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Vlambeer: Just making games is the key to becoming successful

Rami Ismail usually introduces himself as "one half of Vlambeer," the Dutch indie studio behind games such as Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne; the other half is designer Jan Willem Nijman. In a keynote address at IndieCade East 2014 today, Ismail chronicled both of their lives, from birth to the present. He wasn't just telling the audience his life story and Vlambeer's history — he was illustrating their rocky, unique path to success, and the thrust of his speech was that there's no single definitive way to make it as a game developer. "I was a really unruly kid back in elementary school," said Ismail, before explaining that a teacher, in an effort to get him to focus, introduced him to chess at the age of 5. That was Ismail's first exposure to any kind of game system, shortly...


Braid clones invade Microsoft's Windows Store (update)

Three apparent clones of Number None, Inc's platform and puzzle video game, Braid, have made an appearance on Microsoft's Windows Store. The three free games called Breid, Brady's Adventure and Braidy Jump feature assets resembling the original, such as Braid's protagonist Tim, painterly backgrounds and enemies. While the titles' gameplay largely consists of platforming it is not clear if they also feature Braid's rewind mechanic. According to one game's description, Breid, players control a character called Taem who is "quite excited about get to the top of the tree." Players must destroy enemies and collect points on their journey to the highest point of the tree. The Dutch indie studio Vlambeer — developer of numerous titles such as Luftrausers, Nuclear Throne, Ridiculous Fishing...

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Spelunky, Ridiculous Fishing composer offering 'pay what you want' for albums

Until the end of the week, composer Eirik Suhrke is offering a "pay what you want" model for his discography which includes game soundtracks such as Spelunky and Ridiculous Fishing. Available through the composer's Bandcamp page, those interested can grab soundtracks to indie games like Derek Yu's action-adventure game Spelunky. Inspired by inspired by early 90-s video games, the 62-track album is a "combination of cute and somber jazz, over a mid-tempo beat" and includes additional tracks not featured in the video game. The 14-track album for Vlambeer's fishing video game Ridiculous Fishing, the recreated 6-track album for the studio's arcade action game Super Crate Box and more are also available. The digital albums are available in several formats including MP3 and FLAC, with...


Micro Hexagon brings Super Hexagon to the Commodore 64

Developers Paul Koller and Mikkel Hastrup created a Commodore 64 version of Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon, an action twitch-based game that was originally released for iOS, Android and PC. Titled Micro Hexagon, it was programmed by Koller for the second RGCD Cartridge Development Competition, a contest where developers submit games in working 16KB cartridge ROM format. The games submitted don't have to be original works, but they have to have been made for the Commodore 64 by the developer. Micro Hexagon adapts Cavanagh's PC and mobile title to the old school personal computer. In the video above, the game is played on a CRT monitor, but it can also be downloaded and played on an emulator. Koller has previously ported other titles to the Commodore 64, such as Adam Saltsman's C...


Develop your own Vlambeer clone with Vlambeer Clone Tycoon

Video game composer Rik Nieuwdorp of Claynote and web application developer Martijn Frazer created a browser game called Vlambeer Clone Tycoon where players, in the role of game developers, rip off Vlambeer titles. In the game, players are tasked with cloning Vlambeer titles as close as possible without getting into legal trouble and releasing it before Vlambeer launches the original. "We want to demonstrate how dismal it is to clone games by letting people experience this activity themselves,' the duo wrote on the game's website. "And what could possibly be a better way to experience something outside of your reality than through a game? That is why we have created Vlambeer Clone Tycoon, which is exactly that: a game in which the player assumes the role of a cloner with the single...


Ridiculous Fishing hitting Android soon

Vlambeer's fishing-and-shooting game, Ridiculous Fishing, is heading to Android devices, according to an announcement on the developer's blog today. "Because of popular request, we've been working with Zach Gage and Greg Wohlwend since March to see if we can create an Android version of Ridiculous Fishing," the post reads. "The breakthrough came when we met up with the folks at Apportable, who have a framework that allows them to port the game over to Android. That port is now almost done, and the next time you see us mentioning this should be when it releases. It might be sooner than you think." During a panel at the 2013 Game Developers Conference Europe in August, developers Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman revealed that Ridiculous Fishing was approaching $1 million in sales....


Vlambeer grants automatic permission for game footage monetization

Feel free to post and profit from videos of Vlambeer games online. The Dutch developer of games like Luftrausers, Nuclear Throne and Super Crate Box created a web form that grants permission to monetize videos of its games. Entering your username on the "monetizethat$hit" corner of Vlambeer's official site will generate a form that grants the developer's permission retroactively. The message also explains the developer's thinking. "Seriously, '[username]' is allowed to monetize videos using our games for commercial goals," the message reads. "It's good for us too when people share their opinion about our games, you know. Free marketing and all that, but also a good way for us to lift our moods when we're a bit demotivated — watching videos of people playing our games is really...


Super Crate Box recreated as a Commodore 64 game

Retro Gamer CD and indie developer Vlambeer released the Commodore 64 version of the 2010 arcade game, Super Crate Box. Much like Vlambeer's original title, Super Bread Box is an arcade-style game in which players fight off enemies and snag weapon crates. Super Bread Box also includes new characters, levels and an online scoreboard. You can watch the trailer above for a sense of its graphical style, gameplay and chiptune sound. A "cut-down" version of Super Bread Box is available as a free download for an emulator or Commodore 64 on the game's official website. You can buy a full version for £1.99 (approximately $3.23) or physical version for £30.00 (roughly $48.72) through Retro Gamer CD. The Commodore 64 version has been in development for some time. Indie Games Summit at GDC...


Ridiculous Fishing studio celebrates birthday by releasing two free games

Vlambeer, the studio best known for its work on Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing, is celebrating its third birthday by releasing Gun Godz and a prototype for its upcoming Wasteland Kings release for free. Both games are available for Windows PC, while Wasteland Kings is still also in development as a paid commercial title on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. Wasteland Kings was first developed as a roguelike prototype for the 2013 MOJAM. Gun Godz on the other hand was previously exclusive to those who paid subscriptions for Venus Patrol. Gun Godz is a first-person shooter centered around gangster rap on the planet Venus. In addition, Vlambeer is offering giveaways for 50 Luftrausers Steam pre-order codes and 1,000 Vlambeer OSTs, along with a sign up for a limited edition Vlambeer &...


PlayStation Vita is ready for a renaissance

At its Gamescom conference yesterday, Sony introduced a significant price cut to both its models of PS Vita and showed off the machine's Remote Play feature with a PlayStation 4 demo of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Perhaps just as significant was the shotgun blast of indie games announced for the handheld, as well as the appearance of a series of respected independent developers who were willing to wax effusive about the machine, despite its difficult first 18 months on the market. Tellingly, Sony won't release sales numbers of PS Vita, though there's no doubt that it falls into the "niche" category, a long way away from its maker's mass-market aspirations. But the machine is adding to its list of benefits, seeking to emulate the success of its predecessor, the PSP. Despite strong...

Super Crate Box Releases
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    • Publisher Vlambeer
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  • iOS
    • Released 04/04/2012
    • Publisher Vlambeer
    • Developer Vlambeer
  • PlayStation Mobile
    • Released 10/02/2012
    • Publisher Vlambeer
    • Developer Vlambeer
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