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Platform Wii Publisher Nintendo Developer Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development Release Date 2007-11-12

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As Nintendo grows desperate, the chances your dreams will come true increase

On the other hand, Watch Dogs is now the best selling new IP in the history of the video game business. It’s very hard to find any apples to match with these oranges; Ubisoft matched a game that was announced in near-perfect fashion with a huge marketing spend and a release that spanned five consoles. The news would be more interesting if the sales didn’t break records. These two events tell us much about the opportunities in the video game industry right now. More players than ever We’re at an interesting point in the industry where there are five consoles worth supporting on a broad basis: The Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and the PC. The hype of the new consoles will attract a new audience, and current generation systems will also move to a new audience as...


Super Mario Galaxy Stage confirmed for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

Super Smash Bros. will feature a new stage based on Mario Galaxy, it was revealed by game director Masahiro Sakurai in a post on Nintendo Miiverse. According to Sakurai, gameplay throughout this stage will be based on gravitational pulls. "The pull of gravity emanates from the center of the planet, so this will require using brand-new tactics," he wrote. Sakurai also offered a picture of this stage, giving a glimpse of the small planet that forms the backdrop. The game, which is slated to launch next year, will not support cross-play between Wii U and 3DS platforms, he told Polygon in an earlier interview. Sakurai explained that, due to the stages that will be unique to each platform, the systems would be incompatible. And while the handheld and console versions of the next Super...


More Super Mario Galaxy games not ruled out, says Miyamoto

The upcoming launch of Super Mario 3D World for Wii U doesn't necessarily mean a shift in focus to multiplayer console Mario titles — Nintendo could make another Super Mario Galaxy game, according to designer Shigeru Miyamoto. Speaking in a recent Iwata Asks feature, Miyamoto noted that both 3D World and the Galaxy games share a development team, and the existence of Super Mario 3D World doesn't mean the series can't return to the Galaxy storyline. "Just so there is no misunderstanding, I should point out that this doesn't mean we'll never make another Super Mario Galaxy game," Miyamoto said. "When we first started making Super Mario 3D World, Miyamoto-san asked me if this was going to be more like Super Mario Galaxy or more like Super Mario 3D Land," added producer Yoshiaki Koizumi....


Nintendo is more interested in new games than HD remakes, says Miyamoto

Nintendo's chief game designer Shigeru Miyamoto is more interested in creating new games for Wii U than in recreating HD versions of old games. Speaking to a panel of reporters earlier this week, he answered a question on the potential for remakes of older games in HD. "That's certainly possible, but most of our developers are working on new games," he said. "We like to have them working on new stuff. HD remakes might be a good project for development partners, so that's something I hope we can introduce in the future." In September, NIntendo launched a HD remake of its RPG The Legend of Zelda; Wind Waker to positive reviews and strong sales. But the focus for the company is on as-yet-unannounced new games. Miyamoto was being interviewed about forthcoming platform title Super Mario...


Nintendo's Wii U Tour 2013 takes console and games nationwide through September

Nintendo's Wii U Tour 2013 is bringing the console and several games on a six-city nationwide tour through September, the company announced today. Visitors will be able to go hands-on with the console and games like Injustice: Gods Among Us, Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, New Super Mario Bros., Nintendo Land, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Rayman Legends Challenges App and Resident Evil: Revelations, though not all games will be available at all locations. The Wii U Tour 2013 will be free and open to the public, and visitors will "play all these Wii U games in a comfortable, living room setting surrounded by backdrops of some of Nintendo's most beloved characters," according to Nintendo. Tour dates and locations, as listed on the official Wii U Tour 2013 site, are as...


New 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Wii Party titles in development for Wii U, will be shown off at E3 2013

A new 3D Mario action game from the Super Mario Galaxy team and a new Mario Kart title are in development for Wii U, and will be revealed at E3, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed during a Nintendo Direct presentation this morning. Details about the titles are slim, but Iwata promised that the games would be in a playable state at this year's E3 conference in Los Angeles, Calif. this June. This year's E3 will also see the reveal of the first screens for the next Super Smash Bros. game for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. A new party game is also in development for Wii U from the creators of Wii Party, which will launch this summer. The title features mini-games strewn across a board game environment (similar to the Mario Party series). Each mini-game title will either use a combination...


Super Meat Boy Galaxy creator holding prototype ransom to raise thousands of dollars for charity

Super Meat Boy Galaxy creator Aubrey Hesselgren is holding the 3D prototype at ransom in an attempt to raise 10,000 British pounds for depression-focused charity The Samiritans, he announced on the website Just Giving. If the charity goal is met, Super Meat Boy Galaxy will release to the public; However, if it fails to meet its goal, those who donated will still receive a copy of the prototype. Hesselgren hinted on his Twitter account he may just release the game regardless, stating "I'm the worst ransomer ever." "Bear in mind that this is a prototype, and as such will not be as friendly and polished as a final game," he says. "Its main purpose was to investigate whether Super Meat Boy's kinaesthetically pleasing platforming physics could survive the leap to 3D, given the right camera...


Hulu video game hub features trailers, X-Play reviews

TV and movie-streaming site Hulu launched a gaming-exclusive hub today featuring new trailers, release information and reviews from X-Play, which recently entered its final episodes. The hub is broken into several sections. Selecting a game will display a basic summary and release information, as well as any related news or trailers. Reviews snagged from X-Play include on Halo 4, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Borderlands 2. Post-Wii U launch, the blog post promised to bring gamers content on titles such as New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land and Epic Mickey 2. Hulu's video game hub is currently available on browsers, with service for Hulu Plus enabled devices expected "over the next few months."


'Super Meat Boy Galaxy' prototype puts Meat Boy in 3D

A Reddit user's "Super Meat Boy Galaxy" prototype, seen above, combines Super Meat Boy and Super Mario Galaxy to put the former's protagonist, Meat Boy, in a 3D world. Game developer Aubrey Hesselgren put together the proof of concept as a 30th birthday present for Tommy Refenes, one half of Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat. It's a rudimentary tech demo, but its three-dimensional Meat Boy appears to possess the same distinctive stickiness of movement as its original 2D counterpart. "This isn't a serious stab at making anything sellable or anything," Hesselgren pointed out, when Reddit users began to dismiss the idea of making Super Meat Boy in 3D. "It's just an experiment in adaptation [...] for my own edification." The point of the prototype, Hesselgren said, was simply to make...

Super Mario Galaxy Releases
North America
  • Wii
    • Released 11/12/2007
    • Publisher Nintendo
    • Developer Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development
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