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Platform iOS, Android, Win, Mac Publisher War Balloon Games Developer War Balloon Games Release Date 2013-05-02

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Star Citizen community votes to keep stretch goals as funding sails past $47M

Just as funding Cloud Imperium's space combat and exploration sim Star Citizen surges past $47 million, the developer announced that it will honor the community's decision to keep goals, founder Chris Roberts announced in an official blog post. With the last funding goal achievement, the developer asked its community to vote on whether or not they would like to keep goals. In the past, the goals unlocked rewards such as new ships, additional solar systems to explore, in-game equipment and more. Players were also often given the opportunity to vote on which rewards would unlock next. The vote on whether to keep player rewards resulted in 54 percent of the community voting in favor of retaining the goals. "As I said last time, every dollar supports Star Citizen's persistent universe......


Humble Mobile Bundle 2 packages six Android games

The Humble Mobile Bundle 2 is live, packaging up to six Android games in a name-your-own-price bundle. Paying at or above the average price (currently $4.61) will get you the action game Punch Quest, the tower defense game Bloons TD5, the endless runner Time Surfer and the space sim Star Command. Pay more than the average price, and you'll also get the the racing game Carmageddon and the action role-playing game Ravensword: Shadowlands. Soundtracks for Bloons, Punch Quest, Ravensword, Star Command and Time Surfer are also included. As usual, buyers can divide their payment between three recipients: the games' developers, Humble Bundle organizers and two charities, Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. You can check out each game in the video above and pick up the deal...


Star Command coming to iOS May 2

Strategic space simulation and ship management game Star Command will launch for iOS on May 2, with an Android release on its way, according to the game's release trailer. The trailer, posted above, states the game will be available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Players will build their own starship and outfit it with a hand-picked crew, then take their team across the universe and into battle against hostile alien races. The game will launch this week, more than 15 months past the initial release date given on its Kickstarter campaign. Developer War Balloon Games told Polygon earlier this month that they had submitted Star Command to Apple and we awaiting approval. The Android version will likely launch a month after the iOS version.


Star Command being submitted to Apple this week

Star Command developer War Balloon Games is submitting the iOS version of the Kickstarter-funded spaceship management title to Apple this week, the studio said today in a lengthy, candid Kickstarter update. Once the iOS version is submitted, War Balloon will continue working on the Android version, which it estimates will launch approximately one month after the iOS release. "We don't think everyone could wait a whole month for side-by-side release," the studio explained. In a recent interview with Polygon, co-founder Jordan Coombs was reluctant to give specific release dates until they were set in stone, since Star Command is coming in so much later than the developers originally anticipated. After the Android version is done, War Balloon will shift to the Windows PC version, which...


Star Command closes in on release, 15 months past Kickstarter deadline

War Balloon co-founder Jordan Coombs is reluctant to talk firm dates for the game's release because they've missed so many of them in the past, but the game is close, very close, perhaps next month close. "No release date until it's final," Coombs told me. "We have made too many people angry issuing release dates." "The biggest reason we missed our first deadline," Coombs said, "is that we were making a PC game on a platform that isn't designed for that. We expected a six month process because that's what it takes to make a mobile game. But we're making a PC game, for all intents and purposes, this isn't Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja as far as complexity. "That was our first problem, we didn't have the right outlook." I played the current build of the iOS and Android game earlier this...

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Star Command prepped for limited January release and Steam Greenlight entry

Star Command's developers at War Balloon Games plan to release the game in January in the U.S. and U.K. and submit it to Steam Greenlight shortly thereafter, according to a recent post on the game's second Kickstarter blog. Using the limited mobile release as a testing ground for the isometric starship management simulator, the developers will focus on "bug squashing and gameplay fixes" to enable a wider launch. "We still are a very small team and massive QA testing is very difficult for us and would push our release date significantly — so this is the path we have chosen," the update reads. "We fear a Pocket Planes scenario where a small percentage of phones are [having] saved-games wiped — y'know tiny bugs like that." Alongside January's soft launch, the developers plan to release...


New Star Command gameplay video offers commentary from starship sim creators

These are the voyages of the starship Sparklemagic. Its 13-minute mission: to showcase the isometric starship management sim gameplay of Star Command, the twice-Kickstarted game coming to iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. Star Command creators Jordan and Justin Coomb walk players through the many systems of their game, including ship creation and upgrades, crew assignments, and battles with hostile alien species. Recon and rescue missions are detailed, as is combat onboard the Sparklemagic. The developers have likened Star Command to a sci-fi take on iOS hit GameDev Story with some obvious Star Trek and XCOM influence. The iOS and Android versions of Star Command was most recently planned for a "late summer" release, having missed its original December 2011 estimated release date, with the...


Game Dev Story + XCOM + Sims = This

Star Command isn't just a universe in your pocket, it's all of the planets, starships, tiny people and raging wars that fill a universe... in your pocket. Late last year, Star Command captured a lot of attention with its Kickstarter for $20,000. The Boulder, Colorado developers said they wanted to make something that looked like Game Dev Story and played like The Sims and XCOM. The itsy, bitsy, colorful graphics and wonderful attention to detail knocked that relatively small goal out of the ballpark, bringing in more than $35,000 for developers War Balloon Games. Now they're showing off their first gameplay trailer and reminding everyone that the game comes to iPhone, iPad and Android this summer.

Star Command Releases
North America
  • iOS
    • Released 05/02/2013
    • Publisher War Balloon Games
    • Developer War Balloon Games
  • Android
    • Publisher War Balloon Games
    • Developer War Balloon Games
  • Windows
    • Publisher War Balloon Games
    • Developer War Balloon Games
  • Mac
    • Publisher War Balloon Games
    • Developer War Balloon Games
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