 with lack of big releases from publisher

Capcom's profits dropped by 37 percent in this first quarter to 828 million yen (roughly $8.4 million) according to its latest financial results — something the company expected during a period lacking any major releases. The publisher recorded net sales of 17.4 billion yen (or $178.7 million), down 6.2 percent compared to the same period last year. Similarly, performance of its games sector fell by 9.4 percent with operating profits down by 82.4 percent. Resident Evil Revelations and Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen achieved projected sales, according to Capcom, while Monster Hunter Frontier G performed steadily. Capcom also successfully made headway in breaking the Taiwan market with browser game Onimusha Soul, while Smurfs' Village has provided stable income.


Nintendo's Wii U Tour 2013 takes console and games nationwide through September

Nintendo's Wii U Tour 2013 is bringing the console and several games on a six-city nationwide tour through September, the company announced today. Visitors will be able to go hands-on with the console and games like Injustice: Gods Among Us, Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo Land, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Rayman Legends Challenges App and Resident Evil: Revelations, though not all games will be available at all locations. The Wii U Tour 2013 will be free and open to the public, and visitors will "play all these Wii U games in a comfortable, living room setting surrounded by backdrops of some of Nintendo's most beloved characters," according to Nintendo. Tour dates and locations, as listed on the official Wii U Tour 2013 site, are as...

Resident Evil Releases
North America
  • PlayStation
    • Released 03/30/1996
    • Publisher Capcom
    • Developer Capcom
  • Windows
    • Released 09/30/1997
    • Publisher Virgin Interactive
    • Developer Capcom
  • Sega Saturn
    • Released 10/01/1997
    • Publisher Capcom
    • Developer Capcom
  • Nintendo GameCube
    • Released 04/30/2002
    • Publisher Capcom
    • Developer Capcom Production Studio 4
  • Nintendo GameCube
    • Released 06/23/2009
    • Publisher Capcom
    • Developer Capcom
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