Star Citizen's $30K spaceship design contest airs Jan. 31

The Next Great Starship, a series covering the $30K spaceship design competition for Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen, will air on YouTube from Jan. 31. The weekly series involves 24 final teams competing for a grand cash prize of $30,000, with a handful of those eliminated each show. The competition launched in October last year and saw 270 teams from 65 countries entering for the chance to have their craft design used in the space exploration sim. The series will run for the next three weeks, airing on the Roberts Space Industries YouTube channel every Friday at 6 p.m. ET/ 3:00 p.m. PT. Judges include Cloud Imperium Games co-founder Chris Roberts, developers from Star Citizen's art, design and animation teams and unannounced celebrity judges. The Next Great Starship finale will air...


Star Citizen achieves additional funding goal for Squadron 42

Chris Roberts' crowd-funded space sim, Star Citizen, surpassed its $29 million stretch goal for additional funding on its single-player campaign, Squadron 42. Squadron 42 takes place within the game's universe and can be played offline and with friends. According to Roberts' post, the extra funding will help make it "a true spiritual successor to Wing Commander." "Squadron 42 can go above and beyond anything you've seen before," Roberts wrote. "From opening with an epic battle instead of a training patrol to missions that seamlessly combine boarding and space combat, we aim to put you right into the action! Additional funding will let the team realize this, with enhanced mission design and more resources and animations to enhance fidelity." In the video above, Roberts and designers...


Star Citizen's latest fictional commercial is for your own personal starfighter

The latest Star Citizen trailer masquerading as an in-universe commercial for the spaceship of your dreams introduces the 2944 edition of the Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C. A versatile single-pilot starfighter with over two centuries of serving humanity in its exploration of the stars, the Hornet F7C has been adapted for civilian use alongside the military model. That isn't to say that the civilian version of the Hornet doesn't pack a punch; the trailer shows it defeating a pair of adversaries through superior maneuverability and superior firepower alike. A brochure on the game's site preserves the fiction of the game world by presenting the four main types of Hornet models as it might to a prospective buyer in the Star Citizen universe. A modular design, the Hornet can be a...


Star Citizen trailer advertises the galaxy's most popular spaceship

A new Star Citizen trailer takes the form of an in-universe advertisement for the latest model of a popular spacecraft. In the trailer, a prospective buyer ponders the different options he wants on his 2944 model year Aurora: Should he spring for extra cargo space, bigger guns and rockets, or perhaps a fancy leather pilots' chair? On the game's website (which masquerades as a site for the fictitious Roberts Space Industries, makers of the Aurora), the craft is described as dependable and customizable, "the perfect beginner's ship." Players can pledge between $25 and $45 in real-life money to the game's development funds and be rewarded with an Aurora of their very own when the game eventually launches. Star Citizen is currently planned for a launch in late 2014. Backers who have...


Star Citizen trailer shows detailed ships and space battles

A new trailer for Star Citizen focuses on the sights and visuals of the upcoming persistent-world space sim. The trailer briefly shows some of the human characters walking around as well as pure renders of the game's spaceships on an abstract background, but the real meat is the space scenes. Capital ships and smaller fighters alike are rendered at a very high level of detail as they fly through asteroid fields and blast each other with laser cannons. Star Citizen is planned to launch some time next year.


Star Citizen will feature an economy system 'equally in-depth' to its combat

Star Citizen, Chris Roberts' crowd-funded space exploration game, will feature a deep economy system affected by player actions, according to a post on Roberts Space Industries. The lengthy update provides details on how the system will function in-game. According to the post, the game's economy is "built to represent millions of entities" within the universe that work together to build and transport resources and goods. "Miners and other resource gatherers work to extract basic resources from the available supply, traders collect those goods and deliver them to other places, escorts protect those convoys from harm (while pirates attempt the opposite), refineries turn the raw goods into processed goods, and factories collect these processed goods to build the finished products that...


Cloud Imperium Games offers an inside look at the making of the 300i

A new video from Cloud Imperium Games features a more in-depth look at the making of one of Star Citizen's spaceships, the 300i. The crowd-funded space exploration game features several heavily detailed ships. The video, which you can watch above, shows off the 300i's conceptual beginnings and on. After the concept images are approved by Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts, the ship is taken into 3D modeling. According to artist Chris Smith, the 300i is then rebuilt for a cleaner look and further detailed. The process involves a great deal of refining, cutting and adding polygons and texture. According to lead animator Bryan Brewer, each part of the 300i is animated individually. "We're trying to make all of our ships articulate and move and feel more alive," Brewer said. Roberts...


First look at Star Citizen's 'BMW' spaceship, the 300i

The roll-out of a gleaming new space-craft in Chris Roberts' Star Citizen world has taken on the quality of an old-fashioned Detroit unveiling of a new Chrysler or Chevrolet. For these are video gaming's shiny objects of desire, their beautiful entities. Curiously, they are also feats of engineering. Chris Roberts is today showing off the 300i for the first time, along with a slick promotional in-engine video and an online brochure (see bottom of story) that is just as glossy as anything you'd expect to browse, while eating a tasty donut, in a BMW dealership. Star Citizen, in case you are not aware, is Roberts' immense space trading, combat and exploration game from Roberts Space Industries. Like his classic Wing Commander series, it encourages players to the pursuit of power and...

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Cloud Imperium releases Star Citizen character model preview

Crowd-funded space shooter Star Citizen is mostly about spaceships, but developer Cloud Imperium hopes to make its human characters worth looking at, too, judging from this recently-released video. The video shows off the game's male character model performing basic animations and moving his body, all rendered in real-time in the game's engine. Star Citizen is scheduled for release in late 2014 for Windows PC.

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