Sacred 3 brings hack 'n' slash combat to PS3 on Aug. 26

Sacred 3, the third iteration of the action role-playing series from Keen Games, is coming to PlayStation 3 on Aug. 26 following a short delay, publisher Deep Silver announced on the PlayStation blog. The game, which was first announced in 2012, was initially scheduled to launch on PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC last year. Sacred 3 was planned as a direct follow-up to the side-scrolling action brawler Sacred Citadel which was released to PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam in 2013. PlayStation released new footage of the game this week showing in-game hack 'n' slash combat and drop-in co-op play. Sacred 3 is available for pre-order starting this week.


Sacred 3 delayed until summer 2014

The launch of role-playing game Sacred 3 is being delayed until summer 2014, publisher Deep Silver revealed today in a new trailer for the Keen Games developed release. The third iteration of the series was first announced in 2012 for a release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC sometime in 2013. The game was planned as a direct follow up to its side-scrolling action brawler Sacred Citadel, described by the publisher as a "prelude to the story told in Sacred 3," which launched in 2013 for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam. Polygon has reached out to Deep Silver for details on the game's delay. We will update when more information becomes availble.


Humble Deep Silver Bundle adds three more titles

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle, which features Deep Silver games such as Saints Row: The Third and Dead Island, now includes an additional three titles. Survival-driven first-person shooter Metro 2033, action role-playing game Risen and side-scrolling brawler Sacred Citadel are now included for those that pay above the bundle's average — currently around $4.99. Those who have already purchased the bundle will receive all three titles retroactively. The Deep Silver Humble Bundle launched last week. In addition to the newly added games, those who meet the monetary requirements also get Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2: Dark Waters, Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition and Dead Island: Riptide. All games are available through redeemable Steam keys for Windows PC. The bundle...


Microsoft announces Play to Earn program for Xbox Live Rewards

Microsoft announced today its new Play to Earn program for Xbox Live Rewards, MyPunchcard, scheduled to launch April 1. Throughout April, Xbox Live users who play arcade titles and add to their game collection will earn rewards. By blacking out all three Arcade Punchcards, users will be guaranteed a spot in upcoming VIP exclusives. There are three ways to earn rewards over the coming month: Play 20 hours of any combination of arcade games, receive a free avatar item Purchase any four arcade games for 400 Microsoft Points or more from Xbox LIVE, receive a one month Xbox LIVE Gold membership Spend 3200 Microsoft Points on arcade games, receive 800 Microsoft Points in return. This April will see the launch of six new arcade titles: BattleBlock Theater, Double Dragon II, Motocross...


Sacred Citadel maintains its RPG roots in a beat-em-up world

The Citadel series' hardcore RPG mechanics may not be fully realized in Sacred Citadel, the upcoming beat-em-up from SouthEnd Interactive, but there's a lot of options for players hoping to make the game's four classes their own. RPG elements in beat-em-ups are nothing new — Castle Crashers and Ubisoft's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game are two recent examples, featuring stats, character levels and unique special attacks. Based on a PAX East demo of several levels from the game's campaign, Sacred Citadel hopes to take those ideas (and even those from older genre staples; River City Ransom, for example) and fold them all together into a single game. Castle Crashers is probably the best jumping-off point for describing Sacred Citadel, as a lot of its combat and progression systems...


Sacred Citadel will take its influence from RPG design

Sacred Citadel will include RPG-like elements on top of numerous weapon combinations, mounts, towns and combat options, publisher Deep Silver revealed today. The upcoming action brawler allows players to control up to three out of a possible four playable characters, consisting of the Khukuri shaman, the Ancarian ranger, the Safiri warrior and one additional character that is yet to be revealed, each of which can be leveled throughout the game while acquiring new skills. Sacred Citadel will also feature a co-op multiplayer mode for up to three players, with drop-in/drop-out capabilities. The upcoming title is scheduled to release this year as a digital download for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sacred Citadel acts as a prologue to the upcoming chapter in the Sacred franchise, Sacred 3. ...

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Sacred Citadel character featurette introduces the Ancarian Ranger

The third of four character classes for Sacred Citadel, Deep Silver's side-scrolling brawler, was revealed during a trailer posted today. The Ancarian Ranger is a long-range attacker who fights primarily with a bow and traps to ensnare different enemies. Previously revealed classes include the warrior and shaman. Check out the trailer above to watch the Ancarian Ranger in action. Sacred Citadel is set within the same universe as action role-playing series Sacred. The brawler acts as a prologue to Sacred 3, which is scheduled for release in 2013. Sacred Citadel is expected to release later this year for PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam for Windows PC.


'Sacred Citadel' beats up cartoons, not genre conventions

Sacred Citadel may carry over the burly protagonists and fantasy trappings of the Sacred franchise, but its beat-em-up gameplay is a far cry from the hacking-and-slashing of the core series. The brief, hands-off Gamescom 2012 demo touched on all the components you would expect from the genre. Players move around a multi-layered, two-dimensional path, wailing on enemies with combos of basic and special attacks. Juggling foes with upward strikes and aerial attacks builds those combos even further, pushing your personal score even higher. Players can dodge roll out of the way of danger, or dash around the stage, elongating their jumps and adding a bit more oomph to their directional attacks. Utilizing the environment is a big part of eradicating Sacred Citadel's foes. During the demo,...


'Sacred Citadel' coming 2013 from 'Ilomilo' developer

Sacred Citadel, a side-scrolling 2.5D brawler, is in development at Southend Interactive, publisher Deep Silver announced today. It is set for release in 2013 on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC. Sacred Citadel will offer three-player cooperative action with a variety of character classes to choose from, including the Safiri Warrior, the Ancarian Ranger, and the Khukuri Shaman. Players will be able to earn money and spend it on upgrades for their fighters, who can also use mounts and war machines to their advantage. Their enemies are Grimmocs, Orc henchmen modified by Lord Ashen to help him enslave the world of Ancaria. Sacred Citadel is the next entry in the Sacred series; it will serve as a prologue to Sacred 3, which is being developed at Keen Games. The original S...

Sacred Citadel Releases
North America
  • Xbox Live Arcade
    • Released 04/17/2013
    • Publisher Deep Silver
    • Developer SouthEnd Interactive
  • PlayStation Network
    • Released 04/16/2013
    • Publisher Deep Silver
    • Developer SouthEnd Interactive
  • Windows
    • Released 04/17/2013
    • Publisher Deep Silver
    • Developer SouthEnd Interactive
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