Star Citizen reaches $42 million, adds a towel

Space combat game Star Citizen has reached $42 million in crowd funding, Cloud Imperium founder Chris Roberts announced in his latest blog post. This additional funding unlocks several new goals, which include an updated observist guide, an explorer-class mobiGlas rig for those who backed the game before it hit $42 million, an additional "Gladius" fighter vehicle, and finally, a towel. Preliminary art for these in-game towels is shown above. Like the mobiGlas rig, these will only be available to those who backed the game prior to hitting this funding level. For the eventual $44 million goal mark, backers can expect a Hangar room system which was previously voted for by users. The Hangar is currently being developed, while those who back the project before it hits $44 million will...


Star Citizen's Arena Commander is the first tantalizing taste of a great space sim

They had come to witness the first really playable sign of a game they had so much faith in that they had backed its creation with cash, nearly $42 million in cash. And to this gathering of the space sim faithful, Cloud Imperium Games co-founder and CEO Chris Roberts was an icon. So when, after several short delays, Roberts introduced the dogfighting module for the hotly anticipated Star Citizen to the crowd, they forgave his backing into an asteroid. The crowd roared with delight when the minutely detailed space fighter exploded. They watched in rapt attention as the game went through it's animated introductory sequence again, and then a third time after a computer crash. By the last time they were chanting for moments in the cut scene, and then cheered when it arrived. For fans of...


Gaming is helping to keep the PC market alive, PC gaming panel says

During today's computer gaming panel at PAX East 2014, "The (Incredible) Future of PC Gaming," the topic at hand was — as you may have guessed — a contrarian viewpoint to the conventional wisdom that holds that the PC is on the decline. At the same time, it's not as if the panelists, who came from a wide spectrum of the PC gaming industry, were blind to the realities of the market. They just focused on the gaming segment of the platform. Gaming, they said, will keep the PC relevant for the foreseeable future. According to the panelists, there are many positive aspects of the PC platform that are obvious, including how open it is and how customizable it allows games to be. The PC is also in a transition period as a whole, noted Tom Petersen, Nvidia's director of technical marketing...


Star Citizen creator supports Oculus VR deal, placates fans' acquisition fears

Following news that social networking company Facebook acquired Oculus VR for $2 billion in cash and stock, Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts placated fans that developer Cloud Imperium has no interest in being acquired by another company. "Now to answer the myriad forum threads that popped up worrying about the possibility of Cloud Imperium being acquired by another, bigger company - don't worry!" he wrote on the company's website. "We have no plans nor interest in following this path! We don't need to go to anyone with deep pockets to make OUR dream a reality. "To mass-produce hardware like the Rift, you need an outlay of hundreds of millions of dollars," he wrote. "Luckily our ships are digital so we have hardly any cost of goods, just the cost of developing the universe of Star...


Star Citizen dogfighting module to launch after PAX East

The dogfighting module for crowd-funded space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen will be available after PAX East, creator Chris Roberts announced via the game's monthly update. The dogfighting module was delayed in December 2013 in order to work on the game server's backend. According to the post, the module will first premiere at a special "citizens-only" event taking place before PAX East, which runs April 11 - 13 in Boston. "As I write this, the Star Citizen team is all around me hard at work on the dogfighting module," Roberts wrote. "... The team is scurrying to take care of thousands upon thousands of necessary details: variable damage states, HUD detailing, weapons cameras, engine sounds and countless other things that go into creating an immersive space combat...


Star Citizen surpasses $39M, adds procedural generation goal

Space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen has achieved another funding goal — the $39 million unlock for the "penultimate user-chosen star system," creator Chris Roberts announced via the game's site. Dubbed the UDS-2943-01-22 System, the "truly unusual star system" is located on the fringes of known space. Touching on future developments, Roberts said previous stretch goals have been about expanding the game without delay. However, Star Citizen "isn't just about the game we launch with." "We're going into this building not only an immersive launch experience, but the platforms and the tools to let us keep expanding the game to meet the available technology," Roberts wrote. "The game won't be a static experience: we want to build Star Citizen in a way that the experience will...


Star Citizen and Kingdom Come studios enter into partnership to share tech secrets

The developers behind Kickstarter successes Star Citizen and Kingdom Come: Deliverance are entering into an unofficial partnership that will allow both teams to share technical knowledge, Cloud Imperium head Chris Roberts confirmed on the official Star Citizen website. The partnership began after Roberts saw the debut trailer for Kingdom Come, he writes, explaining how his interest in Kingdom Come's character creation system led to contacting the game's developers at Warhorse. "Star Citizen doesn't need peasants and knights... but it does need a robust character creation system for the persistent universe," Roberts wrote. "And that technology is exactly what Warhorse is building for the CryEngine." The studios now plan to share what they have learned from developing their games on...


Star Citizen hits $38 million in funding

Cloud Imperium's space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen recently surpassed $38 million in funding, unlocking the inhabited Cano System, founder Chris Roberts announced in an official blog post. The four planet Cano System features an Earth-like G-Type Main Sequence Star called Carteyna. The aquatic planet, inhabited by humans for almost three hundred years, consists of large frozen landmasses in the northern hemisphere due to its planetary axis placement. Geo-engineering of the planet's atmosphere was brought to a halt after microscopic organisms in the very early phases of life were discovered in its oceans. If the project reaches $39 million, either the Oretani System and its Tevarin Ghost World or the Kabal System and its Lost Human Colony will be introduced, pending...


Star Citizen's $30K spaceship design contest airs Jan. 31

The Next Great Starship, a series covering the $30K spaceship design competition for Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen, will air on YouTube from Jan. 31. The weekly series involves 24 final teams competing for a grand cash prize of $30,000, with a handful of those eliminated each show. The competition launched in October last year and saw 270 teams from 65 countries entering for the chance to have their craft design used in the space exploration sim. The series will run for the next three weeks, airing on the Roberts Space Industries YouTube channel every Friday at 6 p.m. ET/ 3:00 p.m. PT. Judges include Cloud Imperium Games co-founder Chris Roberts, developers from Star Citizen's art, design and animation teams and unannounced celebrity judges. The Next Great Starship finale will air...

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