Enjoy this video of Shenmue in HD, because you'll probably never play it

Mod creator NoconKid is creating an HD version of the original Shenmue. The project, which began as an HD recreation of the in-game arcade, has expanded to the entire map. The arcade itself has received additional attention, with news games and videos added to the virtual machines. Projects like these are long shots. They take a considerable amount of time and effort, especially when created by one person. Then there's what happens when a large publisher like Sega takes notice of something like this, and whether they want to bother with licensing and monitoring someone using their IP. Though if one publisher is likely to consider the option, it's SEGA, which made a deal with indie developer Christian Whitehead, who has ported Sonic games to iOS. While we may never play this version of S...


GDC 2014 sessions now available to watch online

A number of 2014 Game Developers Conference sessions are live and free to watch via the GDC Vault. Those interested are free to browse by session category, such as audio, visual arts, serious games, programming, game narrative and more. GDC 2014 sessions available include a Classic Game Postmortem talk from Eugene Jarvis (Robotron: 2084), along with Peter Molyneux's session "From AAA to Indie: The Rebirth of Design" and Xbox's Phil Spencer's Fireside Chat. Mass Effect developer Manveer Heir's talk on eliminating social injustice from games and the second #1ReasonToBe panel from the Advocacy Track are also available. While a selection of sessions are marked for GDC members only, a large number of talks and panels are free to view. Presentations from past conferences have also...


Creator Yu Suzuki shares the story of Shenmue's development

In a Classic Game Postmortem session at the 2014 Game Developers Conference today, Yu Suzuki — director, producer, designer and writer — spoke about the origins and development of 1999 Sega Dreamcast adventure role-playing game Shenmue. After joining Sega in 1983, Suzuki focused primarily on creating arcade games, where the ideal experience was three minutes long. After years working on these games he decided he wanted to make a game that didn't have that kind of time limit. He began researching late 1980s role-playing games, using these as the formula for the game he would build. "When I see these games I get so nostalgic," Suzuki said through his translator, PlayStation 4 architect and game designer Mark Cerny. "There was a dream here." Suzuki researched RPGs and began building a...


Shenmue creator holding postmortem session at GDC 2014

Yu Suzuki, the renowned game designer behind the Shenmue series, will discuss the creation of the original Shenmue in a postmortem lecture at the 2014 Game Developers Conference, the convention's organizers announced today. Game designer Mark Cerny, who most recently served as the PlayStation 4's lead system architect at Sony, will translate the hourlong Classic Game Postmortem into English. Suzuki will begin with Shenmue's origins as a Virtua Fighter-based role-playing game for the Sega Saturn, and explain the game's evolution into the influential RPG classic that launched on the Dreamcast in December 1999 in Japan and in November 2000 in the West. The session will be livestreamed on GameSpot's website. GDC 2014 will take place from March 17-21, 2014, at the Moscone Center in San...


First 4 Figures Shenmue statue available for pre-order now

Collectible company First 4 Figures' Shenmue statue of Ryo Hazuki is available for pre-order now. The statue was announced in December of last year with a brief teaser image. Ryo is available in a regular edition, priced $169.99, and an exclusive edition, $184.99. Both are approximately on a 1/6 scale at 12-inches tall and made of hand-painted polystone with numbered bases. There will be 750 copies of the regular edition statues available. The exclusive edition, which features Ryo standing on the game's Phoenix Mirror, will only have 350 copies. Figures are expected to ship in Q4 of this year. Check of more photos of the regular edition Ryo statue here, or the exclusive edition here.


Shenmue 3 may see existence through a Kickstarter campaign

Writer, director and creator of the Shenmue series, Yu Suzuki, is considering a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the development of Shenmue 3, according to a recent tweet of French journalist and presenter, Sebastien-Abdelhamid. Abdelhamid interviewed Suzuki at the Monaco Anime Game Show, a video game, manga and anime convention which runs from March 2-3. The presenter’s full interview with Suzuki will be published on Canal Street.TV. Abdelhamid also tweeted that Yuziki wants to continue the Shenmue story alongside the game as a Manga or anime. Shenmue is an open-world adventure game first published on the Dreamcast in 1999. The story revolves around protagonist Ryo Hazuki and his journey to avenge his father's death. The sequel, Shenmue 2, was published in 2001 on the Dreamcast....


First 4 Figures Shenmue statue up for pre-order early 2013

First 4 Figures, a collectible company best known for its work on The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Sonic the Hedgehog figurines, is crafting a Ryo Hazuki statue in tribute to 1999's Shenmue. Shemue, an open-world adventure title, released on Dreamcast. The game followed protagonist Ryo Hazuki as he set out to avenge his father's death. First 4 Figures expects to have the Ryo Hazuki statue ready for pre-order in early 2013. No pricing details, design specifics or release dates were given. You can see the teaser image below.

Shenmue Releases
North America
  • Sega Dreamcast
    • Released 11/06/2000
    • Publisher Sega
    • Developer Sega-AM2
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