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Platform Win, Win Publisher Atari Developer CD Projekt RED Release Date 10/30/2007

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Xbox One and PS4 mean The Witcher 3 can 'go nuts' with its graphics

A higher powered console generation means The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — the conclusion to a series widely praised for its visuals — can "go nuts" on graphics for all platforms without worrying about performance on one, the game's studio said in an interview. "Because we are developing the game for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, we go nuts in terms of visuals. We want the game to look as beautiful as possible," Tomasz Jarzebowski, global head of marketing for CD Projekt Red, told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I think we are in a good moment, we don't have to choose between better graphics or performance on either PC or consoles now, we can just create the best looking game possible." Asked if that meant Wild Hunt would push the limits of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Jarzebowski wouldn't...


GOG kills regional pricing structure for upcoming games will not immediately go ahead with its plans to offer regional pricing for the release of several titles from "bigger studios," according to a recent post on its site, following community feedback. The company revealed its intentions to introduce regional pricing late last month, beginning with two unnamed role-playing games and a strategy game. According to the post, the community expressed that more DRM-free games were more critical than fair price, with GOG adding that it "shouldn't sacrifice one of our core values in an attempt to advance another." GOG may introduce the pricing in local currencies in the future, but will offer users the choice of paying in the local currency or the equivalent in USD. "From the very beginning our intention was to make things easier for...


The Witcher 3 gameplay designers leave CD Projekt Red to join indie studio

Former CD Projekt Red developers Marek Ziemak and Maciej Szczesnik are no longer part of The Witcher team, after joining the Warsaw-based 11 Bit Studios, Szczesnik announced today. Szczesnik will lead the development of a new game at the studio, following his role as gameplay designer on The Witcher franchise. Ziemak, who worked as gameplay producer at CD Projekt Red, has yet to announce his new role. "I'll be responsible for the entire design of a game that took shape in my imagination," said Szczesnik in a prepared statement. "It's a really exciting feeling to create a new world from scratch, make its characters and rules and to know that I have this blank page to fill with my ideas and then bring them to life." The indie collective at 11 Bit Studios are best known for their work...


Mix and match 22 Mac and PC games in GOG's weekend sale

GOG is discounting 22 games, including Another World, Legend of Grimrock and The Witcher, up to 75 percent off this weekend in the Mac Mix Pack Sale. Buyers can choose from among the list of discounted games until Monday, Nov. 18 at 11:59 a.m. ET. Purchasing all titles will cost $57.68, a savings of $99.10 of the regular price total. The full list of games, each of which is also available for Windows PC, includes: Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition for $3.99 Crusader: No Remorse for $2.39 Divine Divinity for $1.49 Dungeon Keeper Gold for $2.39 Eschalon: Book 1 for $2.39 Lands of Lore 1 and 2 for $2.39 Legend of Grimrock for $4.99 Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure) for $2.39 Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey) for $2.39 Lords of the...


How The Witcher 2 almost never happened

The Witcher 2 is one of the most highly-rated big-budget role-playing games in recent years, but according to developer CD Projekt, the game might never have happened. In an interview with Eurogamer today, CD Projekt joint-CEO Marcin Iwińsk reveals how, in the aftermath of its success with the first Witcher game (2007), the company squandered millions of dollars on a doomed attempt to create a console version, stretched its resources with the launch of online distribution site GOG, and suffered from the severity of the global economic recession. "It was looking pretty grim back then. It was very edgy," he said. "We had probably a year where we were scraping money to make the payroll at the end of the month. The Polish company's biggest problem had been a partnership with Atari to...

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Why video games can make for great comics (and vice versa)

Earlier this month at New York Comic Con, fans had a chance to check out a plethora of video game-inspired comics and comic-inspired video games from The Walking Dead to Mass Effect to Marvels' many creations. While video games rely on cutting edge technology to deliver their virtual environments, comics fall back on the most ancient of art forms, but the people who work in both mediums say each have their own unique strengths and even some similarities. "The process of building game story outlines for comics is a lot like building a story in video games," said Halo franchise development director Frank O'Connor. Even the end result sometimes, he said, can be very similar. Where some video games will cut down on the chatter to push players directly into action scenes, comics also make...

New York Comic Con 2013

The Witcher comics will explore Geralt's lost monster-hunting moments

Specifically, the five-issue run, which kicks off on March 19, will see Geralt hired to deal with an undead witch wife that has taken over the mansion in which she used to live. The run's story, written by Eisner Award-winner Paul Tobin, will be treated more like the tales found in The Last Wish, a collection of short stories written by franchise creator Andrzej Sapkowski, that details the one-off, everyday adventures of Geralt, rather than the main storylines of either the novels or the games. "In the books there are several times when Geralt's whereabouts are not accounted for anywhere," said Rafal Jaki, business development manager at CD Projekt Red, during an interview at New York Comic Con. "There are actually several years even where we don't know what's happening with him. In...

New York Comic Con 2013

CD Projekt Red: Cyberpunk 2077 is 'mind-blowing,' too soon for comic

"It is going really, really well and the team is growing and the development... well, I don't want to brag or anything, but really the stuff they've come up with is mind-blowing," said Rafal Jaki, business development manager at CD Projekt Red told Polygon at New York Comic Con. The company, and Jaki, remain tight-lipped about exactly how they're bringing the storied table-top role-playing game to video games, but Jaki reiterated that it was coming to PC for sure and most likely next-gen consoles. "It most probably will be," he said, "but we can't confirm or deny because it's too early for that." What Jaki could talk about was the growing team at CD Projekt Red that is sprouting up to support the developer's two titles. There are 210 people working at the developer right now split...

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Eve Online and Witcher comics coming from Dark Horse in 2014

Comic books based on CCP Games' Eve Online and Dust 514 as well as CD Projekt Red's The Witcher series will be available next year from Dark Horse Comics, the publisher announced today. Eve: True Stories will be written by Daniel Way (Deadpool,Wolverine: Origins) and drawn by Alejandro Aragon (Overlook, 28 Days Later), Tomm Coker (Daredevil Noir, Near Death), Federico Dallocchio (Batman: Arkham Unhinged, Suicide Squad), Dave Ross (Star Wars: The Crimson Empire Saga) and Mark McKenna (Star Wars: The Old Republic). It will be based on actual in-game events, centered around the fall of the Band of Brothers player alliance in 2009. The first issue will be available Feb. 19, 2014, followed by issues on March 5, March 19 and April 2. A hardback edition will be available June 4, 2014. D...


GOG giving The Witcher away with every purchase until Oct. 17

All purchases made at GOG will come with a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition until Thursday, Oct. 17 at 5:59 a.m. ET. CD Projekt Red's fantasy role-playing game game normally sells for $9.99. "This is the final week of our 5th Birthday Celebration," the promotion's official page reads. "We're going to go above and beyond the call of birthday, though, and give you guys something incredible for our final thank you: buy anything on — yes, anything — and get a free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition with any purchase." If you're looking for something to purchase, the folks at GOG suggest the real time strategy/dragon combat game Divinity: Dragon Commander, which is on sale for $23.99 (normally $39.99). Current top sellers include Fallout 2 for $9.99, Fallout for...

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  • Windows
    • Released 10/30/2007
    • Publisher Atari
    • Developer CD Projekt RED
  • Windows
    • Released 09/16/2008
    • Publisher Atari
    • Developer CD Projekt RED
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