Dark Souls 2 and South Park: The Stick of Truth on offer in PlayStation RPG sale

Sony has announced a sale of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita role-playing games, for the week ahead. Among the offers are Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, down from $19.99 to $4.99. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is down from $39.99 to $19.99. Ubisoft's recently released South Park: The Stick of Truth is now $41.99 instead of $59.99 while Dark Souls 2 is down from $59.99 to $38.99. Mass Effect, Final Fantasy and Tales games are also on offer. "We're putting some awesome games and add-ons on sale as part of our newest sale," stated a Sony post at PlayStation Blog, which is running a full list of deals. "Never played an RPG before? Now's the perfect time." The sale runs from now until Friday June 6 at 12:00PM Pacific.


THQ's abandoned office is a ghost town full of video game relics

When THQ declared bankruptcy and dissolved, it abandoned its office, leaving boxes, games, marketing materials and more behind, according to a gallery created by Reddit user Soulessgingr.  The Redditor works for a company that moved into THQ's former headquarters. According to Soulessgingr, the THQ office includes abandoned hardware like cables, monitors, routers and TVs. "It seems the building owner paid THQ for all the stuff they left," Soulessgingr wrote.  But more important to video game fans, the office is also littered with video game awards, boxes and promotional materials for former THQ games like South Park: The Stick of Truth, which found new life at Ubisoft,  Saints Row the Third: Enter the Dominatrix, a planned standalone expansion that was eventually incorporated into S...


Ubisoft gross profits down year over year but Q4 2013 profits rose

Ubisoft's gross profits were down €191.7 million (about $262 million) year over year, while its Q4 profits rose to €194 million ($265 million) year over year, the company announced in its sales and earnings report (PDF link) for the year ended March 31, 2014.  Gross profits in 2013-2014 reached €721.8 million ($986 million) compared to €913.5 million ($1.2 billion) in 2012-2013. Ubisoft cited a "contrition in sales from the core gamers segment" for the discrepancy, but said that the impact on gross profit was "largely offset by grown in digital distribution."  The company ended the fiscal year with a non-IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) operating loss of  €65.6 million ($89 million). That figure is roughly equivalent to the guidance the company provided in February...


South Park: The Stick of Truth let me do everything but be myself, and that's a bummer

I grew up on South Park. I was 9 when the first episode debuted in 1997, and I'd snuggle into our family room couch to watch it with my father. I know what South Park is about. I ripped the packaging off The Stick of Truth hoping the game kept the tone and spirit of the show. (Note: This piece will contain a few spoilers for the game.) Within minutes of booting up the game I tweeted a picture of my in-game character. "New kid" Alexa even had some seriously shitty bags under her eyes, which isn't far off from how I look on particularly trying days. Pink hoodie, bangs in her eyes, my "new kid" was me, and through her I would befriend the kids of South Park and defend the Stick of Truth. About half of that was right. After the opening character creation menu I met my in-game family, who...


South Park's Matt Stone talks game censorship

South Park co-creator Matt Stone said today that censorship compromises made in the show's new spin-off game in certain countries don't change the experience significantly. Speaking to The Guardian he said that changes made in Germany and Australia to South Park: The Stick of Truth "doesn't change things that much." Developer Obsidian switched out static jokes for offending scenes in countries where content caused trouble, making reference to the deleted gags. In Australia, censors took offense to a joke about anal probing (see below), while German laws prohibit the display of swastikas. "I was told that we had to submit it for ratings and they come back and tell you this will pass, this won't," said Stone. "Ultimately, the full version of the game is in North America, so at...


Why South Park: The Stick of Truth was delayed in Austria and Germany

South Park: The Stick of Truth has been delayed in Austria and Germany because developer Obsidian Entertainment's role-playing game includes swastikas, which is a "symbol of an unconstitutional organization," a representative from Ubisoft confirmed to Polygon today. The game was originally set for March 6 release. Ubisoft has not yet announced an updated release date but will reveal one "shortly," according to a statement from the company. "The German and Austrian version of South Park: The Stick of Truth contains a symbol of an unconstitutional organization, whereupon we stopped the distribution of the game and unfortunately will not be able to release it as initially planned [in] March 6, 2014 on the German and Austrian market," the statement reads. "This concerns all...


South Park: The Stick of Truth - Overview video

It certainly qualifies for that alert — there are sights in this Overview of South Park: The Stick of Truth that cannot be unseen, utterances that cannot be unheard. Sure, a lot of it is fairly benign; there's nothing particularly unsavory about the game's plethora of character progression and customization options, nor is its explorable open world inherently unpalatable. But there are certainly, definitely things that are not suitable for consumption in work environments. Or home environments. Or Earth, in general. In this Overview, Justin and I walk through an early section of Obsidian's new role-playing game, engaging in an at-length discussion of flatulence and its place in the interactive arts. Enjoy?


How did South Park make video games funny?

If this is your first episode, Friends List is a daily web series where we have one-on-one talks about a single question related to video games. The goal is to give both Polygon's many team members across the globe and those involved in covering, designing and releasing games, an opportunity to speak with you. Today on Friends List, Editor-at-Large Chris Plante and Managing Editor Justin McElroy ask: How did South Park make video games funny? The episode will begin at 2 p.m. ET (or thereabouts!) and will be available via YouTube following the recording. While you wait you can watch the previous episode: What the hell is happening with Duke Nukem? Enjoy Friends List anywhere, anytime: Bookmark the Friends List video page. Subscribe to the audio-only podcast: Friends List on iTunes. ...


The Stick of Truth lets you know the story is pretend, and that makes everything feel real

It's the sort of "mistake" that adds character to a film, the unplanned touches like the blood on the camera during a climactic shootout in Children of Men. That movie was also, not coincidentally, directed by Gravity's Alfonso Cuarón. The decision to make the camera feel like a physical part of the scene is effective. Suddenly you feel as if you're watching something shot on location, and seeing objects with physical reality. Much of Gravity was created inside a computer. The special effects team, likely under orders from the director himself, decided to "fake" the idea of a camera to give you a sense of watching something that was filmed by humans in space. During one scene you even see the film crew in the visor of an astronaut, complete with their own space suits and camera...


South Park: The Stick of Truth review: pen and paper

You'd be forgiven for thinking that's something of a backhanded compliment. The five previous games based on the cartoon have been met with abject scorn, save for South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! which was pleasant, if not exceptional. But that's part of what makes The Stick of Truth such an achievement. South Park, like all episodic comedies, is an engine built to generate laughs. And developer Obsidian has built a 10-12 hour game that is perfectly crafted to house that engine. South Park is an engine built to generate laughs You are The New Kid in the town of South Park. Moments after being forced out of the house by your parents to meet the neighborhood kids, you're swept up in their town-spanning, Dungeons-and-Dragons-inspired battle for The Stick of Truth. Cartman,...

South Park: The Stick of Truth Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 2014-03-04
    • Publisher Ubisoft
    • Developer Obsidian Entertainment
    • Score 8.5
  • Xbox 360
    • Released 2014-03-04
    • Publisher Ubisoft
    • Developer Obsidian Entertainment
    • Score 8.5
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 2014-03-04
    • Publisher Ubisoft
    • Developer Obsidian Entertainment
    • Score 8.5
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