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Platform 360 Publisher Capcom Developer From Software Release Date 2012-06-19



Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review: emergency ejection

It's always made me a little uneasy to see game reviews that read like they could have been written about a vacuum cleaner. "Guns of Combat delivers five hours of fun for a $60 price tag, while the superior Dyson model ..." For me, a game is more than a product. It's an experience, crafted by artists, and reviewing one should never be as simple as going down a checklist and awarding X number of points if the game in question has a certain number of levels or weapons. It's impossible for me to begin to critique Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor's level design, graphics, story, etc., because at its most fundamental level, this product simply does not work and is the worst implementation of Kinect controls I've ever experienced. Was I able to begin to form some opinions about the...

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'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor' demo comes to Xbox Live

The demo for From Software's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is available today for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, with complete public access scheduled for sometime next week. Published by Capcom and set to release on June 19th for North America, Heavy Armor is the sequel to the 2002 Xbox original Steel Battalion and 2004's Steel Battalion: Line of Contact. Set in 2082 America with stylization reminiscent of World War II, players will find themselves in a landscape overrun by a silicon-eating microbe that has stripped the world of all previously-functioning technology. Heavy Armor is set to be one of the first games to utilize a mix of traditional and Kinect motion controls for gameplay, setting players in giant bipedal robots called Vertical Tanks in single-player campaigns. The 1.01 GB...


Capcom games inspired by Microsoft hardware

Gamers wondering what inspired the look and aesthetic feel of Capcom's Sci-Fi-inspired Lost Planet franchise need look no further than under the hood of the first Xbox 360. Speaking at Capcom's annual "Captivate" event in Rome, Lost Planet producer Jun Takeuchi says the graphical power and capabilities of the Xbox 360 console inspired him to begin thinking about ways to create a world that would be both visually striking and aesthetically simple for Capcom's launch title success story. "We were given the opportunity to create a visually arresting world," says Takeuchi-san. "To create something that you can identify with, but that you could never see in real life. That was the main reason for proceeding down that path, visually." The latest iteration in the Lost Planet franchise, Lost...


PAX East 2012 guide: Surviving the Game (Convention)

If you managed to grab a three-day pass to PAX East 2012, you're probably not going to have time to see everything there is to see within the gargantuan halls of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. If you have a one-day pass, you definitely, definitely won't. We recommend planning your schedule ahead of time, a process we hope to make a bit easier with this handy PAX East guide. If you're looking to play some new games — of the video, not board variety — you've got a plethora of options. The exhibitor list is quite long, featuring developers and publishers that are giving playable demos to anyone bold enough to wait in line. Here's just a few titles you'll want to plot a course for: 2K Games — Borderlands 2, Civilization V: Gods & Kings, Spec Ops: The Line, XCOM: Enemy Unknown ...


Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor goes to war June 19th

Steel Batallion: Heavy Armor will be released in North America June 19th, and in Europe June 22nd, Capcom revealed during a recent Xbox 360 showcase. We're sure this comes as welcome news to both fans of the series, as well as games retailers, who are likely pleased that copies of the Kinect-powered game are not roughly the size of Volkswagens this time around. You can check out the cinematic trailer below to get a look at the game's story, which seems to focus more on the war-torn lives of troubled soldiers, rather than the fact that, holy crap, these walking tanks are so radical.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Releases
North America
  • Xbox 360
    • Released 06/19/2012
    • Publisher Capcom
    • Developer From Software
    • Score 1
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