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Glyph is a new DRM-free games platform from Rift developer Trion Worlds

Trion Worlds, the developer behind Defiance and Rift, unveiled Glyph this week, a new digital games service that will launch following GDC 2014 with DRM-free titles and no always-online requirement for single-player games. According to a press release from the developer, Glyph will serve as "a digital hub" for PC games and related goods from Trion and "hand-picked partners," which Trion began signing to the service earlier this year. Trion is encouraging developers interested in the platform to contact Glyph. "In the past three years, we've reached more than 10 million gamers, supported 25 million transactions, and more than 50 million downloads have happened across our network," said Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds. "This shows that we've got an audience of dedicated gamers along...


Rift's Dream Weaver update hits Feb. 12

The latest update for Rift hits on Feb. 12, bringing with it a new crafting class called the Dream Weavers, developer Trion Worlds announced. Update 2.6 will introduce Dream Weavers as a new class focused on crafting and creation through artisan skills and magic. Players will be able to craft keys to 15 new dimensions as well as special visual effects to be used in-game. These include object-free lighting, water, smoke, sparkles and other elemental particle effects to be placed anywhere within Rift's dimensions. Dream Weavers can also craft new kinds of equipment enhancements that offer a number of bonuses and stats buffs. Along with this class, the update will introduce the Air Saga storyline, which will send players on a quest following a great queen on her exodus across realms and...


Rift's next update Song of Dreams coming Nov. 6

Free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game Rift will receive its next major content update, Song of Dreams, on Nov. 6, developer Trion Worlds announced. Update 2.5 for the two-year-old fantasy MMO will include new dungeons, chronicles – dungeons made for one or two players — and slivers, raids designed for up to 10 players. Trion Worlds promised to share more details on "rumblings that have been heard around Ember Isle" as Song of Dreams' launch date approaches. Rift's last update, Beyond Infinity, launched in September. The update brought two new raids and a five-person dungeon, the Realm of Twisted Dreams, as well as "the first chapter in a new war between the elemental planes." Rift launched for Windows PC through Steam earlier this week. The free download...


Rift now available on Steam

Trion Worlds' free-to-play, massively multiplayer online role-playing game Rift is available for download through Steam, the publisher announced today. The free version of Rift includes the game and its 16 major updates, Trion says, which includes raids and dungeons, content from the Storm Legion expansion, housing Dimensions and more. Three downloadable content packs are available for purchase: the Ascended Edition, which includes a signature mount and companion pet plus 500 store credits and 15 days of Patron bonuses for $19.99; the Patron Edition, which includes more mounts and pets, a banker, 2250 credits and a month of Patron bonuses for $39.99; and the Ultimate Hardcore Patron Edition, which grants access to even more content, credits and Patron bonuses for $99.99. Rift dropped...


Here's what's new in Rift’s live 2.4 Beyond Infinity update

Update 2.4 for Rift launched today with a spate of new features for Trion Worlds' free-to-play massively multiplayer game. Update 2.4 brings two new raids — Planebreaker Bastion and The Infinity Gate — a new five-person dungeon called the Realm of Twisted Dreams, a player-vs-player prestige rank of 90 and more. It also kicks off "the first chapter in a new war between the elemental planes," according to the update's official web page. In early August, the developer of Rift and Defiance appointed former Trion Worlds CCO Scott Hartsman as CEO.


Eve: Valkyrie's new EP brings lessons from Mirror's Edge

Deep space dogfighting and first-person parkour may not seem to have a lot in common, but according to Eve: Valkyrie's executive producer Owen O'Brien, CCP's own virtual reality dogfighting game takes lessons from DICE's Mirror's Edge. Speaking to Polygon, the recently-appointed O'Brien said he was drawn to Eve: Valkyrie because it was a unique opportunity to do something "cutting edge" with a small team. He also plans to bring his experience working on Mirror's Edge to help inform Eve: Valkyrie's design. "Mirror's Edge was built around a strong core mechanic [of first-person movement], but one of the lessons I learned from it was you've got to have all the other bits there as well," he said. "We had a great core mechanic, but we failed in some other areas. I think sometimes it's easy...


Watch PAX Prime in action on Twitch

Twitch will feature streams of events across this tear's PAX Prime in Seattle, it was announced on the web streaming service's official website this week. Starting this Friday, the live stream will cover everything from a packed schedule of games to the first ever $20,000 North American invitational for Hi-Rez Studio's new MOBA release Smite. The following programming happening live at the booth will also be streamed on with all times and content subject to change: Friday 8/30 PDT: • 10:00am - Dead Rising 3 (CAPCOM/Microsoft) • 10:20am - Forza 5 (Turn 10 Studios/Microsoft) • 10:40am - Ryse (Crytek/Microsoft) • 11:00am - ScrewAttack brings you Angry Video Game Nerd Adventure • 11:20am - WWE 2K14 (2K Sports) • 11:40am - Borderlands 2 Headhunter pack...


Trion Worlds appoints former CCO as new CEO

Trion Worlds, the developer behind games like Rift and Defiance, has appointed its former chief creative officer, Scott Hartsman, to the role of chief executive officer effective immediately, according to a statement. Scott Hartsman was formerly the executive producer on Rift and CCO of Trion Worlds. He resigned from the studio in January of this year, saying that he'd had an amazing time "working with some of the best developers anywhere, getting the company's first game off the ground, taking it all the way through a multitude of amazing updates, then to Storm Legion, and even a little beyond." In an email to the company sent out today, Hartsman said: "We're going to be laying the groundwork for a new strategy for Trion — one that's closer to the foundation of how we've had our wins...


Virgin Media opening pop up game space in London

Virgin Media will open a free pop up gaming space in London ahead of the Eurogamer Expo, allowing visitors a chance to get their hands on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset and attend development talks and workshops, according to the event page. The Virgin Media Game Space, which will be set up at Blackall Studios in East London, will host game jams, talks and workshops geared towards aspiring game developers. Attendees will also get the chance to preview a handful of games from Sony, such as Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls and PlayStation Vita title Tearaway, as well as indie titles including Cello Fortress and racing game Krautscape. The space will be open from Aug. 27 to Sept. 21. A full list of events and featured games will be added to the Game Space event page over the...


Watch a drone being controlled by the Oculus Rift

Intuitive Aerial, a group that uses camera technology to create airborne rigs, outfitted a drone with an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, allowing users to control the flying box and see from its point of view remotely. The video above demonstrates this setup. The drone carries a laptop that is connected back to the Oculus Rift, feeding it images via wireless internet. The person controlling the drone through the Oculus will see everything the drone encounters rather than a digital representation of objects. The laptop compresses the video recorded by the rig's two cameras and sends them back to the viewer in realtime. The only catch is the range on the rig: since the communication to the Oculus depends on Wi-fi, transmissions will stop between 50 and 100 meters. "We have dreamed...

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    • Released 03/01/2011
    • Publisher Trion Worlds
    • Developer Trion Worlds
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