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Platform PS Vita Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment Developer WayForward Technologies Release Date 2012-10-16



Silent Hill: Book of Memories review: revisionist history

In Book of Memories' first break with the series, you create the main character. You choose the protagonist's gender as well as their look, though all of the options fit into high school-age stereotypes — the jock, the nerd, the goth, etc. Actions in the game are completely disconnected from the narrative Whatever style you go with, you take on the role of an average person whose non-noteworthy life takes a turn for the crazy when you receive an unexplained gift in the mail: a book that chronicles all of your memories. Instead of being creeped out, the protagonist decides to erase and rewrite memories to lead to a better outcome, wiping away failed relationships, missed job opportunities, and more. This silly Twilight Zone setup has some narrative possibility, but it...

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Here's what WayForward's Silent Hill DS game might have looked like

Silent Hill: Book of Memories wasn't the first time developer WayForward Technologies dipped into the series, according to a video recently posted on its Twitch channel. Designer and director Adam Tierney explained that in 2006, the team created a demo of "what we thought Silent Hill would look like" on the Nintendo DS system. The footage begins at 8:35 and is fairly rough. However, it presents a fully polygonal game that uses assets and themes from Silent Hill 2, as well as the game's protagonist, James Sunderland. Watch the video above to see James wander through a creepy room and work through the demo's first puzzle. The video also features a second Silent Hill demo the developer used to snag its job on Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The demo begins at 23:30. Like the first, it...


Japan Review Check: Dragon Quest VII, Ginga Force

A quick look at the highlights among the games coming out in Japan this coming week, courtesy of the review pages of Famitsu magazine: - Dragon Quest VII (9/9/8/9, 35 points out of 40): The 3DS remake of the top-selling (albeit extremely long) PlayStation 1 entry in Japan's top role-playing series does pretty well in the ratings, although it didn't emerge from the review write-ups completely unscathed. "The fact your characters' external appearance now changes with their job makes raising them much more fun," wrote editor Reona Ebihara. "The new orchestral soundtrack has a lot of depth to it; it matches well with the equally deep story and makes the entire package more charming." Fellow reviewer Maria Yoshiike also brought up an improvement that old PS1 gamers should welcome: Square...


Silent Hill: Book of Memories producer says experiments led to an action RPG

Silent Hill: Book of Memories became an action RPG because of experiments, Tomm Hewlett, the game's producer, said in an interview on the PlayStation Blog. "We really wanted to experiment with multiplayer," Hewlett said. "Survival horror is a very particular genre, but with PS Vita’s online capabilities, it just made sense to do multiplayer here. So we started to experiment with different gameplay styles … and through a long random assortment of events and demos, we came across a dungeon crawler, action/RPG thing which is really compelling with multiple players." Hewlett goes on to discuss how the game adds action RPG elements like abilities and leveling while staying true to the franchise's survival horror roots. He also said that many of the game's 21 stages and seven environments...


'Silent Hill: Book of Memories' trailer reveals a spooky, supernatural world

Konami released a launch trailer for the PlayStation Vita-exclusive Silent Hill: Book of Memories today, showing off the character creator, the bloody fights against the undead, and the ways that characters will be able to interact with their environments. The game was announced earlier this year at E3 and we wrote about our impression of it here. Silent Hill: Book of Memories releases for PlayStation Vita in North America on October 16th. A demo for the game will be released on PSN next week.


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance leads Konami's Tokyo Game Show 2012 lineup

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance tops the slate of games Konami is bringing to the Tokyo Game Show later this month, though social and mobile titles comprise the majority of the list. The newly announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is not scheduled to appear at the show. Konami's booth will feature only two console games: Revengeance and Zone of the Enders HD Collection. The latter will be available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Revengeance will be a PS3 exclusive in Japan. Two PlayStation Vita titles, DJMax Technika Tune and The Forest of Isuserata, will join them there. Two other Konami titles, the upcoming Vita game Silent Hill: Book of Memories and the already available Silent Hill Downpour, will be at the Sony booth. Konami's social and mobile slate is led by the GREE...


'Silent Hill: Book of Memories' is the strangest departure for the series yet

Silent Hill has a spotty history if we're being generous. Konami has never nailed down a gameplay formula that works at all times in this otherworldly town. At the very least, though, it can't be faulted for constantly trying zany new ideas. The latest off-the-wall interpretation of Silent Hill comes in the form of Silent Hill: Book of Memories, a Vita-exclusive spin-off that sprinkles a little bit of the series' traditional slow-paced psychological horror onto a dungeon crawler. While hardcore Silent Hill fans have been understandably dismissive of Book of Memories, my time with the game at E3 revealed that there could very well be a worthwhile experience here if you're willing to set aside the expectations that come with the name. At the beginning of the game your created character...


Adventure Time game releases on DS later this year

Pendleton Ward, eccentric artist, gamer-at-heart and creator of Adventure Time, wrote early this morning on Twitter that he is working with a studio to bring his popular cartoon series to the Nintendo DS this year. The news was announced over a series of early morning Ward tweets featuring hand-drawn art from the show and later confirmed by both Ward and Cartoon Network to Vox Games. "We can finally confirm what you've all been hoping for, speculating on and commenting about: Cartoon Network is, in fact, currently making an Adventure Time licensed interactive game," a Cartoon Network spokesperson told Vox Games. "Series creator Pendleton Ward is working very closely with the game developer WayForward Technologies, and it will be released later this year on the Nintendo DS. That's all we...


Silent Hill HD Collection delayed, still coming in March with Downpour and Memories

Silent Hill HD Collection has been pushed back two weeks from its March 6th launch date, Konami revealed in a press release earlier today. The compilation, which contains remastered versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3, will now land on store shelves March 20th — a long way off from its initial September / October 2011 launch window. For those of you keeping track, that means the latter part of March will bring us three straight weeks of new Silent Hill releases, with Silent Hill: Downpour scheduled for March 14th, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories due out March 27th. Regardless of how much you may be looking forward to this absolute nightmare sandwich, we think we can all agree that, man, we're looking forward to a decapitation-free April.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Releases
North America
  • PlayStation Vita
    • Released 10/16/2012
    • Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment
    • Developer WayForward Technologies
    • Score 4.0
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