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Platform PS3 Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment Developer LightBox Interactive Release Date 2012-05-08



Starhawk review: on wings of lead

Starhawk tumbles almost right away, with a campaign that falls prey to the cliches of the "bot scenario as ‘level'." While Starhawk gestures in the direction of a story, moments of exposition feel more like the trailer for a story than actual plot. Main character Emmett is a jerk with baggage, but Lightbox does little to develop him outside of some broad strokes regarding family, revenge, and, well, quotas, or something. The world is never fleshed out beyond its basic premise: on the interstellar frontier, everyone harvests "rift energy." Rift energy is worth a fortune, but has an unfortunate side effect: it sometimes turns people into mutant "Outcasts." The gold-rush-styled Rifters are determined to stake their rift energy claims and defend themselves against outcasts, and the...

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PlayStation Store Ultimate Editions bundle Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 3, more with DLC

Ten titles, including Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3, will be available with all their corresponding downloadable content through the PlayStation Store beginning tomorrow, digital distribution senior manager Pierre Gravereau announced via the PlayStation Blog. Bundles with be available at a limited-time discount for regular and PlayStation Plus members. Check out the full list below: Assassin's Creed 3 — PSN: $69.99, PS Plus: $62.99 Batman Arkham City — PSN: $28.99, PS Plus: $23.19 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 — PSN: $69.99, PS Plus: $62.99 DmC Devil May Cry — PSN: $52.49, PS Plus: $47.24 Far Cry 3 — PSN: $55.99, PS Plus: $50.39 Max Payne 3 — PSN: $29.99, PS Plus: $20.99 Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance — PSN: $63.99, PS Plus: $44.79 Persona 4 Arena — PSN: $39.99, PS...


PlayStation Store holiday essentials sale continues

The PlayStation Store holiday essentials sale continues with the latest store update providing more discounts and price cuts. Duke Nukem Forever is now available for $13.99, Journey is now $10.49, Killzone 3 Multiplayer is $10.49, Mafia 2 is $13.99 and Mortal Kombat has been reduced to $20.99. PlayStation Plus members will also receive up to 30 percent in discounts on games like Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty ($7.35 for PS Plus members), Galaga Legions DX ($4.90), Papo & Yo ($7.35), Metal Gear Solid HD Collection ($17.14) and Starhawk ($19.60). In the latest PlayStation Store update Resident Evil 6 for the PS3 is also having its price changed from $59.99 to $39.99 while Motor Storm RC for the Vita and PS3 is getting a range of add-ons like the Elite Vehicle Value Pack...


PlayStation All-Stars sends the Battle Royale to Wipeout-meets-Heavenly Sword arena

The first batch of downloadable content for crossover brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be steeped in PlayStation fan service both new and old. Two downloadable fighters, Kat from PlayStation Vita game Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from PS3 game Starhawk, will be added to the roster in early 2013 along with a new stage that's part Heavenly Sword, part Wipeout. We recently had a chance to play with an early alpha build of that new PlayStation All-Stars content at an event at Sony Santa Monica Studios, going a few rounds with Kat and Emmett on the stage that's a bizarre, medieval fantasy meets sci-fi mash-up. In PlayStation All-Stars, Kat's fighting techniques stay true to her combat in Gravity Rush, focusing mainly on kicks. Kat's a heavy rushdown character, director...


Major League Gaming fills December with Rules of Engagement, tournaments and prize fights

Major League Gaming is kicking off its December programming tonight with an hour-long StarCraft 2 Rules of Engagement show hosted by Nick "Axslav" Ranish, a StarCraft 2 Tournament of Champions between players DongRaeGu and Flash and the grand finals for the StarHawk GameBattles tournament. Every weeknight from now until Dec. 21, MLG will host programs and tournaments that run from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET. Each evening will begin with a StarCraft 2 Rules of Engagement session with Axslav where he will teach and break down gameplay and mechanics for players both new and seasoned. After that there will be a mix of StarCraft 2, Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and League of Legends tournaments running each night, with some evenings dedicated to community play. The complete broadcast schedule...


Starhawk developer LightBox Interactive hit with layoffs, moving from console development to iOS

LightBox Interactive, the Austin-based developer behind PlayStation 3 game Starhawk, laid off 24 of its employees this week, studio founder and president Dylan Jobe tells Polygon. The layoffs are part of a "shift in product strategy" at LightBox, Jobe says, which includes a move away from traditional console game development. Jobe says he's not shutting down LightBox Interactive. Instead, the company will self-fund a "small, focused indie-style team" to bring the developer's next game to iOS, not the PlayStation 3. "All of the guys at Santa Monica Studio and Sony Computer Entertainment are fantastic people and great to work with," Jobe said in an email. "We have had and will continue to have a great relationship with everyone over there. Hell, the PlayStation is why I got into games...


Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified developer Nihilistic reorganizing to focus on online and mobile games

Nihilistic Software, the studio behind Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, Resistance: Burning Skies, and PlayStation Move Heroes is re-organizing itself to focus on downloadable, online, and mobile games. As part of the reorganization the studio is undergoing a name change and will now be known as nStigate. It will be abandoning retail boxed game development in favor of digital downloads. The studio wrote in an update on its website that it is undergoing this transition without any planned layoffs and without leaving behind any debts, but it also said that over the next few months the studio will "get leaner as some of our talent finds new homes, and emerge as a smaller and more focused company." Another studio that traditionally made games for PlayStation devices, LightBox, also...


'Tokyo Jungle,' 'Hell Yeah!' 20 percent off for PS Plus members this week

Tokyo Jungle and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, which are launching tomorrow on PlayStation Network, are both being offered at a 20 percent discount to PlayStation Plus subscribers during their launch week. Each game costs $14.99 regularly, but the price will be $11.99 for Plus members this week. Plus users will also be able to download Starhawk's entire single-player campaign, and all of the game's add-on content, for free. This week's price cuts follow Sony's trend of new-release deals for PlayStation Plus members, as the publisher continues to strengthen its argument for Plus as a service that pays for itself through discounts and access to free content. Earlier this summer, Sony offered the same 20-percent-off deal on four digital titles during its PSN Play promotion. Tokyo...


'Starhawk' coming to PSN next week, campaign free for PS Plus

Starhawk, the mech shooter and spiritual successor to 2007's Warhawk, is set to land in downloadable form on PlayStation Network September 25th, according to Lightbox Interactive president Dylan Jobe. Jobe writes on the PlayStation Blog that players will have three options to choose from next week. The Full edition includes the single player campaign and multiplayer for $39.99. The Multiplayer edition includes only multiplayer for $19.99. PlayStation Plus members can download the Singleplayer Campaign edition for free. Starhawk was released May 8th on disc. Earlier this year, Polygon spoke with Lightbox about crafting a campaign in a sequel to a multiplayer-only shooter. In our review, we were impressed by the game's "surprisingly broad range of influences," but largely unmoved by the...


'Starhawk' pre-orders include $20 of DLC, original Warhawk download

Gamestop pre-orders for Lightbox Interactive's multiplayer shooter Starhawk will include more than $20 of free downloadable content, a download of the PSOne Classic version of Warhawk and a few other freebies. Lightbox president Dylan Jobe breaks it all down in the video below: Folks who pre-order the game will have access to the "Maw of Despair," a co-op survival map; "Scrapyard," a junk-covered homeworld that players can explore between rounds of combat; and a few new multiplayer skins to try on. Outside of the game, players will get a download voucher for the original Warhawk on the PSOne Classics storefront, the soundtrack to Starhawk, a PS3 theme, a one month subscription to PlayStation Plus and a $10 coupon off the price of the official PS3 Bluetooth Headset. Check out the video...

Starhawk Releases
North America
  • PlayStation 3
    • Released 05/08/2012
    • Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
    • Developer LightBox Interactive
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