Friends List: Will offline mode save SimCity?

Today on Friends List Editor-at-Large Chris Plante asks Opinions Editor Ben Kuchera if offline mode will save SimCity. The episode will begin at 2 p.m. ET (or thereabouts!) and will be available via YouTube following the recording. While you wait you can watch the previous episode: Why haven't you heard of Anodyne? Enjoy Friends List anywhere, anytime: Bookmark the Friends List video page. Subscribe to the audio-only podcast: Friends List on iTunes. Download our theme song, "Hangout" by Tolecover.


SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow intro video dissects the city of the future

The intro trailer for SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow goes over some of the parts of a successful future city. On the one hand, the city of tomorrow must contain an Academy, which researches advanced technology and operates the city's ControlNet. Said ControlNet oversees things like the energy-generating Wave Generator and the trash-destroying Garbage Atomizer, as well as the city's Maglev train network. On the other hand, a successful city must be profitable, and mayors of the future may want to invest in OmegaCo's factories and drone technology. People of tomorrow need places to live, work and shop, all of which can be contained in a single Mega Tower. However, in addition to the standard natural disasters that modern-day cities must contend with, future cities must also worry about...


SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow launch trailer duels philosophies

A launch trailer for SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow takes the form of twin in-universe commercials produced by rival powers. The premise of the trailer pits the scientific-minded Academy against the greed-is-good conglomerate OmegaCo. OmegaCo's commercial lampoons the Academy's focus on green technology, pointing out its expense and arguing that the trees shouldn't have been growing there in the first place. In return, the Academy alleges that OmegaCo's focus on robotic drones takes Sim commuters' jobs, and that renegade robots are a danger the city can ill afford. Plus, the Academy's clean technology produces floating trains, and you'd be a fool to pass that up, it argues. Cities of Tomorrow launches on Nov. 12.


SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow trailer explores futuristic metropolises

A new gameplay demo for Cities of Tomorrow, the first expansion for this year's reboot of SimCity, explores how different cities in a region work together in a futuristic setting. The first city we're shown is the research hub city that houses the Academy, a building that engineers new technologies like clean fusion reactors and maglev trains. It works in conjunction with the second city, an industrial powerhouse that manufactures a valuable substance known as Omega. Omega can be shipped via drones to minimize traffic, and the Academy can research ways to clean up the pollution that results as a byproduct. The workers in these two cities largely come from the third city, designed as a residential zone. City planners can construct gigantic towers that contain residential areas, offices...


SimCity update fights traffic with bridges and tunnels

A video from EA demonstrates a new feature coming in SimCity update 7: a height tool that allows players to easily create bridges and tunnels. When creating a new road, the height tool can raise the road off the ground; if raised high enough it will create a bridge, allowing other roads to be constructed beneath it. Similarly, the height tool can sink a road into the ground and create a tunnel. These tools are meant to give the city's virtual mayor "more power in managing traffic and flow." SimCity update 7 will hit later this month.


SimCity airship, blimps and hot air balloons DLC available now

The latest round of downloadable content for Maxis' SimCity adds airships, blimps and other airborne vehicles to players' games, according to a developer video from publisher EA. In the video above, balance designer Ross Treyz walks viewers through the new content. The DLC adds two airships — one for commuters and one for tourists — as well as two balloon parks with ten hot air balloons and an event blimp that will bring attendees to a city's stadium. These airships will help transport Sims to work or bring new tourists into the city, freeing up road space and allowing mayors to make more cash. The Airship Set is available worldwide through EA's Origin platform and costs $8.99. Check out the video for a closer look at how the new content with help bolster a city's wealth. Earlier...


Maxis teases SimCity amusement park DLC, coming May 28

SimCity's next round add-on content, the Amusement Park Pack, will be available on May 28, according to a footage of a leaked product page and a tease from developer Maxis on the SimCity Facebook page. The pack was leaked earlier today in a video from Hypnotoad Productions, a webshow that shares video game walkthroughs and news. The footage, posted above, walks viewers through screenshots of a listing on downloadable game site Green Man Gaming, which reportedly leaked news of the DLC earlier. "Some of you may have seen thrilling new SimCity content that arrived too early at the gate. It's coming May 28th. We think you'll be amused," reads the post on the SimCity page. The Amusement Park Pack adds several rides to players' buildings tools, as well as park entrances they can customize...


SimCity mod demonstrates the possibility of some form of indefinite offline play

It is possible to play SimCity offline indefinitely, according to a video of a modded version of the game posted to YouTube. Modder UKAzzer uploaded the video which shows him disabling the game's disconnection timer. Previous tests confirmed that SimCity will kick a user from the game after roughly 20 minutes of offline play; however, while its impact on a number of features in the game means this offline mode is still not ideal, the video demonstrates some form of unlimited offline play is indeed possible. According to the modder's initial posts on Reddit, while the game can be played indefinitely without connecting online, it is not possible to save the game without reconnecting the game and cross-region play is also impossible. "Works a treat! No region stuff of course, and you...


Taiwanese animators skewer SimCity debacle

Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese media studio that has gained minor notoriety in the West for its absurd CGI takes on the news stories of the day, has released a news video explaining — and lampooning — the various crises surrounding the launch of Maxis' SimCity. The video stars an overweight gamer who is apparently YouTube comedian Francis, and features a rather literal representation of "cloud computing" and a slightly uncomfortable racial joke in which Maxis GM Lucy Bradshaw takes a fireball to the face from a furious Jeff Bezos and turns black. It's still worth a watch. NMA has tackled other serious and not-so-serious matters in its trademark surreal style, from New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's perceived nanny state to the US Supreme Court's videogame verdict and everything...


Today I Played: SimCity

I experimented with SimCity games during grade school, but I would hardly call myself a simulation gamer. If you've watched previous Today I Playeds, you might have noticed my affinity for action and adventures games. Yeah, I like smart, thoughtful, slow games, but I also love blowing stuff up. I'm a simple man. Squeezing a button and being rewarded with streams of visual mayhem plays to my id. Simulations, they were usually too slow. I could play a simulation game for hours, weeks even, and still lose. I was trained on cheap gratification, and these games expected so much from me. SimCity is a simulation for mouth-breathers like myself. Every click is rewarded with a snappy sound effect or orchestral trill. Neighborhoods and skyscrapers grow, collapse and regrow in minutes. And when...

SimCity (2013) Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 03/05/2013
    • Publisher Electronic Arts
    • Developer Maxis
    • Score 6.5
  • Mac
    • Released 08/29/2013
    • Publisher Electronic Arts
    • Developer Maxis
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