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Platform Win Publisher Iceberg Interactive Developer Zero Sum Games Release Date 2013-04-26



StarDrive review: lost in space

StarDrive places you in the role of architect and engineer as well as ruler StarDrive doesn't have a story, as such. Instead, Zero Sum has built a universe and its fiction. There are eight races just entering an era of faster-than-light travel, discovering deeper space and other solar systems and galaxies for the first time. There are humans, but the real character comes from the strange menagerie of other races — the plant-based flower people, the cybernetic insects, a warrior-poet race of bear-people, and more. Each race has a default set of strengths, and for several, weaknesses as well. These can be tweaked when selected by the player to customize their civilization in particular ways, but you can't make a godlike super-race — you'll have to balance huge benefits with equally...

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StarDrive 2 warps to Windows PC in September

StarDrive 2, the sequel to Zero Sum Games' 4X strategy title set in space will officially release for Windows PC via Steam and retail in September for $29.99, publisher Iceberg Interactive announced. The game will be available on other unannounced distribution platforms and those who purchased the first StarDrive will receive a discount of 33 percent for StarDrive 2. The first StarDrive was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2011 and launched for Windows PC last April.  "Doubling down" on its "commitment to user-generated content," according to Daniel DiCicco, CEO of Zero Sum Games, the Unity-developed game will feature Steam Workshop support. "StarDrive 2 represents the culmination of two decades of love for the 4x genre and five years of work on the StarDrive...


StarDrive will let you conquer galaxies, colonies and space bears on April 26

StarDrive was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in 2011, and all project backers — as well as those who have since pre-ordered the game through Zero Sum Games' website — have been receiving new builds of StarDrive as developer Daniel DiCicco releases them. The game will officially ship on April 26, but DiCicco will continue to work on it. Everyone who buys the game will receive updates as they roll out. Speaking to Polygon recently, DiCicco said before he started working on StarDrive, he couldn't imagine a career for himself in game development. Having graduated with a degree in computer science eight years ago when being an indie developer didn't seem like a viable career, DiCocco became a trial lawyer where he specialized in criminal defense and family law. It wasn't...


Pre-order StarDrive on Steam for discount and beta access

Zero Sum Game's StarDrive, an action strategy game where players build a space empire, is now available for pre-order on Steam. Those who pre-order the game will receive a 17 percent discount and be given immediate access to the game's beta. StarDrive is a "4x strategy game," a subgenre of strategy games where players control an empire and explore, expand, exploit and exterminate. The game plays out in real-time and allows players to choose from eight alien races, or design their own. Players can also colonize different planets and build them into specialized centers of trade or industry. Space bears are among the races that exist in the game. StarDrive will be available on Steam for Windows PC on April 19. The pre-order offer ends on the same day.

StarDrive Releases
North America
  • Windows
    • Released 04/26/2013
    • Publisher Iceberg Interactive
    • Developer Zero Sum Games
    • Score 4.0
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