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Platform 360, PS3, Win, Mac Publisher 2K Games Developer Yager Development Release Date 2012-06-26



Spec Ops: The Line review: devil's duty

I've been thinking off and on about Spec Ops: The Line since about five minutes after I finished it. Spec Ops: The Line doesn't lend itself very well to the sort of practical, birds-eye view that typically dominates game reviews. Developer Yager seems to have other things in mind, and more specifically, something to say about the subject matter it explores - the modern warfare shooter. With that in mind, my opinions have to be qualified - is it most important that a game has more to it than the basic joy of well-implemented shooting mechanics, or good level design, or a refined checkpoint system? Can a game with a clear narrative goal compensate for other shortcomings that might relegate a less fictionally ambitious game to also-ran purgatory? In the case of Spec Ops: The Line, I...

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2K holiday deals include BioShock, Borderlands, XCOM bundles

2K Games is bundling and discounting several of the console games it publishes ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. The $29.99 holiday 2013 packs are available now and include: 2K Essentials Collection, which contains BioShock, Borderlands, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 2K Power Pack, which contains BioShock 2, The Darkness 2, Mafia 2 and is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 2K Definitive Strategy Collection, which contains XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Sid Meier's Civilization 5 and is available for Windows PC 2K Rogues and Outlaws Collection, which contains Borderlands 2, Spec Ops: The Line, Mafia 2 and is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 You can pick up each at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart, except for the...


Spec Ops: The Line landing for Mac

Gritty shooter Spec Ops: The Line is set to launch for Mac tomorrow. The Mac version is being handled by Digital Tribe Games and will be available in the Steam Mac Store for $29.99. First launched for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in June 2012, the Yager-developed game found general favor with reviewers for its stark portrayal of warfare in a desolated Dubai.


Press Select launches to publish long-form games criticism

The publishing company, which was funded after both Keogh and Golding won first place in Express Media's Young Writers Innovation Prize for their Press Select concept, is currently working with a diverse group of writers from around the world to produce digital books of game criticism. The first of the books are set to be published in early 2014. Some of the writers that will be published by Press Select in its first round have written for publications like Edge magazine, Kotaku, Kill Screen and personal blogs, including writers like Chris Dahlen, Michael Abbott, Jenn Frank, Jason Killingsworth, Maddy Myers, Tim Rogers, Patricia Hernandez and Robert Yang. Golding told Polygon that Press Select approached authors based on their experience with their previous work, and offered them the...


Take-Two quarterly revenue drops 37%, still 'better than expected'

Publisher Take-Two Interactive reported "better-than-expected" results for the first quarter of its 2014 fiscal year today, and although the company lost money in the quarter, it expects very positive results for the second quarter and full year. Take-Two's revenues for the quarter ending June 30, 2013, totaled $142.7 million, a 36.9 percent year-over-year decline that was expected because last year, the first quarter of the company's 2013 fiscal year contained two major releases in Max Payne 3 and Spec Ops: The Line. The company recorded a first-quarter 2014 net loss of $61.9 million, an improvement on the $110.8 million loss it reported one year ago. That net loss included a $29.6 million "impairment of capitalized software development cost" related to an in-development 2K title. T...


Nolan North on Nathan Drake: 'That character is me'

Nolan North, the ubiquitous actor who's played a host of notable video game characters including Uncharted's Nathan Drake, Assassin's Creed's Desmond Miles, Martin Walker in Spec Ops: The Line and many more, told Eurogamer that he "became a better actor" when he started adding a bit of himself to every role. North recounted the story of a failed audition that lead to his realization. In failure's wake, an acting coach friend suggested that he act as "Nolan the wedding planner, whose name happens to be Chet," rather than inventing Chet out of whole cloth for the audition. "I became a better actor — on camera, voice-over-wise [and] everything — when I stopped trying to play a character and played me as that character," North said. North used Nathan Drake, the character he's most...


Demon's Souls, Malicious and more free to PlayStation Plus members in April

PlayStation Plus subscribers in North America will get free access to five games in April, according to an update on the PlayStation Blog — Demon's Souls, Malicious and Labyrinth Legends for PlayStation 3; and PSP game Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny and Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge for PlayStation Vita. Those games will be made available for free to PS Plus members over the next month, starting with From Software's dark, challenging role-playing game Demon's Souls on April 2. The PlayStation Store update on April 2 will also bring with it discounts on games like Telltale Games' The Walking Dead, Söldner-X2 and Rainbow Moon. This month's free PlayStation Plus offerings will replace a trio of titles leaving the Instant Game Collection in April: Spec Ops: The Line, Super Street...


Spec Ops writer thinks violence is too easy

The enemies in Spec Ops: The Line, however, were meant to have character. Killing them was supposed to feel weighty. It was intended to be a thing which would give you pause, even if you were enjoying it. Williams says he considers Spec Ops:The Line to have been an experiment, and one that he's still a little surprised by. What Williams and developer Yager set out to do with Spec Ops was prove that violence could be used as a core component of a game narrative, but not necessarily as an end to itself. They wanted to give the violence meaning. "It was a hard game to get out the door," he says. "[But] the reaction to it was quite wonderful." In most games, violence is the principle method by which a player interacts with the world. Shooting solves problems, whether those problems are...


Spec Ops: The Line subject of critical, month-long playthrough at New York Public Library

As part of the NYPLarcade's game series, the Mid-Manhattan Library will host a "critical, chapter-by-chapter" play session of Spec Ops: The Line beginning on March 25. The inaugural event will cover "The Evacuation," "The Dune" and "Underneath," with five events total examining the game's 15 chapters. During each event, participants can play or watch before engaging in a guided discussion. The full schedule is as follows: March 25: "The Evacuation," "The Dune," "Underneath" April 1: "The Refugees," "The Edge," "The Pit" April 8: "The Battle," "The Gate," "The Road" April 15: "Riggs," "Alone," "The Rooftops"April 22: "Adams," "The Bridge," "Welcome" The NYPL event isn't the first time Spec Ops: The Line has been critically analyzed. In November 2012, academic Brendan Keogh published K...


Spec Ops: The Line, Joe Danger 2 and more free this month for PlayStation Plus members

PlayStation Plus is introducing five new games to its Instant Game Collection and discounting many more for the month of March, according to the PlayStation Blog. For this month, PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the following games for free: Spec Ops: The Line, Joe Danger 2, Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, The Cave and Tekken 6. A number of PlayStation Vita games will also be discounted as part of week two of the Vita anniversary sale for all PSN users. Among the discounted titles are Army Corps of Hell, Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend, Dokuro, Knytt Underground, Lego Lord of the Rings. Sine Mora, Retro City Rampage and more. The full list of games on sale this week on PSN can be viewed here. The following games are leaving PlayStation Plus this month: Guardians...


Voting open online for the Game Developers Choice Award

The virtual ballet box is open for the Game Developers Choice Audience Award and accepting nominations today through 5 p.m. ET March 1, according to the official website. Voters need to select a game from a list provided and enter an email address, from which you'll be prompted to confirm your vote. The list of nominated games includes: Assassin's Creed 3 Borderlands 2 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Dishonored Dust: An Elysian Tail Far Cry 3 Fez FTL: Faster Than Light Gravity Rush Halo 4 Hero Academy Hotline Miami Journey Kid Icarus: Uprising Mark of the Ninja Mass Effect 3 PlanetSide 2 The Room Sound Shapes Spelunky Spec Ops: The Line Trials Evolution The Unfinished Swan Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward The Walking Dead XCOM: Enemy Unknown ZombiU In late...

Spec Ops: The Line Releases
North America
  • Xbox 360
    • Released 06/26/2012
    • Publisher 2K Games
    • Developer Yager Development
    • Score 8
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 06/26/2012
    • Publisher 2K Games
    • Developer Yager Development
  • Windows
    • Released 06/26/2012
    • Publisher 2K Games
    • Developer Yager Development
  • Mac
    • Released 11/07/2013
    • Publisher Digital Tribe Games
    • Developer Yager Development
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